Grunt 8mm x 25m Camo/Army Rope $9 (Was $22), 9mm x 30m Beige or Green Multi Purpose Rope $9 (Was $17.20) @ Bunnings


Looks like a good price.

Grunt 8mm x 25m Camo/Army Rope $9 (Was $22)

✓UV protected camouflage cord
✓Braided polypropylene construction
✓Resistant to rot, mildew, petrol and oil
✓Strong durable and abrasion resistant

GRUNT Camo / Army Rope is made from high quality braided PP multifilament. It's suitable for outdoor use including camping, hunting and recreational activities.

Width Height Length
8mm 8mm 2500mm
Easy To Carry
Total Weight 0.75kg
Model Name
Rope Camo GRUNT 8mmx25m Grrope0322
Model Number
Polypropylene Multi Filament
Weather Resistant (Yes/No)
Rope diameter (mm)
Break Strength (kg.)
- -

Grunt 9mm x 30m Multi Purpose Rope $9 (Was $17.20)

✓Braided construction
✓Resistant to rot, oil, petrol, water and sunlight
✓Suitable for external use
GRUNT Multi-Purpose Rope is made from high quality braided PP multifilament. It is flexible, lightweight and easy to handle and is ideal for trailers and utes.

Polypropylene multi filament
PrePack (Yes/No)
Weather Resistant (Yes/No)
Floats in water
Rope configuration
16 Strand Diamond Braided
Rope diameter (mm)
Break Strength (kg.)

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  • Useful for gardening?

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    8mm is much stronger (500kg) then the 9mm (350kg)

    • than*

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    I'm far from being creative, and have no clue when it comes to art and craft, woodwork, etc., but it felt pretty satisfying to make things using paracord rope - I made a paracord cushion wrap for two handles on my backpack as well as some strap keepers.

    • I bought some paracord and need to pull my finger out and try some things. I'll probably do some pulls for backpacks and maybe attach some to knives or torches.

    • Is this deal for Paracord?

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      I feel like I need some paracord now

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    Thanks OP. Any deals on duct tape, tarps and a hacksaw?

    • Don't forget bleach

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        Good call. I always forget the bleach!

      • Does Indian chili work instead of bleach?

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      Need to know sizes and quantities before we can offer a recommendation.

      Do the above items need to all fit into the glovebox of your VW Beetle?

      • They'll need a much larger storage space for the final product and that kit would easily fit in, say, a large wheelie suitcase.

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    Got a similar rope from Bunnings awhile back. Chopped it up and melted the ends, have been teaching my nephews how to tie knots. 🪢

  • FYI is $8.55 with Powerpass

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    Is this rope hard to cut through/break free from? Asking for a friend.

  • Any deals on grappling hook?

    • Pretty cheap on eBay, can get for ~40 bucks

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        thanks, been watching House of Ninjas lately

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    telstra rope, $49 for 400m. Better specs all round:

    "this Telstra Rope measures 400m x 6mm and has a fantastic 770kg breaking strain. The heavy-duty rope is wrapped in shrink wrap plastic and features tangle-free uncoiling and good abrasion resistance. The rope will not kink or absorb water, and it features mildew resistance and anti-rot. This high-quality, UV-stabilised Telstra rope is ideal for marine applications, industrial use, or for leisure and home purposes."…

    • +9

      Am I locked into using the 'Telstra' rope for the next 24 months?

      If I have an issue with said rope can I speak to a real person or do I have to deal with a Telstra AI Bot given that most Telstra staff have now been fired?

    • When I was in scouts, over twenty years ago now (that makes me feel old to say), we used to call that Parramatta Rope.

    • Thanks, I went for this

    • 400m. Just how big is that coil?

  • Please include a pic OP. Nothing there at present.

  • Does anyone know which rope is lighter to carry? The 9mm doesn't have any weight info

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