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[VIC] 3x Carlton Dry 24-Pack for $114 Delivered ($0 with $250 Order) @ Coles Online


Get 3x cartons of Carlton Dry for $114 after discount using SAVEMORE at Coles Online prices may vary by location, price in deal is for VIC @ Craigieburn location.


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  • Showing $119 for me in North West Sydney

  • Never understood why the horse's legs are skinny compared to that on the Draught packaging.

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      I feel this is a mystery that requires further investigation!

    • Because it's low carb?

    • No idea if this is intentional but the horse on the draught packaging is either a Dutch Draft or Clydesdale, the silhouette of the dry case looks like it might be an entirely different breed of horse. Could be because the Dutch Draft/Clydesdale are known as working horses, strong and heavy duty made for pulling lots of weight, a draught tends to be quite heavy, whereas a dry tends to be lighter.

      Just spit balling, im willing to bet there is lore behind this lol.

      • Irrespective of the breed, legs that skinny look entirely disproportionate to the body. Anyway, what do I care, I don't drink that Carlton cat horse piss anyway.

  • $122 in WA.. is it worth it?

    • I would say "No.", others will say "Yes."

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    You'll also receive a minimum $30 worth of Coles egift cards from this promotion.

  • What are generally the BB dates? Draw of luck?

    • Draw of luck, but it's a popular beer, so on high stock rotation.

  • I got 3 cases of Stella Artois for $107 delivered. North Shore Sydney

  • $111 C&C here in SA. Good deal.

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    I got a $20 targeted Coles discount. Save more stacks with it. $99 for 3 cases plus will get at least $30 in Coles vouchers. Awesome!

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      Gah. Would have been even cheaper if I added a $6 bottle of wine, SAVEMORE code would have given $45 off instead of $25. Damn!

  • 3 x case Furphy $105 if you prefer

  • $129 for 3 slabs and 4 litres of wine ($45 off plus $5 off the 2 casks)is a bargain esp once the min $30 of vouchers from the other deal is factored in. Thanks OP and people in the comments.

  • Unbelievable. Just picked mine up and none of them have the Coles voucher offer!!!

    • Return/swap them

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        Rang Liquorland, going to swap them over now. Annoying. Obviously trying to shift their old stock on unsuspecting customers. This promo is still running so all cases should be marked.

        FYI these had best before date of Jan 25.

        • Promo ends today - ie you need to submit the code by 11:59pm today according to the cases I got this evening.

          I grabbed 3 at my local - $48 each, came to $144. I added another case of cans I know they don't stock, so it took price to over $150 and used the $45 saveme code, invoice price from Coles of $99 after adjusting for the item they couldn't supply.

          Got $20 first carton,
          Got $10 second carton,
          Got $30 third carton

          If you count the Coles cards as cash, totalling something like $39 for 3 cases, not too bad at all.

          • +2

            @MorriJ: My order total ended up coming to $84.60 for three cases. If I added the $6 wine and availed the $45 discount with SAVEME, it would have been ~$70. Too bad I realised that too late and couldn't modify the order.

            Got lucky as I had 10% off Coles flybuys discount and $20 off Coles online order discount, plus the SAVEME $25 discount. All stacked successfully.

            Scored 2x $10 Coles vouchers and 1x $20. Great deal in the end @ $44.60 for three cases if you count $40 Coles vouchers as cash.

          • @MorriJ: So some cases have different expiration dates for the promo? It’s supposed to go till June 18

            • @bennybaubles: https://ibb.co/j318LTW

              This was on the side of the cases I got today with a December 2024 best before date from a Western Sydney Coles.
              The terms on the website certainly say valid until 18/06 but these cases indicate today 27/05 - so I jumped in and claimed my vouchers just to be sure.

              Maybe they extended the promo after all the boxes were printed?

              • @MorriJ: I ordered my Carlton dry cartons yesterday and they got delivered today but they are just the regular cartons with no voucher included, even though the photo on the coles website had the "$10 voucher in every case" on it. Has anyone had any success complaining to coles about this?

                • @videoman: Yes. Take them back and get them to swap them over. You can likely take them to any Liquorland, explain the situation and they should do it. But certainly you can take it to the store which fulfilled your order as I did last night.

              • +1

                @MorriJ: Yeah that seems to be the case. I got mine today and they had the same expiration date as yours but it still worked. I just received two $10 and one $20 voucher. Very happy with that. $89 for 3 slabs and two 2 litre casks of goon.

        • This is doggy for them delievered me the normal case. The tricky part for me this was delivered from the Coles hub does not attach with a nearby Liquorland.

          Figuring out what is the next step.

    • Yeah same here :(

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        Just swapped them. Bit of a hassle. I get the impression staff are doing this on purpose. Liquorland bloke knew exactly what the problem was when I rang. Coles customer service (when trying to arrange someone to bring the replacement to the click and collect bay/take back the unmarked cartons) were a PITA to try and get the message through but eventually they sent someone out with the marked boxes.

        • I bought mine from Coles. I have unpacked and put two cartons already in the fridge so I wonder if there is any point to a complaint to them? I still have the boxes, just the beer is out of the wrapping etc.

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            @Abbi: Coles online orders for liquor are supplied by Liquorland. You can still complain and bring them back even if you opened the carton. The order confirmation and Coles website page clearly show images of specially marked cartons and it’s not right that they are trying to palm off the unmarked packs. I ended up getting $40 worth of Coles vouchers, so well worth swapping IMO.

            Guy even made a smart arse comment when bringing the replacements ‘not a whole lot of difference is there’… well yeah actually there is.

            I’ve never liked shopping with Coles online. Always issues..

  • Thanks OP stocked up on some beer and spirits code worked fine in SA

  • Just wondering if anyone still see specific marked case near City of Sydney?

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