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50% off All Coffee, Tea, Chai, Merch, Body Scrub + Delivery ($0 to VIC/ with $50 Order) @ Inglewood Coffee Roasters


50% off coffees, tea, chai & chocolate, merch and Gazelle body scrubs - use code EOFYVIP at checkout.

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Inglewood Coffee Roasters
Inglewood Coffee Roasters


  • -5

    Still awaiting my free promised coffee beans :(

    • +31

      Almost a year now. Might be time to stop bean such a depresso.

    • +2

      Got my free beans. They were great. Changed my opinion on Inglewood, as I wasn't a fan of Sunset blvd when I got it earlier.

      • +1


  • +1

    how long you bean waiting? :)

  • f yes here we go

  • $5.00 Shipping to WA is great.

    Got the Decaf 1kg bean for $35 Delivered.

    • +1

      Their decaf is my partner's favourite, and I actually don't mind it myself even though I usually don't drink decaf.

      • Good to know, Thanks

      • +1

        Can confirm the decaf is generally my go-to, especially when on sale.

      • Their decaf is so much better than other ozb regulars like lime blue. I also use them as a mixer to make half caff.

      • +1

        Yeah, agree, best decaf out of all the deals posted here.

        • +1, I've tried a whole variety of decaf and mine just arrived from Inglewood - very tasty, thanks very much everyone!

    • Any idea how long it takes to get to WA?

    • +1

      Also my fav!

  • Anyone tried their tea?
    Earl grey?

    I am tired of "tea dust" and after actual long leaf.

    • +1

      good tea, no dust. have mint and green tea bags

  • The couple of times i've had Inglewood in the past they've been pretty mediocre, but for this price i'm happy to give them another go.

    Got a bag of both the Ethiopian and Honduran single origins.

  • +5

    Sadly due to the rising cost of living, almost the only beans I purchase these days are from ALDI.

    • +3

      Can you really call it living anymore if you're not drinking decent coffee?

      • +5

        Have you tried the ALDI coffee beans? They are actually really good.

        • What’s the name of them ?

          • +2

            @Nomad2233: Medium, medium dark, dark

          • @Nomad2233: The supermarkets have really upped their games on coffee beans (Aldi, Coles, Costco). Aldi beans are surprisingly popular, which is great because they don't go stale seating on the shelves. Coles and Costco are good sometimes but they sell too many varieties, so fresh stock is inconsistent.

            When people talk about Aldi coffee beans, they are mostly referring to the store brand Lazzio medium roast, there are other blends and single origins.

            More info here:

            Another good thing about it is that they are widely available in metro areas, no more paying for postage (even free shipping is already baked into the product), no need to plan or order in advance, or worried about the delivery guy leaving it in the sun or rain. Just go to the shop when you need it, at a great price.

        • A lot people say that, which one exactly? I’m keen to give it a go!

          • @ax1: Medium is my go to.

            I say this as someone that routinely bought from Airjo, Inglewood. It's 80-90% as good at half the price.

        • +1

          They're not outstanding, but certainly not terrible. Complexity was lacking for me a bit in the Aldi single origin I tried, but it was still a nice enough cup once I dialled in. Moving forward I'll be alternating with Aldi a bit for the same reasons OzHan mentions.

        • +2

          Calling them really good is a bit of a stretch. Great value for money is decent description.

  • +1

    Which of your regular beans taste the closest to your decaf?
    Inglewood decaf is the best for anyone looking for decaf

  • I still have bags sitting in the freezer from the black friday sale

  • 1kg downtown and 1kg sticky chai on its way! Thanks

  • Does anyone know when this deal ends? The date above says tomorrow 5pm but their Instagram post an hour ago says 'last day remaining' (implying it's today). Unless they made a typo and meant last dayS!

    • It says 5pm AEST tomorrow 30/05

      • Looks like this was early access to the real sale which is now on to 30 June.

  • I have been using sunset blvd beams and need a change.
    Please recommend me a blend for automatic espresso machine!

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