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StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty for $34.99 Inc. Shipping - JB HI-FI Online


Been on OzBargain for a long time, however this is my first post as a deal!

Saw this in the latest catalogue of JB HI-FI $34.00 if you want to buy it in store or $34.99 including shipping if you want it delivered.

I think this is currently the best price for this game, I haven't been able to find it cheaper anywhere else.

The next best deal is $49.95 not including delivery according to

Also not sure when this sale will end, so I put it on for 2 weeks.

UPDATE: It has dropped further. $29.99 if you buy online or $29.00 in store!

UPDATE 19/11: Price is back up again. $34.99 if you buy online or $34.00 in store!

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    I've heard from a staff member that StarCraft 2 will be $29 over the weekend. Take that with a grain of salt, though.

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      Rather spend the extra $6 to make sure I get it in case it sells out. Not much of a risktaker :p

      • pfft this is ozbargain, many more would take a much greater risk to save a few bux on less than a rumor!

        man i cant believe its still this price when something like borderlands 2 which hasnt been out that long, can be had cheaper… both great games!

      • i can sell u my copy and everything for $20?
        PM me

    • You were RIGHT!

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    the second part of sc2 is coming soon. cant wait

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      Won't be out til the 12th of March 2013

      • Yeh, but the price of the WoL will drop when the expac hits.. If you can wait for a bargain that is.

      • By Blizzard's standards, that is soon.

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    There may be cheaper places but its 33.99 here if you want
    Good effort though

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      ozgameshop have the European version of the game which connects to the European Servers while playing online.

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    Thanks OP, been looking out for an SC2 sale

  • I bought the SEA from the ozgameshop last year for $39 Awesome game!

  • Still around $50 for digital or retail boxed vers. so this is a good price.

  • It's about time the price dropped! This game has been out for 2 and a half years.. It's ridiculous how blizzard still keeps it at ~$50.

  • I'd just pay $60 to get the Wol and HotS digital download bundle, since the fact that HotS alone costs $40.

  • I was thinking, can't we just get the HotS exp (cdkey), DL the req. files for both games & play on that ladder without owning a WoL key (for that ladder)? We'd just register/link the key like any other Blizz game to your acc & be able to login right?

    • Nope. I tried that with a key for Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne without a Reign of Chaos key. You need both keys to login.

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    Arghh I paid $69.95 for this from Dick Smith back in 2010. Damn you Blizzard.

    • I could refer you to 2010 Crucial m4 prices….

      Anyways, provides decent prices for the preorder for the expansion.

      The notable thing is that you get a beta key if you pre-order from jbhifi or ebgames. The Collector's is likely to sell out relatively quickly so get on it if you're interested.

      For the collectors, EB have the better price of $88 over JB's $89, if the dollar saving's a concern to anyone.

      Also, JB doesn't allow for a pickup option (not yet), so you'd be saving on shipping if you get it from EB.

      • Well, I also paid $109 for a WD Cav Black 1TB HDD in 2010. Today, it's the same exact price. Not everything drops in price so fast…

    • I paid 50cents for a sunnyboy in 1996. Damn you primary school canteen!

    • $69.95? try 99.95! got it the day it came out!

      • The $69.95 was a pre-order price from Dick Smith with free shipping. I ordered it before it came out. If you paid $99.95 for the standard edition you got ripped off - I'm assuming you went to EB?

  • I believe Starcraft II should be "global" soon, that is, no more special SEA (South East Asia) version. This'll mean that you can grey market SC2 from the US cheaply (It's selling at $40 on Amazon atm, but gets cheaper still quite often)

    • You can actually switch between US and SEA already, it's been that way for quite a while actually. Just can't switch into the other regions.

      • You can only do that with the SEA version at the moment

        Soon the US version should be able to do that too

    • Does the HoTS from Amazon US work with an Wings of Liberty Australian retail version?

      • I hope it will, and will be looking at buying HotS from the US when it's released.

        Poke me again then

  • Its a great price!

  • Hope LotV will be released around a yr after HotS as I think they only have to make the campaign part while MP will most likely be a cumulative update, but if they choose to add more units (unlikely?) it will take just as long.
    Reason HotS took 2.5yrs is mostly polishing & unit balancing.

  • .

  • Great price but a bit too late. Over with this game now and I thought the new Starcraft 2 was out when I saw this. disappointed.

  • +5
    • Also, Diablo 3 $44,
      Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 for $79
      Assassins Creed III only $57 (PS3 & X360)

      Thanks for the link

  • And $19 + shipping from amazon:

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    Hi guys, just updated the deal!

    $29.00 is now reflected on the online store.

    I bought it for $34.99, oh well.

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