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Buy 1 Get 1 Free $20 iTunes Cards, iPod Touch 16GB 4th Gen $178, Toshiba 4GB USB $1 @ HN 1 Day Sale 17/11


iTunes card:

  • Limit 1 per customer. iTunes offer is available all day, as opposed to just 1 hour like on the previous occasion.
  • Shop online and choose to pick up in store or have it delivered, except the iTunes offer which is in store only
  • Available on Saturday 17th November 2012

Other offers:

Here are the other pages with some other offers available:

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Probably better to get this delivered than pick up instore being Harvey Norman?

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      But they charge extra for delivery.

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      You can only get the iTunes cards instore!

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  • With the itunes offer, there is a condition (#4):
    Bonus offer applies only with the purchase of the selected products.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, that it means we have to buy other selected products, in order to get 2x$20 itunes for $20.

    • I think you are right bptoz and well spotted. That's why they can offer you buy one get one free for all day . the previous buy one get one free offer was for 1 hr only . Title is misleading and should change to buy one get one free with purchase of selected products. Very important to read the fine print in this world or disappointed later

      • I believe selected products is refering to specifically the $20 itunes cards, and no other denomination

    • OP is right as I read it, it's just clumsily worded to say that the bogof offer only applies to $20 iTunes cards as opposed to iTunes cards of any other value. The $20 iTunes card is the "selected product". I don't know why they put the asterisk there, it would be perfectly clear without it, they've just created confusion instead. Why not just say "bogof offer valid with purchase of $20 iTunes card only, not valid with any other denominations".

      • Correct, Chadstone confirmed it's simply buy 1 get 1 free, just as it reads in the ad.

  • You are wrong. It's simply as the ad says: buy 1 $20 card and get one free, just like every time HN has this offer

    • Well, seems reasonable. last time it was on, long queues for people going in just to get a iTunes card and left straight away. I guess what HN wants is to drive people to their store. not walk in and out.

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    Have a look online and select store stock - http://www.harveynorman.com.au/itunes-gift-card.html

    Out Of Stock,Out Of Stock,Out Of Stock,Out Of Stock,Out Of Stock,Out Of Stock,

    I think alot of people will be disappointed tomorrow.

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      iTunes cards are instore only

  • Just had a nice chat via the Harvey Norman online chat:

    Your chat transcript:

    tim Fri, 11/16/2012 09:05:02 am
    Hello DrKaz. How may I help you?

    DrKaz Fri, 11/16/2012 09:05:36 am
    The iTunes cards, 2 for $20, is there any terms for them?

    tim Fri, 11/16/2012 09:06:13 am
    let me just check for you, wont be a moment

    sorry DrKaz where did you see that 2 for $20

    DrKaz Fri, 11/16/2012 09:08:35 am

    tim Fri, 11/16/2012 09:09:51 am
    limit 1 per cstomer andonly instore

    DrKaz Fri, 11/16/2012 09:10:12 am
    so there isn't any other terms?

    tim Fri, 11/16/2012 09:11:04 am
    not that i know off check with your local store this is the first i have hear of it

    DrKaz Fri, 11/16/2012 09:12:10 am
    okay thank you

    tim Fri, 11/16/2012 09:12:28 am
    have a good day sorry i couldnt be any more help

    Duration: 00:07:46

    • The guy I called at Chadstone wasn't aware of the offer but they have received all the details about tomorrow's sale and was able to confirm the deal just as I have posted it.

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      Dr Kaz your post is even more pointless than your online chat?

  • Does anyone know if those Toshiba USB drives are available right now for $1, or is it tomorrow only?

    • Ah… just looked at the last image. Saturday only—cool.

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    Just called HN auburn and was told if you bring in the advertisement they would be happy to honour it!

    • It should be Australia wide anyway

    • Hey… really? Nice one, will give it a crack!

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    Oops. Dropped into my local HN this morning to pick up the iTunes cards. I thought it was the 17th today, for some reason.

    Must find a good app that tells me the current date.

  • does office works pricebeat itunes cards?

    • Tried to ask OW to price beat last time.

      OW people said that "they price beat, but they don't price beat 'free' gift offers". Given that it is buy 1 get 1 "free", they don't price beat that. However, if it $20 for 2 iTunes cards offer from HVN, they will price beat it.

      Unless HVN change the wordings to "2 $20 iTunes for $20" or "50% off when you buy 2 $20 iTunes cards", OW will not price beat it.

  • thanks! i might pick up an ipod touch and the USB

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    HN deals go in cycles: they come up with a garbage/deceptive deals then they come up with a ripper every now and then like the ultrabook cashback. What is interesting is how this community is so fluid in changing their mind about HN.

    • Everyone has a good side and a bad side. We just like to make the most of it when they show their good side.

    • +3

      Self-interest bro, we're all pragmatists when it comes to a bargain! ;)

  • The Canon 1100D SLK for $388 is half decent! :)

    • +3

      What's the other half like?

      • +1

        Twin lens are decent, single len is just half decent.

  • Where can I get a copy of the catalogue ???

    • These were pages taken out from today's Herald Sun Melbourne. Just print off the page. I have a clear link to all the pages.

  • oh yeah. i'll rock up and get an itunes card. thanks!

  • +2
  • Damn.Got work tomorrow and pointless for me go during lunch cause the "seagulls" would have cleaned them out. spewin

    • Duck in today grab two and 'lose them in the store' then at luch you can 'find' two to buy.

  • +3

    Tempting, but I just can't bring myself to install Itunes on my PC. Ever since I got rid of it a few months back my PC has been running so much faster and more stable :)

    • +10

      iTunes was also causing problems for me, so I put a toy horse in my PC.
      Now it's more stable.

      • I got the joke after the third time I read your comment.

        • Yeah, it really needs a ba-dum-tish for context! :)

        • nah, Puns are bad enough without a rimshot for enhancement.
          Then again, I wouldn't mind a rimshot enhancement.


  • If my local HN opens at 9am tomorrow, how early should I arrive and line-up?

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      6 am should cover it.

    • +2

      better camp tonight to be sure.

    • +1

      Already too late.

  • the 2 tb hardrive any good if i crack it open for a NAS? such as reliability and the rpm speed?

  • I just called my local store (Gold Coast), They said they have a big one day sale tomorrow. However, they won't know what will be apart of that one day sale until tomorrow. So they couldn't comment if the specials advertised in the Herald Sun (VIC paper) applied to them and suggested I call back in the morning.

    Furthermore, the check store stock feature on the HN website lists the 10 closest stores to me as out of stock for $20 itunes cards, while I have learnt the hard way to not trust the online stock indicators of retail web sites. I'm not holding my breath for getting this deal.

  • These sale items are available online too, except the iTunes cards, and the HN website is a national website, so these specials can be ordered by anyone in Australia. The specials at your local store will be the same as posted here, but they may have some of their own unique specials too.

  • local store has no 16gb in stock, not sure what they're going to do..

  • I've always found at chadstone if they don't have stock you can still order it on the day of the sale for the sale price. I've found HN good in that way.

  • Website crashed?

  • Just purchased the iTunes. Store was empty no lines whatsoever! Great deal!!

    • Did they enforce 1 per person? These deals always come up on Saturday and I work all day, so I miss out, but I glad others can get the deal.

      • +1

        Yup. They did. I took my brother and 2 receipts = 2 customers :) . But don't rush they have plenty of stock in store, well at Castle Hill HN anyway.

        • They already run out at castle hill. But you can pay and pick it up during the week.

  • Just got back from chaddy, plenty there of stock but you need to ask at the register as they are in the process of activating them.

  • Just got 2 from Springvale.

  • Just got back from my local HN with the $18 Laser multi-zone DVD player!

    Mentioned the OzB advert and had to get the manager to check the computer database for the lower price as they still had the floor stock at the usual $29. He wasn't very happy as he says he was losing $5 on the deal! ;)

    • +1

      Good work. You stuck it up to that manager.

    • +1

      I think your the one who got the bad end of that deal…..you forget to factor in time and petrol to return it when it breaks down..

      • Hardly worth it… Purely throwaway items…

  • Harvey Norman website says none of the stores nearby have stock for iTunes giftcards, how accurate is their website? Is there any point in driving to the store?

    • +1

      websites always show iTunes cards as out of stock. you need to go in store, they'll always have cards in stock

      • Not wrong! They had heaps in stock!

  • Got 2 $20 iTunes for $20 Harvey Norman erina. Plenty of stock. Processed without comment at register.

  • Belmont forum WA had only a few cards - all at the register, would guess maybe enough for 15-20 people at most. They had them pre scanned ready to go. I didn't see any $50 nor ask about them though other threads are saying some are also doing those, and / or taking rain checks on the $20.

  • Thanks OP got some at Harvey Norman moonah, and got. Big W Glenorchy to price match on the way home!

    Bargain :)

  • Harvey Norman Woodville still have stock at check out, just need to ask for it.

  • Going by what some people have said they may still honour the deal even if they have run out of cards. Just ask. Don't miss out.

  • Plenty in store in cannington! Don't need to present anything, just go straight to the cashier

  • All gone at Malaga :(

  • +2

    Rocked up to the local Harvey Norman, saw my mate there, and they weren't enforcing the 1 per person, so he got $400 worth for $200… I picked up $160 worth for $80, but as mine were getting activated someone came over and said only 1 per person from now on… They had a big box of them, so I don't think they'd be running out today.

  • Really organised in SA - the cards were already activated. Walked in, purchased 2 lots, paid and walked out. No long lines this time.

  • +5

    Me, my wife and my 2yr old son go to HN to take advantage of the 2 for 1 itunes

    I take $120 worth of itunes cards to the counter

    The sales drone says 2 $20 cards per person, I turned around and said yeah no problem and point to my wife and son

    She looks at me funny and I say he is a person

    She responds with but he couldn't buy his own cards and I reply I'm sure he could

    She looks at me funny again and puts sale through

    She appeared to have the shits because they didn't have pre activated cards ready to go so it took her 5 mins while a large queue formed behind us

    I said thank you and have a nice day at the end of the transaction….. no response

  • The victims of an ozbargainer including your wife and your son l O l

  • Anyone bought the Crestell Lifestyle High and Firm Pillow $8.95, any good?

  • I was told at Belmont Forum that they'd give me a voucher, rang up Office Works Victoria Park and they matched the deal and then gave me $1 off as well for the 5% difference, Thanks Sam

  • For anyone who don't know you can still order it now and pick up tomorrow.

    (not the itunes cards)

  • Today OW pricematched HN AND gave me $3 off. We only wanted 2 x cards so thats all we bought. They seemed to have given us %5 off BOTH cards even though we only paid for one. I showed the check out person the HN ad on my phone, she called her manager and it was ok'd. Saved us the time and trouble of going to another store as we were already at OW buying the $169 Ipod.

  • Just got mine in the mail. A little disappointed not to get the physical cards but instead just the receipts with the activation details. Oh well, still a good value stocking stuffer.

  • Dissapointed that I got sent 4 cards and 6 receipts….

    • Did you order 10?

  • Received my cards yesterday. They arrived as proper gift cards with stapled activation receipts.
    Both card worked fine and redeemed in iTunes without any problems.

    Purchased online and received my order. It arrived from the Blacktown HN, so the cashier 0004 did a good job.

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