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SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless X Gaming Headset $499 (RRP $735) Delivered @ Amazon AU

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Product with some good reviews.

I got it today via JB Hi-FI to price match via online chat, then paid with 4.5% off gift card from BUPA reward. U know, the OZB way.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Are you able to stack the 10% Wicked Wednesday deal on top of the price match at JB?

    • Didn’t know the 10% off. I feel sad now :(

      • I did the same, but when I collect them tomorrow I am asking for a voucher as the price difference

        • Last time I tried an online price match the discount code was not accepted - so you did well.

    • Just got mine. Managed to stacked the 10% WW deal

      Edit: Also used 10% JB gift cards

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    For reference the all time low was $399 at BPC, but reading the comments, this was not without some drama.

    This deal is ~$476.55 using a JB price match and 4.5% off gift cards. The price drops to ~$428.89 if the Wicked Wednesday code stacks with a price match and gift cards.

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    To the others who were wondering: the main difference between the X and non-X is that the non-X won't work with XBOX at all, while in the X the second USB port is only for the XBOX and won't work well with any other devices (like PS5/PC - it identifies as a game controller… or something). Both models are on sale almost everywhere although priced differently. Amazon just price-matched mwave.

    Store Link Link Price
    Amazon AU PS5/Non-XBOX XBOX $499
    mwave PS5/Non-XBOX XBOX $499
    JB HiFi PS5/Non-XBOX XBOX $514
    EB Games PS5/Non-XBOX XBOX $518
    Officeworks PS5/Non-XBOX XBOX $514
    Scorptec PS5/Non-XBOX XBOX $514
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      There is an indepth video comparing the 2 versions


      • +1

        A 10-minute video for what essentially is a single sentence, no thanks

    • Soooooo if I’m only going to use it for PC, I should get the pro version?

      • i say get the x version. Pro only worth it if
        1. U connecting pc and ps5 simultaneously via usb cables, or
        2. Connecting 2 pc simultaneously via usb cables

        The chance of ppl having ps5 and computer in the same room is so small. I feel most ppl should choose the x version.

      • If you don't see yourself ever getting an Xbox like me, definitely go for the regular non-X. I'm using mine with 2 PCs. You could also use the second port with a phone, laptop, tablet or whatnot.

        The Xbox port can only really be used for Xbox. It won't work for other devices.

        If you're not planning to ever connect a second device to the base station, then it doesn't matter which version you get.

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    I've got a set; I thought the RRP was $499?

    Low-latency wireless is the main reason for me buying, but the swappable batteries is what made it really shine. For reference, they use standard NP-45 lipo batteries that match several cameras and can be bought for like $7 each instead of the exorbitant $$$ that Steelseries would charge you for replacements.

    I did OzBargain my way to a cheaper price by getting the headset with a broken transmitter for $150, the transmitter base from the US for $80 and a pair of batteries for $13 but I don't really recommend this route for most people.

  • These are down to $455 on Amazon right now.
    Not sure who they are price matching but think that's the second best price ever not including gift card hacking

    • the $455 is only for the Xbox version and is an American import. You can add another random promotion item to the cart for an additional 7% off

      • The Xbox version is the good version, it has additional connectivity and works with PS5

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