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20-30% off New/Lapsed/Upgrading PlayStation Plus Subscriptions (e.g. 12 Months Essential $76.76, Extra $127.46, Deluxe $137.86)


Seems only to be valid if you are:

  • Starting a new subscription (new or lapsed)
  • Upgrading your existing sub to a higher tier

Sign in to the website or via your app to see what you are eligible for.

12 Month Subscription Prices (new/lapsed subscriptions)

20% off Essential $95.95 $76.76 (save $19.19)
25% off Extra $169.95 $127.46 (save $42.49)
30% off Deluxe $196.95 $137.86 (save $59.09)


25% off upgrades to Extra tier
30% off upgrades to Deluxe tier

Credit to Scrooge McDeal for original post

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  • +10

    Honestly, PS Plus subscription has been the biggest waste of money for me personally.

    • +1

      You don't play games in the catalogue? Red Dead 2 is on there now. I haven't played it yet. But I don't want to pay full price to extend my current membership. I have a month left on it.

      • +3

        If you're the kind of person to play games like Red Dead 2 from start to finish, it's probably going to take you long enough you may as well have bought the game (considering the time used up of a 12-month subscription).
        I mean, it's only $27 on Amazon right now.

        • Yeah. I do like trying to 100% games. I get to about 95% or so. I'm letting my subscription die. I have games on the Switch and PC I haven't played yet.

        • What a stupid argument. Cause people only play 1 game a year do they.

          • @GodsSon23: I specifically suggested that this applies if they're the kind to play start to finish, in the first sentence.
            If it takes you about two months, which wouldn't be uncommon for many people, you've used 1/6 of the PS Extra price, which comes to about $21.
            You don't get to keep the game after it leaves the catalog (or your Extra expires) and you probably felt time pressure to finish it, all for a $6 saving.

      • I just don't feel like PS plus gets enough new content or should I say worthy content.
        I honestly haven't touched my PS5 for a very long time. Xbox on the other hand, has been used on a regular basis.

    • +1

      It definitely is more expensive these days. I have many years clocked up when the old prices were 50% off. Was something like $40 a year. Given the amount of games you get with it, and how much I've played them, for me it's been worth it a hundred times over. If you don't play many games and don't play online, yes, don't get it.

    • yep mine lapsed late last year, i just refuse these days to pay to play my 3-5 year old PS4 games online. Especially since i only get time once a week.

      Like i get good games are really good love to stick with them, i really don't want 1 new game every month and sure as hell not those s&^# ones they were giving out as the PS+ member freebie ofen with no cinematic experience or excitement.

  • +11

    I see Sony is doing their best to piss customers off.

  • +3

    So I would renew but my sub doesn't run out till November. Bit (profanity) stupid

    • It stacks

      • +1

        Nope - renewals are not included. You can only upgrade, or start a new sub after lapsing.

        • So can't you just upgrade, then downgrade afterwards?

          • @onlinepred: I'm not sure why you think that would work.

            • @Snakey Chook: I signed up to deluxe, then went back to essential, the length of the essential plan was longer than 1 year that I signed up to on deluxe. I assumed the same would be true with this? I paid using PlayStation gift cards if that changes things

  • +11

    lmao member when it was like 60 for a year RRP?

    Or better yet, remember when the Plus in PS+ was actually there to indicate it was an optional additional thing? The cheek of locking MP behind it after 7 years of free MP is one thing, but to make it a tiered setup and then call the base level "Essential", despite PLUS being the literal name of the thing, like, it's a (profanity) joke. Ridiculous that you can buy a console for 750 800 and then buy a game for 100 125 and STILL not be ready to play the damn thing as intended. Insane.

    For the record, as much as I do prefer Xbox this (and last) gen, they're not much better with their online shit. At least they never had a free online (weird flex I know), and at least you get 40 odd games included with their base tier. Xbox ain't much better, but it's still better. They should all (profanity) off tbh.

    • If you are worried about paying $800 for a console, prob don't look into PC gaming then ;-)

      • The thing with PC though is you can do other things besides gaming. I mean you can as well on console but it's so much easier on PC. I don't feel as bad investing into a PC vs a console as I'm on my PC most of the day

        • This is true. Though there's definitely a lot more you can do on Xbox via UWP. Ignoring the obvious emulation example, I currently have Geordie Shore (I know, I know) on the tele for the missus, running through Pluto TV on Kodi, haven't paid a cent, haven't had to make any accounts, without a single advert, and it's all on the retail normal stock Xbox, not even needing DevMode, she was gonna pay for a month of Paramount to watch this shit show.

        • I feel like gaming is much easier on console. I work all day on my pc, I’d rather sit down in my comfy couch and play in my big screen tv with close access to the kitchen. I do my work on a cheaply used hp machine, and play on my launch ps5. All up the cost of a mid tier gpu.

      • Laughs in Steam Deck and multiple too (profanity) many emulator consoles.

        • -1

          Oh nice! Didn’t know that did ps5 graphics!!

          • @onlinepred: Graphics just don't mean anything to me anymore. Good varied games matters. Honestly play my Switch more than my PS5… It hasn't been the easy slam dunk every other generation has been.

            • @Valowick: I’m replaying rdr2 so I mostly agree, but still value load times and 4k as I play on the big screen. Then again I paid $200 for my ps5 after selling my ps4 pro, and then bought 7 years of ps plus for $40ish a year right before the prices went up. Just waiting for gta6 and then I’ll have gotten my moneys worth on the ps5 ten fold.

  • +8

    Just leaving this here - nine months ago PS Essential's non-sale price was $79.95.


    Some discount, huh?

    • yep went up from 80 to 99 in December so i quit then

  • +2

    My Sub runs out 1st AUG and i'm already on Deluxo, not seeing any discount to stack or extend.. pretty bummed.. was stackable sale lasts year.

    • Went for Extra for a month to try things out and now cannot buy either Deluxe or Extra at discounted rates, the monthly sub runs out on 18th April.

      • Me too. I'm 19th…

        Super annoyed can't re subscribe at discount over a few days left on my annual…

        I wonder if can cancel completely via chat? I would forfit the 15 days or what ever to just reaub at cheaper price..

  • I think it's fair if Essential is just online play + save backup and be FREE if you bought the console brand new.

    Very rarely I want any of the games they give out (though I have sunk over 100h into F1 23 since April) and if I pay up for the console brand new, it shouldn't have such basic features pay walled.

    • It doesn't include online, but Xbox has had free cloud backup saves for everyone since the 360 days, technically now with the back compat Xbox Originals you can say it's supported across all 4 Xbox gens, but the infrastructure and implementation has been around since about 2012 IIRC. Xbox One and beyond you have no choice, it's automatically backed up, which is great for households like mine with 3 or 4 Xboxes in them, no need to bring a USB room to room as it would be on PS4.

      Online should be free though. Thank (profanity) the only game we've played online in the last 5 or so years is Fortnite.

      • Damn that's pretty cool I never knew that, I'm guessing MS are much more equipped with cloud storage facilities they can offer that more cost effectively.
        PS3 days were the worst where some games actually had the save data locked so it couldn't be copied to a USB, rending PS+ backup the only option when switching between consoles.

        • +1

          God, I remember that. There was a bunch of odd ones where if I hit select all when trying to upload, they'd be blocked, but if I went back and did them individually, they'd be fine. So weird.

  • Screw you Sony.


  • +6

    Can't stack and get a discount. Just going to use my PS5 for single player only now. Cancelling PS+ when my sub expires.

    They can get stuffed.

    • Ditto.

      • Same! My yearly runs out days after sale ends!

  • Everyone should send them feedback. Not that it'd do much but should just communicate the ridiculousness of their decisions

    • They backflipped on helldiver's for pc.
      But agree this limiting of a renewal discount is stupid.

  • +2

    Still too expensive, 50% then we are talking.

  • So if I were to sub as a new customer on a second account, can I download the games and play on my main account?

    This is pretty stupid by Sony

    • If you have had an existing sub but it has lapsed, you should still get the discount. You just can't stack/renew if you have a current sub.

  • My 1 month essential sub ends after the promo period. Does anyone know if there is a way I can get a 12 month extra sub with the discount?

  • +1

    Hmm $185 to upgrade to Extra or $251 to upgrade to Deluxe for the remaining 1646 days

    • Lock it in before it goes up 😂

  • I wish there was a way to know exactly when games are leaving Essential or Deluxe tiers well ahead of time (or even the day they’re added, for that matter) since 1 month notice is not enough for AAA games.

    I’d like to be able to plan out my play order for the titles, rather than scramble at the end to finish it in a rush.

  • my sub is lapsing on the 2/6, I requested the cancellation and will try my luck on the 3/6

    • If you’ve had it for a long time I think you’ll lose the free monthly games you’ve accumulated? I’ve had it for around 7 years I think and am worried about this. Mine expires in three days so set it up to downgrade from the second tier to the Essential for one year. I will then try to upgrade. It’ll only save around $25 but better than nothing.

      • you get the games back

      • +2

        Like GregFiona said, you are basically locked out of the 'free' games when your subscription is inactive, but you'll be able to access them again whenever you renew your subscription

    • Update: 2/6 evening.
      It worked 👌

  • -1

    I haven't used Plus in 8 years. Subbed for 1 year on deluxe since it's onlhy $10 more than extra.

    Finally, a discount - although arguably barely enough, as many have pointed out.

  • +1

    I can't believe this is what's finally making me drop PS Plus.

    This is meant to be their big annual "Days of Play" sale, yet they refuse to give even the smallest of discounts to their most loyal (i.e., high-paying) customers?

    Count me out.

  • +1

    Damn no stacking subs.

    Mine is expired on Nov, I think I usually get this renewed on their Black Friday sales.

    But yeah, not giving a disc for current customers are the stupid rules that most corporate seems to stick to.

  • +1

    Yeah, nah I'm out 14 days left on my sub and not worth continuing.

    Don't play online so that part of it is worthless to me, and $127 is a lot of money for a few older games I might play, and some that I will start to play and disappear from the service while I'm mid way through.

  • I'm a lapsed subscriber, but this isn't going to bring me back. One of the main reasons I let it lapse was because Sony were so hell-bent on gouging their customers that after announcing the price hike, they closed off the loophole and didn't allow customers to get in one last annual renewal at the cheaper rate. Between that and now this "deal" where they tell existing subscribers to kick rocks, don't feel inclined to subscribe.

  • Not sure if this is relevant but I am on Essential and expiring tomorrow, but I was able to renew for another year with Essential at 25% off ($71.96). It doesn't seem to stop me from buying another year at 25% but I haven't tested.

    • I am on Essential and it expires on the 16th. No Essential option is discounted for me and I only have the option to upgrade to the next 2 for the remainder of my current month. I wonder if I upgrade to Extra for the remainder of the month will it give me a discount on buying a year sub for Extra? I don't think it will and the PS support didn't have any answer to that question

      • I did the upgrade using PC Website. I wish I know how to do screenshot easily.

        If I login to Playstation Plus using this https://www.playstation.com/en-au/ps-plus/#subscriptions, and log myself in, you will see the option to buy another year for Essential $71.96.

        • I did the same via the website on both my PC and mobile and it still gives the same options for myself as mentioned above. I also used the link you provided (just incase) and it is the same story. Maybe due to the time of your sub expiring being within the promo period and mine not doing so is the reason why it doesn't show for me?

  • +1

    My subscription expires 13th, a day after the sale :(

  • Sale ends on 9th.

  • I was looking at this on my PS5 this morning, weighing up the options and the prices, and it definitely said it expires on the 10th. I thought I had all day to decide. Now I go to buy and it's not showing up anymore.

    On the website, it still has a big banner advertising it but it says it expired on the 9th.

    Meanwhile, Days of Play ends on the 12th. They have a big countdown clock saying this (which even has a link and banner advertising the PS Plus discounts just below it). It's like, why the heck wouldn't you have all the deals expire at the same time? Why would PS Plus discounts end a few days earlier? Madness, I tell you.

    EDIT: I'm flicking around. Some images say it expires on the 9th and others on the 12th. This box for the PS Plus sale definitely says the 12th, so I figure it actually still meant to be available, just maybe… https://store.playstation.com/en-au/pages/deals

  • Meh - my membership lapsed yesterday and I thought I'd resub if 25% off - but no more sale. Gonna work my way though piles of steam/epic games instead.

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