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ANZ First Credit Card: $125 Cashback with $750 Spend in 3 Months, $0 First Year Fee (Then $30/Year) @ ANZ


$750 must be spend on eligible purchases in the first 3 months from approval. $0 annual fee applies for the first year only. $30 annual fee after that.

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    what are the eligible purchases?

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      Basically everything you pay for on a card other than gambling or cash withdrawals

      • Gov purchases ok?

        • No. Gov purchases excluded. I had a rewards card and they didn’t count govt purchases.

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      From the T&Cs:

      Eligible purchases includes purchases made using your ANZ Credit Card Account but excludes specific purchases as set out in the ANZ Credit Card Conditions of Use (PDF). Excluded purchases include, for example, fees, cash advances, cash equivalent transactions, balances transfers, premiums paid for ANZ credit card insurance, transactions for gambling or gaming purposes or reversed or refunded transactions and will not qualify.

      • Gift card for retailer?

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          Mate, it is $750 in 3 months..! Just a couple of visits to woolies and you’re all set.

        • Have done this in the past and has not been excluded.

  • If you already have this card, could you apply for a second card with the min $1000 limit?
    Eligibility criteria doesn't list any such exclusions, which would apply for their flagship Rewards cards (e.g. Rewards Black).

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      Eligibility says “ 1. Offer is for new and approved credit card applicants and is limited to one offer per applicant.” so seems like new means you can’t

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    Can I cancel it immediately after? Don't really want a credit card.

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      After you get the cash I don’t see why not

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        After I get the 125 I want to cancel before the 30 annual fee kicks in. Is this possible?

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          $30 annual fee only applies in the second year so you have a whole year to make the minimum spend, get the bonus and close the card.

          • @xers:

            so you have a whole year to make the minimum spend, get the bonus and close the card.

            Minimum spend should be met within 3 months from card approval if the cash back is to be availed.

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    much better signing up to ones with FF points.

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      I dunno these days 100k points will get you a $12 kettle and some well wishes

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        in these tough times can you put a price on kindness?

        • You can actually.
          Less the the cost of a warm meal.

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      not for people like me who don't care about FF points, I'd rather take the cash immediately.

      Can't really use frequent flyers points when you travel 4 people and have avaibility constraint

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        100,000 ff pts gets you a lot more than $150.

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      Not necessarily
      If youve already churned a lot of them $125 for nothing is a no brainer

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      Literally in the description

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    yay free money

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    ANZ application process is shocking, took about ten phone calls and a whole heap of documents to get it across the line in a space of two weeks. On top of that had to make an appointment with the branch to verify my ID, as the branches don't do walk ins anymore. I applied for Westpac and Virgin at the same time and was approved within a day and ID verified online

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      Yep Anz is by far the worst to deal with IME. I don't even bother looking at their offers anymore; not worth the time.

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      Agreed, I think it’s good to open a savings account so you can keep the app after you cancel the credit card, if you want to churn back to ANZ later on

      • Keep a savings account open with all of them. Saves needing to prove your ID each time, and some (esp Westpac, St George) do annual fee discounts for existing customers.

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      Yeh went through the same ordeal with the anz platinum rewards… Once you think you're done and get your card surprise you will need to call them and wait for ages to get a CRN and telecode to log in to the app. Absolute shocking experience for such a big bank.

    • Strange i was approved on the spot and I'm onto my 6th this year w/ 3 cards open atm

      • If your income isn't straight forward (mix of rental, dividends or payslips isn't a set amount each pay) I'd say don't bother as they have very stringent documentation requirements with absolutely no flex (I had to Photoshop the date and my name on a document as they absolutely won't accept the document I provided). Processing team you'll speak to are based overseas and seems to have very little authority to make common sense calls

    • Declined last time, 6 mths later, reapplied and got rejected immediately, idk when can i reapply again though? Any idea?

      Good credit score but looks like they don’t care

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    Thanks, OP. I have finished two months of $100 back from NAB on a similar deal so I'll cancel that card and move to this after my third month is done.

    • Whoops, I didn't read this properly. I thought it was $125 per month for three months.

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    Eligibility doesn't say anything about owning a previous ANZ credit card in the previous 12 months, can anyone confirm

  • how long is the recommended wait to apply for a Credit Card after your loan settles? 3 months?

    • As soon as my broker told me settlement was completed, I applied for two cards on that day and another two cards the next day.
      It’s been 2.5 months and I’ve churned 6 cards for buying furnitures, though I did receive two rejections, Amex and Citi.

      • As soon as my broker told me settlement was completed, I applied for two cards on that day and another two cards the next day.

        ok, so did those cards get accepted?

        • Amex got rejected, other three already closed now

          • @RTY: Amex seems to hate churners atm

  • Do they check credit history ? Does it have any adverse effect on credit score ?

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      Not sure why a bank would check your credit history when you are applying for an unsecured lending product. Sounds like something they totally wouldn't even bother with….

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        Yes, pretty shocking isn't it? They should be on their knees and hand this out to us on a silver plate.

    • i want to know the same, anyone ???

    • If you got rejected I imagine it could affect credit score.

      • Nah, i even cant be gone thru the credit check and rejected immediately. Looks like system is set

  • Anyone still not received the bonus $300 from one of their previous offers?


    Both a family member nor myself have recieved it. I had met the requirements and exceeded it by almost double and repaid the balancet. Family member also met requirements about 6 weeks ago and paid the balance.

    No gambling, reversals or cash advances etc

    • You should contact ANZ

    • I have received it. It went straight into my credit card transactions as a green 300. You can't miss it.

      • Just wondering how long did it take to get it after u met the requirements?

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          Pretty much met the requirements in the first month and credited in said same month. I didn't even realised until I looked at my statements. It's listed as "Promotion"

          • @teatea: Sweet, just checked mine and it was added yesterday :)

            I need to check if a family member got it too.

    • They send out an sms however in my case i believe the provider intercepted it and sent it to spam straight away (Boost) had to call anz up and ask them to send out the email/giftcard as the texts weren't coming through.

      Pretty common issue it seems amongst other users of the card.

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    ANZ bank asked me to have a credit card but I refused as I didn't need it and didn't want to pay annual fee. Then I applied a Paypal credit card which has no annual fee but declined. Still I don't need it. Am I a card-saver?

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    Get ready to have a few different indian call you at your most inconvenient times so that they can understand every cent of your 150k income and decline you by asking you to withdraw your application.

    • from my past many experiences with ANZ, this is accurate. I've had some multiple non-stop calls asking for the same submitted documents over and over again, and in at least 1-2 occasions, completely no calls at all.

      • And each time they have to re-do the whole assessment, shhhhh

    • I got automatically declined for the$300 offer and sent an email straight to the ANZ cards email. They booked me in with a branch and it got approved within the week. So long as you get a local rep, it should be fine. The Indian overseas rep simple puts it in the computer and it will very likely decline. They don't care about business.

  • lol instant rejection for a $1000 limit.. I just got their $6000 limit, 75k qff maybe 2 months ago so maybe thats why. plus several other big limit cards still open but still, $1000 limit geez

    • I can feel you mate, just move on

      • Yea have to. Win some and lose some, I guess.

    • Are you eligible for this offer even after taking out their previous $6000 credit card?

  • Dumb question, but i have 19,000 credit from Amex Ultimate Velocity Credit Card. I’m earning 94,350 Gross.

    I’m thinking to apply for AnZ Black Frequent Flyer Card (15k minimum credit limit). Should i ask Amex to lower my credit limit? Or what’s the threshold for credit limits?

    I’m wondering if AnZ would be allowing 19k (amex) + 15k (AnZ)?

    Please help :)

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    20.99% Interest rate

    • Not a problem if you pay in off in full each month.

    • If you're paying interest on credit card you shouldn't have a credit card. You're essentially subsidising the rest of us card churners

  • any recommedation for a Credit card with free travel insurance, as my bankwest platinum just advise they will be stopping the free insurance in sept.

    • Get separate travel insurance. The one that comes free is often sub par

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        Still better than no insurance at all, especially when traveling abroad.

        I'm still amazed at number of stories about people travelled without getting a basic travel insurance.

  • Tried to sign my dad up to this credit card on Sunday and sent through all the financial documents. Someone from an Indian call centre called yesterday and denied him for a $1000 credit limit lol.

    My dad is in his mid 60s and retired. He has 2 investment properties fully paid off generating rental income and a family home with no mortgage. The estimated value of all 3 properties is $2 million. He also has half a million dollars in 2 different saving accounts generating monthly income of 4.9% - 5.1%.

    He lives a fairly frugal life with zero debt and a perfect credit history. We also listed minimal expenses on the application but still couldn't secure a basic $1000 credit card. Their reasoning was he is too old and doesn't make enough money to service the credit card and his savings and assets means squat. If anything, we had a good laugh out of it :)

  • Planning to increase my chances of getting approved for this by cancelling my CBA card. Is there any lag between cancelling a credit card and having it removed from your credit score?

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      The status of your card will still "Open" in the credit report for few months - depend how often CBA inform the reporting agencies. The card's history will stay there for 5 years.

      But in the application, you can declare that it already closed - they may or may not ask for the closure letter.

    • Just upload the closure letter from CBA with your proof of income.

      It can take a couple of months for card closures to show on your credit file.

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