Ozito PXC 18V 4.0Ah Battery Quad Pack - $129 Delivered/ C&C/ in-Store @ Bunnings


They have moved from the triple pack special for $99 in previous deals to the quad pack special for $129.

Also showing free delivery to my metro postcode.

Stock checker - https://nrby.in/bunnings/0595324

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    oh damn!

  • Good deal, just got one delivered. Cheers!

    • Delivered already? That was fast

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        Is that you Mrs Muzeeb?

  • That is a bargin holy 😳

  • Free shipping still too, crazy good deal.

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    how to justify having 10 batteries….to someone that doesnt understand ozbargain now worry later…

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      how to justify having 10 batteries

      1. its a great deal
      2. eventually the older batteries will wear out
      3. uhm its good for the economy (?) *

      *may not be good for the economy

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        Be aware they have a shelf life too depending on how they are stored, even if not used.

        • What’s the shelf life?

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            @ShMiCk: 1 year, if you leave it charged will degrade its capacity considerably.

            I avoid storing them on the shelf charged if I won't need them in the next week or so, better to have some at 30-50% charge instead, and when I need to use one I put another on fast charge. Then I switch to the charged one within 30m or so. I try to leave them at 30-50% for your the job, as it might be months.

            Not super easy, but beats buying (and chucking) batteries all the time

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          Don't worry, they have 3 Year replacement warranty.

      • On that…
        How does one know when older batteries may be reaching end of life?

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          …when they stop working well ;)

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          Without proper testing equipment it can be a bit of a thumb-suck. Usually by the time you start thinking "Gee, these don't seem to last as long any more" that is a sure sign they're starting to wear out and need to be replaced. Put the old ones in a battery recycling bin (a lot of local councils have one at the local rubbish tip) so the heavy metals can be recovered and turned into new batteries.

          • @Chazzozz: Lead Acid like car batteries yes, Li-Ion batteries like these not so much if at all in reality. Hence one of the EV debates…

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          You can test them. I did a capacity test on some ozito 3ah batteries that I bought 8 years ago, and they measured alright. I used a watt meter and a torch that drew 1amp. It's not a definite measurement, but it gives you a rough idea.

          Another way is to measure the internal resistance.

      • 😂

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        Kids car is where it's at… 3D print a few spare electric motor gears …you'll strip em.


        • I have fixed up 5x already, wanting to convert one to 18v, I wish there was an equiv of the ryobi adaptors I could 3d print for ozito batteries 😁

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            @pete8oes: There's heaps out there.
            Look up Einhell. They make Ozito and Aldi tools.
            I printed the Ozito Einhell to Makita adapter , but put the kids car on the Makita side.

            • @tunzafun001: Awesome will do, thanks mate

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                @pete8oes: https://www.thingiverse.com/search?q=Ozito+&page=2

                I make the adapter.. then just use spade connectors on the car to connect to the adapter tabs.

                So you have an adapter..that can go in a kids car.

                P.S. if going.in a kids car. The extra voltage creates RF interference. So if you want to use the over ride remote control, add an aerial to the back. 3 for $5 on eBay. Flexible car window antenna type. Works so much better / range increases dramatically.

  • OOS for me even delivery…

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      For some reason, it's only allowed to place a delivery order from an in-stock store. So change the store location to somewhere that has stock then order delivery

      • getting

        Please contact your local Bunnings to discuss delivery options available. Change store to check availability or remove item.

        guess I am out of luck this round

        • You have to kind of do a few steps back and forth it seems. Only after you've swapped to a store that is semi close and choosing click and collect and back to delivery again will it work. That's after you get the can't deliver to your address from the other store with stock.

      • Bunnings delivery is crazy. You can only get delivery from local stores even for stuff that comes via courier or post.

        I get it if you order a whole deck or gazebo, but if my local stores are out of stock then I can't even get a drill bit in the mail from the other side of Melbourne.

        • Got it sent from Boxhill to Prahran in the end

        • I got LED bulbs delivered from a store in the North even though I live in an eastern suburb in melbourne. So seems to work fine for some items at least.

  • Good deal.

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    I can finally give my single 4ah battery a break. We've done amazing things together comrade.

    Thanks OP

    • -3

      The batteries don't really benefit from taking a break, they need to be charged and discharged.

  • Finally getting back close to the days of the $29-$39 battery deal days

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      Thanks, I bought this. I only needed 2 batteries

      (Said no Ozbargainer ever)

    • Is that new model for twin battery as I saw another twin batterry with fast charger for 99 dollar. I am planning to buy and definitely dont need 4 batteries.

      • It's probably the same battery. They have different packages sold at different prices.

  • Anyone tried an Ozito to Dewalt converter for these batteries?

    • I have, sorry to say the DeWalt batteries seem to last longer for the same mAH. But good for backup

      • You'd have greater losses going through a battery adaptor, so that makes sense. Might not be as noticeable if you are running lower powered tools.

      • That's my experience too. None of my XR 18V DeWalts have died and the oldest are now 10 years old. Incidentally, if you have the old 14.4V tool combo that Masters used to sell you can modify the skin to take 18V batteries but even those 14.4V originals still work fine.

        Ryobi battery life subjectively seem very poor but fortunately the DeWalt/Ryobi adaptors work great.

        Ozito - never had one die (unlike Ryobi) but one that's 5 years old won't charge past 2 LEDS - still works fine on low power use stuff though like impact drivers, hedge trimmers etc.

        It's key for all these batteries to keep them cool, ideally at mid-charge

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      Just be mindful that many of the adapters I've seen adapt the battery to the tool only. They generally caution against using the adapter to fit the battery to another brand's charger.

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    Stop it please

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    OzBargainers must have enough Ozito batteries to be able to build a house out of them

    • +3

      The house is powered by Eneloops

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    Is there an adapter that allow us to charge USB-C devices like phones and tablets? We wouldn’t need to buy a lot of those 20000mah anymore.

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    why need so many batteries?
    do you guys have a dc ac inverter or something?
    if you ever buy some bundle of ozito tools, already has a lot of battery, I can't find a way to use this.

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      I recently went camping and used my chainsaw to fell firewood. I actually ran out of juice so had to resort to an axe. My eyes absolutely lit up seeing this deal.

      • when I used an ozito brushless chainsaw, i found it was too heavy with the 2X4 AH batteries.
        I prefer to 2X2.5AH.
        but 2X4 ah do a great job when using a lawn mower.

        • +7

          Get a big reciprocating saw with a Diablo blade. You can use it in areas that generally prohibit chainsaws, you don't have to worry about bar oil and - with a good blade - the difference in cutting time is acceptable.

        • +1

          @Hinee i will say the chainsaw actually cuts better with a 4ah or higher. Main benefit

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          2x2.5Ah will be weaker than 2x4Ah. Generally the higher the capacity the higher discharge current. The 2x4Ah will also run cooler due to less stress and much longer cycle life. Keep the 2.5Ah for light drilling work.

    • +2

      Often wondered the same. I've gotten by with 3 batteries servicing about 12 tools for years!

      If I had a eletric mower I'd probably need a couple of extras.

    • +2

      When I had an Ozito self propelled mower I'd use almost 6 batteries for the whole lawn. Another 2 for the line trimmer. When the mower died I had to return the batteries with it. Since then I can get by with 4 batteries for most things. Kits are a great way to get batteries and cycle them out when the tool fails after 2 years.

  • Christ on a bicycle this is amazing. Managed to snap up one of the last ones in WA. Cheers @muzzamo

  • Now I just need a drill

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    You know they're not single use right. ;)

  • For God's sake. Now I have 6 of these.

  • +1

    Thanks just ordered this ready for my wish list below.

    Now waiting for a special on a brushless Hammer drill and scarifier with catcher.

    How very sensible of me >

  • Just in time as I'm finishing my 3d printed adaptor for Ozito to Ryobi..

    • +1

      Please share the link for the stl ?

  • +3

    47 of these packs joined together with an inverter will give you a DIY Powerwall for $6063.

    • -2

      that's 3.3kWh - trash!

      • There's 4 in a pack.

  • Ordered… how do I charge em?

    • Apple way. You need to buy the charger and the tools.

  • Damn Ive already bought previous deal

  • +1

    Ah man! Now I regret not buying the 36v Ozito chainsaw!

    • Me too. :(

    • aww, I returned one of mine (The $149) last week.

      bought the cheaper one too and had it shipped with onepass,10 bucks is 10 bucks

  • +1

    What a bargain! Went halves with a mate, can't beat two 4.0 batteries for just north of $30 each

  • Hmm do I need these!?! I have 2 that came with my lawnmower… but I wouldn't feel like a true OzBargainer if I didn't take up the deal!

  • Anybody wanna split this in Western Suburbs Victoria?

  • Geez just bought one of them today for $48. Oh well, don't need four!

  • +1

    Roughly the same price per battery as the 3 for $99 deal. Not sure if they downgraded these, but one of mine stopped working after half a year of light use. Still good deal.

    • You can replace it if you have a receipt, or sometimes even without one if the manufacturing date is within warranty period

      • Bunnings will replace Ozito without a receipt. I've done it a couple of times (cause I'm a gronk who always loses receipts).

        • Did they do it with ryobi?

          • @Steven123: Not sure about other brands. They're usually pretty good though if you ask nicely

        • +1

          SMS receipts have saved me multiple times. Get on it!!

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    Ozito battery is the new ozbargain currency after the downfall of eneloop?

    • +1

      You can still get Japan made Ladda from Ikea.

  • damn i need a charger tho haha

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