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Ozito PXC 18V Cordless 5-Piece Kit - $299 Delivered/ C&C/ in-Store @ Bunnings


Kit valued at $421 according to Bunnings. Free delivery to my metro address. Previous deal had it at $248, not including delivery.

18V 13mm drill driver & 18V impact driver
18V 165mm circular saw & 18V 115mm angle grinder
18V Detail Sander
1 x 4.0Ah Battery & 1 x 2.5Ah Battery included
1 x Compact Fast Charger included

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  • Nice!

  • +1

    I have the sander and grinder. The latter is somewhat gutless and will regularly stall, but it's been fine for the handful of times I've needed it. The sander gets the job done.

    • Sadface at gutless angle grinder.

      • I've never really used any others too much so I'm no expert, and gutless may be a little hyperbolic. I managed to break down a decent steel frame with it, just took a while and several restarts after stall. But I also only paid like $30 for it so it's well worth that

      • +2

        A 4ah battery makes it work better than the small ones. I cut through a bunch of brickwork for an aircon install with it with no issue.

    • I bought a 5-piece kit like this a few years ago which came with 2x4Ah batteries and the same angle grinder (I think). Mine is 18v and does 8,000 RPM.

      Coincidentally I had never touched the angle grinder until last weekend and I cut through a stainless steel security door with it quite easily. Depends on what material you're working with but didn't seem any better or worse than a 240v one I used years ago.

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    Are these brushless?

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      Doesn't mention brushless, so most likely brushed.

      • I don't know why Bunnings sell both the brushed and brushless ones under the Ozito PXC brand. Many of the brushed skins are more like XU1 quality.

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    I need none of these, should I get?

    • Sure

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      Why are you not in store right now or not in your shopping cart?

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      As someone with a decent number of PXC skins, I would say not.

      Detail sander is useless for most people.
      Small angle grinder is not good.
      Small circular saw is not good.

      Drill and driver are probably fine for most purposes, but not brushless, so the value proposition in this kit is minimal.

  • Any reviews on the circular saw?

    • Plenty on Bunnings website. Just scroll down a bit. https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-165mm-circular-saw…

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      If it sucks take it back, the droids at Bunnings have zero interest in quibbling over products their company doesn't pay for if it's faulty, stolen or returned.

      • +1

        Oh yeah I know, thats why I buy Ozito products for my lesser frequented tools. But time is money, my question is mainly to avoid the possibility of having to return it a week later, its a 45 minute round trip to my local one, plus the faff around.

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          Fair play. The saw is fine, if you want to fool proof it maybe buy a spare or better quality blade, but I haven't had any issues for jobs around the house. I think it's a good one just to have if you might need a saw every couple of months. Any more frequent & maybe buy a higher quality tool.

    • +2

      It works OK for jobs like cutting down a sheet of plywood. 15mm plywood is fine, anything above and you need to take it slowly. I use mine a fair bit when I can't be bothered getting a more powerful corded saw out.

      • hmm thanks, I am usually doing 25mm but its rarely more than a couple cuts.. Worth the risk do you think? I don't mind if it takes an extra 30 seconds, but if its significant it defeats the purpose of replacing my corded makita.

        • You'd probably end up burning the ends of the sheets going slowly enough. It has a really thin blade to help make the job easier but it's not a great quality blade. You'd get frustrated and end up spending more on a decent replacement blade. Stick with your corded saw.

  • can you recommend good brands for young sparky(my cousin) ?

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      AEG, Hikoki, Makita, Dewalt, Milwaukee. AEG & Dewalt are the best value brands out of those but I think Milwaukee has more tools for electricians. Anyways those all have trade warranties iirc, cheaper brands like ozito and ryobi don't have that.

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