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[Backorder] Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 $25 or 9100 Pts (or Points+Pay Combo) Delivered @ Telstra Plus (Membership Required)


Been out of stock for a while , now back in stock reduced from 22000 Telstra Plus points to 9100 points with FREE DELIVERY today - Can buy outright for $25 without points or reduced price if you use less than the 9k -
Note that free delivery applies to all their products on Plus points

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    Telstra Plus account is required. And my old Telstra account won't let me redeem. It says:

    Not Enough Points
    You need at least 0 more points to redeem this reward.

    • I have plus account, but cant purchase it either. Am i on the wrong account?

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    Thanks - added to title -

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    I think we need at least one active service, correct? Too bad I don't have.. really want one to try

    • Correct

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        Could just add a $2 Telstra Sim right?

        • Yep. Doesn't have to have any credit at all

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      I dont have any active service, but I just ordered it by logging on to my old account.

  • For a second I misread it as 2 for $25 🤭

  • What can i do with these?

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      Swallow. So if you are lost, your family can find you.

      • +1

        what if they get pooped out

        • +1

          They know what you have been eating.

        • “Try again” :D

      • -7

        telling someone to swallow a button battery might not be the best thing to have on record

        • As if … such a wet blanket.

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    Lol, I feel silly now making a new super account just so I could access Good guys commerical and get the bundle for $101.
    If I had known I would have waited for this deal.

    • Thats why dont game the ninja.. i mean game the system

  • Is it better to redeem using points or cash

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      1000 points usually equates to around $3 against the price of the item - but they usually base it on the full retail price - so a $100 pair of earbuds may be 30k points, not bad, but if you can buy them locally for $50 then not the real bargain you think it is, Then again if you have lots of points to spend…..

      • +2

        I had just over 5000 points, just paid latest bill couple days ago and those points weren't added to the account yet. It still wouldn't have got me to the next block of 6000 points though.

        Paid 5000 points, plus $11.26 cash

        ($2.75 per 1000 points on this)

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    Can't see an option to buy

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    Can pay partially with points?

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  • amazon 4pk at $134. not the cheapest but close, 1pk at $39

    • +1

      There was a deal yesterday for 4pk for $99

      • I got the eBay plus deal 4 pack for $90 today. It's oos now.

  • Bought with 8k points + $3 so delivery was free. Deal was $30 in app but no delivery stock so no free 2000 points when +pay… however I doubt the free 2000 points will arrive if not bought through app.

    • Just cancelled the service with them - paid with 8000 points + $3 as well.

      So much for the claim of the best network in Australia yet my phone gets about 2 bars in
      Altona (not like it is in the middle of nowhere).

      Bye bye Telstra…

  • I wonder if JB Hifi will price match

    • +1


      "Unfortunately we cannot match with telco companies as they go against out membership exclusion. Even for outright purchases, telco providers such as this one require you to have a service with them — because this is a form of membership, it goes against the terms of our price match policy."

      • Even for outright purchases, telco providers such as this one require you to have a service with them

        I'm confused. The outright buy should be a one-off payment without any string attached? Take out my JB Perk. I know that's useless hahah.

        • You can do an "extra" one-off payment with JB if you want, the rep I messaged said the best price they could do was $45…

  • Anyone knows if we can replace the battery ?

    • +3

      Yes -

      CR2032 easy to change

  • thanks didn't realise I had telstra pts left. 'free' smartag

  • Thanks, great deal.

  • sadly a boost Telstra ID suffers from "You do not have enough points" (need points > 0)

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    So strange no one selling second hand of this on marketplc

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    Im no longer a telstra customer. Still had 30k points and was able to pick up 3 tags with old points.

    • Weird for me (no longer customer) when i login it want me to link something and i need to provide account number (from bill)

  • Just got 3 with Telstra points.

    Airlines usually don't allow check-in luggage with lithium batteries. Has anyone had issues with any airlines using these?

    • Each airline is different. Best to check their site or give them a ring.

    • +2

      Had no problem with Qantas, cathay pacific, jetstar, air asia, virgin, asiana, air China, qatar and finnair.

      • Sounds like you're a travel nut

  • Thanks for the post. Had 5000 point dong nothing so cost me 11.26.including postage.

  • Never been with Telstra so I hope someone else price matches this

  • Personally really like these. They work well as smart buttons as well (I use mine to open and close my garage, although i should get it to geotrigger).

  • I have 1000 points in my account, but won't allow me to redeem my points, so I paid $25 and ordered

  • Just got 2, it's marked OOS but if you click the link and proceed to check out it works. Thanks OP.

  • Got 4 pack for 90$ with the ebay deal

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    Beware that to use full functionality of the smart tag 2, your phone needs UWB (ultrawide band) which is only present on the more expensive models which are the plus and ultra models of the S series from S21 onwards, and the fold.

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    Thanks OP, just bought another 4 with my points :) , 5 of these already, can't tell you how much time and frustration the ones I have already saved me in the last year.

    • What would these even be used for? I can’t think of any use cases I’d need them for

      • Two sets of car keys, one set of work keys and one for the work ID. Just got a new dog collar that has a smartag2 attachment which I will use one of the new ones I've just purchased, one I'll pop in my wallet, rest of them I plan on placing in the vehicles. Its great as the whole family is on Samsung eco system and you can choose which tags they can see and locate.

  • Excellent!
    I had 20k in points in an old account, used then to buy two on redemption.

    I haven't had a Telstra service for over a year so I'm pleasantly surprised my account was active and still had points.

    I've recently gone all Samsung so I'll be impressed to see how they behave

    • but i dont have service but i cant login, it asked me to provide account number or active phone number

      • I still had the same mobile number I used to login

        • My login is email address

          • @CyberMurning: That makes it tricky if it was a bigpond/telstra email.

            My tags arrived. Pretty neat. Getting them on redemption points is a bonus!

  • Just bought one without using Points. $25 and got another 250 points.

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    If you don't mind waiting, you're probably better off with this. 1 pack is expensive but the four pack is a comparable price but with a huge advantage. They work with the Android Find My Device Network so every Android phone can scan/reveal its location vs. only Samsung.

    • Yep. And as mentioned above, this tag not only samsung but only high end samsung.

    • That's over twice the price, plus shipping

      • +1

        but the benefit probably 3x more. its not about the cheapest

      • But when something is actually lost you're much more likely to find it via an Android wide network rather than just a subset of Samsung phones.

        • Yes especially in not so rich asian countries it will have many cheap androids like oppo xiaomi etc

  • Stack it with cash back

  • Is anyone aware if I can get this with a boost number?

  • Thanks Greygum, just purchased 2.

  • Didn't realize these tags wont work with my stupid zflip 3.

    Purchased 3, happy to pass on if anyone cannot access Telstra and wants them, hit me up.

    • Should be no problem with your flip 3 (I Hope so - Thats what I've got) -
      Galaxy devices(smartphones,tablets) with Android OS 9 (P OS) or higher / UWB enabled Galaxy devices for UWB features,

      You just need to use the Samsung smart things app.

      The only unavailable feature is the UWB which requires the higher end ultra models

    • hey im down to take it off you if you still dont want them

    • +1

      Hi Crazyperpman. Can confirm this works with my zflip 3
      Open smartthings app
      Remove plastic strip to activate battery
      Automatically finds and sets up. Took no more than 30 seconds

  • Out of stock

  • Back in stock.

  • anybody want to share a 4pack in WA? I have access to goodguys commercial. 4pack is $101

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