GeoGuessr Pro (Yearly) - VPN Required: Basic INR ₹588 (A$10.69), Unlimited INR ₹708 (A$12.87), Elite INR ₹1184 (A$21.52)


Welcome to the ultimate guide of GeoGuessr subscriptions

Read ISP Notes section carefully below before signing up!

Hey guys, I'm back! I got a bit bored at work so I decided to play some games. Remembered GeoGuessr exists and I've always loved that game so decided to play it during work. Now they charge you to play the game, so I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade to a subscription. Looked at the annual gift subscription which ended up costed way more than the local price itself. Flicked on my Turkey VPN and sure enough it got cheaper. But surely we can go cheaper right? 😉 Low and behold, I present you the wonderful country of India. Sign up takes roughtly 2 minutes max. Easiest sign up I've ever seen on any subscription platform. For just pennies over $1 a month, this is a must have game!

Show some love if you find this guide helpful. Any comments, concerns, suggestions or feedback are welcome. I'd also like to thank everyone who have supported me over the years. I really hope you all have saved heaps of money. Sadly BuyMeACoffee has taken down my page, so I'm no longer able to accept anymore donations from all you kind people. As many of you may know, I’ve now discovered employment and with several side hustles, I have not been as active as I used to be on OzBargain due to time constraints. Sorry if I am yet to reply to your messages - this is the reason why.

Some description of the game (thanks to @neil):

GeoGuessr is an online game where you have to guess the location in the world just by looking at Google Streetview images. You used to be able to play for free for the most part but given it's become very popular now and Google charges them $$ for using their Streetview API, you are now limited to 5 minutes of free play every 15 minutes (from Feb 2024, the game is no longer free and this ‘5 mins play every 15 mins’ feature is now part of the Pro Basic subscription). If you sign up for their Pro Unlimited or Elite plan you can get unlimited play, no ads and some other features.

You can have a look at Geowizard's Youtube for some idea of playing GeoGuessr as a good player but non-expert. He also does some non-Geoguessr stuff like real life straight-line travel missions which are entertaining.


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Subscription Plan INR Pricing (₹) AU Conversion (AUD) AU Pricing Official (AUD) Savings (AUD) % Saving
2x Pro Elite (annual) 2x ₹708 (₹118/mth) A$25.74 (A$2.15/mth) A$191.76 (A$15.98/mth) A$166.02 87%
  • I used Suncorp debit for payment, but I assume all payment methods will work.

  • Do not get the Pro Basic plan. Seems useless to me. Get the Pro Unlimited plan.

  • Surfshark VPN confirmed working for India VPN server.

  • All prices are approximate due to fluctuations in currency conversions.

Available Plans:

You can see all the features of the three tiered GeoGuessr Pro plans here:

Monthly Plans

Subscription Plan INR Pricing (₹) AU Conversion (AUD) AU Pricing Official (AUD) Savings (AUD) % Saving
Pro Basic ₹79 A$1.43 A$6.49 A$5.06 78%
Pro Unlimited ₹99 A$1.80 A$7.99 A$6.19 77%
Pro Elite ₹199 A$3.62 A$15.99 A$12.37 77%

Annual Plans

Subscription Plan INR Pricing (₹) AU Conversion (AUD) AU Pricing Official (AUD) Savings (AUD) % Saving
Pro Basic ₹588 (₹49/mth) A$10.69 (A$0.89/mth) A$46.68 (A$3.89/mth) A$35.99 77%
Pro Unlimited ₹708 (₹59/mth) A$12.87 (A$1.07/mth) A$56.28 (A$4.69/mth) A$43.41 77%
Pro Elite ₹1184 (₹99/mth) A$21.52 (A$1.79/mth) A$95.88 (A$7.99/mth) A$74.36 78%

All prices in this guide are current as of 13 May 2024 according to the Visa Converter.


  1. Activate a VPN service, turn it on and set it to India. I used Surfshark VPN.

  2. Open GeoGuessr and log in (or create an account if you don't have one). Following, go to the Pro plans page:

    Alternatively, use a referral link to sign up.

  3. Choose your preferred plan and click "Continue". Your email and country (India) should already populate automatically. Enter any random Indian postcode then click "Continue". Enter your payment details and click "Subscribe now".


Q: Can I use an existing account?
A: Yes you can! Make sure there is no existing subscription on your account.

Q: Will I need to turn VPN on everytime I play GeoGuessr?
A: No! VPN is only required for sign-up purposes.

Q: I got charged a different rate compared to the prices on this post. What happened?
A: Due to foreign exchange rates constantly fluctuating, prices will differ by several cents each month

Q: My bank blocked my payment, what do I do?
A: Some banks block 1st attempt and then text to confirm it's you. Once you reply, 2nd attempt may work. Otherwise, try a different card.

Referral Links

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Referee and referrer get 1 month/1 year of free upgrade to Elite. Referrer gets additional 1 free year of Elite after 5 referrals.

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  • So what are the benefits of the game except for guessing locations

    • +7

      Also curious to know. And why these benefits cost money…

      • +5

        Seems lame asking people to pay money to guess locations

        • Guess where I am EC.

          But before you do, let me give you my PayID first…

      • +4

        I think you can play for free on some game modes in Geoguessr but the reality of using Google maps street view is there is a cost with API use hence the cost per month.

      • +1

        It's mostly because the use of the Google Maps API ain't cheap. Unfortunately they've had to pass the costs on to its userbase (it used to be cheaper and have a free mode. Alas, not anymore. Although, I think challenge links are still free).

        • They've taken the free version away? Aaargh!

    • +2

      what are the benefits of any online game?

      • -4

        the most popular ones are free

        • +6

          that isn't a benefit of the game
          like all games, the benefit of this one is that it provides entertainment to the player

    • +6

      Worlds dumbest comment

  • +29

    The inception level irony here is sublime: spoof my location to sub a location-guessing game.

    As always, thankyou ISP for sharing the deal!

  • +3

    Get someone to load up google earth and choose a location for you to guess… voila free game! Take in turns to share the love.

  • +5

    Love this game, haven't played since they made it cost so much $$$ use the free alternatives now.

    • +1

      Just over $1 a month, I’ll willingly give away my coffee per month to play this game.

      • +5

        You only have one coffee per month?

        • +1

          I don’t drink coffee at all now tbh.

    • +1

      Which free alternative?

  • So is it worth every dollar? Even at this price?

    • +4

      Ofc. Costs less than a coffee a month. All you need is the Pro Unlimited plan.

      • +1

        I am so slow. I thought this was monthly. Banger deal!

  • +3


    nice, we'll take that

  • +3

    I enjoy this free similar/alternative
    Just wish it had more cities.

    • +4 is good as well

    • oh wow this was a heap of fun … thanks for sharing :)

    • a crowd funded well established alternative is Geotastic

    • Thanks, that's actually kind of fun.

      Looks like I really know our cities. Just watched 10 of the Aussie ones and got "spot on, within 1 mile" for all but one! 😁

      I credit years of travelling for work. Gave me a chance to walk around all of our capital cities a fair bit.

  • +4

    For the casual player, has a good free tier. Adding your own Google Maps API key removes free tier restrictions and helps the dev out.

  • +6

    Geoguessr is a lesson in enshittification. . Don't support that nonsense.

  • -5

    This is considered a game? I guess each up their own, I don't get how this could be at all fun.

    • +1

      What games do you consider fun?

    • If more people played this, there would be less answers on quiz shows to questions like "Name a continent beginning with "E"", and the contestant answers "Egypt".

  • $45 a year for 1 game a day on the app, and no more than 5 minutes continuous play on the web?!

  • +1

    This is cool OP, thanks for sharing! I did the Pro Unlimited plan as you recommended. I'm a bit clueless as to what I am doing, but hope to figure it out lol

  • Can't find a free India capable VPN to use for signing up, does anyone know of one? Cheers

    • UrbanVPN works for me

  • +1

    Thanks. I'm a bit of a geography guy, so I signed up. For the Pro Unlimited plan for a year.

  • After entering card payment details the payment system comes back with an error notice saying the payment cant be processed at this time, try again later. Have tried four different cards and tried again 14 hours later with same result. Have also tried through two different VPNs (cyberghost and Urban).

    I'm stumped, any ideas please?

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