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[iOS] Calmspace: Sleep Sounds & Relaxation - 1 Year Premium Access for $0 @ Apple App Store


Calmspace: Sleep Sounds App is offering a 1-year premium membership for free (regularly $23.99). This offer is valid until June 16, 2024.

App Description from the App Store:

"Relax, Sleep and Find Inner Peace!

Immerse yourself in a world where each sound is a step towards enhanced sleep, better focus, and overall wellness, creating soundscapes that resonate with your inner peace. Explore soothing rain, ambient white noise, and nature melodies for optimal relaxation and productivity. Escape the chaos of daily life.


-Ad-Free Tranquility: Experience pure relaxation without interruptions.
-An extensive library of high-quality sounds, from sleep sounds to rain sounds, all mixable to create your perfect ambiance.
-Craft your perfect auditory backdrop with individual volume controls, enhancing your stress relief and relaxation journey.
-Background playback, so Calmspace can accompany you throughout your day without taking center stage.
-Customize your relaxation with our timer feature. Set the duration for your sound sessions, ensuring a smooth end without abrupt interruptions.
-With support for over 10 languages, Calmspace is a global sanctuary for peace and relaxation."

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