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PlayStation VR2 $699 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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Another price drop at Amazon matching Big W. An all time low.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +8

    Ooooo this could be great with the new adapter being released for PC.

    • +25

      If you buy this to play PSVR games and with PC on top it's a decent buy. However if you buy this exclusively because of the new compatibility with PC keep in mind that it won't support the use of HDR, headset feedback, eye tracking, adaptive triggers, and haptic feedback. Might HODL for the Quest 3 to go on sale if you game on PC exclusively.

      • Really ? wasn't the eye tracking a key part of the quality, since it rendered where you were looking to a higher quality ?

        • +3

          Only on PS5 not on PC at least in the first instance

          • -2


            the first instance

            First instance of? Clearly it's possibe hardware-wise, so it's a matter of software - allowing it or being available on PC, in general.

            • +4

              @pizzaguy: Yeah first release is what I meant. It’s possible
              In future updates to add more features.
              But I wouldn’t be holding my breath waiting for Sony to add any support for it on PC

            • +1

              @pizzaguy: I'm sure modders will unlock it, but Sony is very unlikely to make it officially available

        • +2

          My guess is that since most PC that is capable of VR has decent specs so most likely base resolution will be higher than PS5 rendering so eye-tracking is excluded. Plus Sony only pushes this PC adapter because they couldn't move as many PSVR2 as they thought because this to me seemed like an afterthought rather than something they had planned.

          So yeah, good if you got PS5 AND a high specs PC. If not then well it is what it is.

        • +1

          yeah the biggest difference is that psvr 2 games all have eye tracking integrated, not the case for all PC vr games.

        • yeah Sony demoed in Horizon call of the mountain that it is possible to have high quality renders in a game no matter where you look. using eye tracking and I have played that game with my psvr 2 and yeah you can't see a point where its looking quality or image at all. which is just insane of an experience. I wish all games could do this.

      • +5

        Yep, if you already have a PS5 and want to start VR then this is a no brainer. If you only have a PC then probably better off with a Quest.

        • Wouldn't say no brainer at this price but it's competition at least

        • people can actually use there psvr 2 now lol it will be now the cheapest PC vr headset that has eye tracking in it.

          • @kungfuman: But the eye tracking isn't available with PC play because Sony has locked certain features

            • @buckster: yeah thats the biggest issue maybe sony will add a pc app that will use eye tracking regardless if there is support. But I am assuming Sony wilil bring over horizon call of the mountain VR which does use eye tracking. to PC. I am assuming that any "Sony" VR games will come with the eye tracking support if released on PC.

              • +1

                @kungfuman: Think you're kind of deluding yourself in thinking that Sony will do anything more than what they've already stated.. It's a fire sale.. Can't imagine why Sony would want to invest any more resources into trying to push the tech.. Their main goal would be now is to dump stock for the most it can get for it to appease shareholders, not customers..

              • @kungfuman: I wouldn't count on it to be honest

      • +2

        Also it's tethered compared to quest…

        • +5

          No compression artifacts though.

          • @Abaddon: Compression is not really obvious in my experience - in fact I never notice it in game. On a windows desktop, yes I do however. (Virtual Desktop)

            Latency is an issue, but only for music/timing games, otherwise being untethered and inside out tracking is what has actually made VR worthwhile for me as it's not really a hassle to do any more.

            I play native PistolWhip (and would play native Beatsaber) on my Quest if I want to play those games - as you don't really care about the graphics too much.

        • wireless PC gaming isn't with out its disadvantages though on the quest 3, I know with my quest 3 when I play games like Beat sabar I will always tether that because it almost latency free and you need that in those kinds of game. different with games like Pavlov though you need that freedom of 360 degree motion so then I would use wireless for that. So it really depends on what games you actually play.

      • -3

        Plus it's wired only when used for PCVR and not just a single USB C cable, because why make it that easy. It's a cable from the headset to the adapter and 3 cables from that to your PC.

        All the cables is the main reason why my PSVR1 hasn't been used in years.

        • +5

          Power cable plus DisplayPort and usb connection to pc. Surely you’d just plug these in once and then just plug your Psvr2 in with usb-c. Sounds simple enough

        • -2

          PCs are not macs, they don't come fully equiped with out of the box full usb 4 and thunderbolt support, and there is no way of knowing what parts are in a PC build, to eliminate issues Sony have make a device that covers this. So yes a single usb c cable works well with the quest 3 but thats because it is designed to work in this way, where is the psvr 2 is not setup in the same way a quest 3 is.

          • @kungfuman: Any PC modern enough and powerful enough to run games in VR is also certain to have a compatible USB C port so I don't think that's a valid argument.

            Regardless, just give people the option. If you have a suitable USB C port, let people use it, if you don't buy the adapter.

            Designing, manufacturing and selling yet another proprietary adapter is such a Sony way of doing things.

            • @rekuhs: usb C doesn't mean you have usb 4 and thunderbolt abilities, doesnt' always mean you get video in and out on the same port usb C is not the same on all PCs depending on age. thats why I made the point in saying Sony has no idea if you have the right parts in you pc or not. so rather than deal with customers that don't have the right parts that complain and return things, they made an adapter that just works with everyones PC.

              • @kungfuman: Right so leave it up to the consumer.

                Or, as I said, a PC modern and powerful enough for VR has most likely got the port needed to plug it in.

      • +1

        Second hand pico4 goes as low as 400$ , and visually same as quest3 (I own both) . That’s really the bread and butter for pcvr right now

        • I thought the CPU in the pico4 is only the equivalent to quest2?

      • So no 3D Linux ISOs?

    • +1

      august the adapter will be released for the PC. doesn't look like eb games is doing preorders this time so you have to mark it in the calendar lol.

  • +3

    Tempting with all those VR games just added to PS+ Deluxe. But I've barely even touched my PSVR1.

    • +1

      I'll wait until the end of the year when the new Alien game comes out on VR

      • Isn't that a quest exclusive?

        • +1

          The game is coming to PlayStation VR 2, Meta Quest 3, and PC VR on Steam.

      • +3

        It would be nice if they'd made an official VR update for Alien Isolation. I saw some footage of an unofficial VR mod for it. Brown trousers time.

      • Recon it will come out with a non VR mode? I don’t want to die IRL

    • +1

      This thing is leaps and bounds superior to the first one

  • +2

    tried gt7 on my sim rig with psvr holy crap it messed my head right up haha. very very cool tech though sadly i think i have vertigo.

    • +1

      It takes a few sessions to get used to it. I originally found GT7 sickening but adapted pretty quickly

    • +4

      That's pretty normal for a new player. The strategy is to play in small sessions first and stop immediately when you feel sick. After a few sessions will get a lot better.

      • +3

        A fan blowing on your face can help also, gives your brain another sense to say you are driving/moving

        • +22

          I find also having my wife sitting beside me pointing out all of my driving mistakes also adds to the realism.

          • +1

            @Spun: Maybe GT can add some audio settings and allow screaming children in the rear speakers too, then ill really be driving

            • @augernised: There should be events where you win by turning this car around and going straight back home again.

          • +3

            @Spun: Samir… you're breaking the car!

          • @Spun: Gold!

    • So if you already get vertigo from first person games I'm assuming VR is a hard pass?

      • +3

        totally. 1000%

      • When i first bought the first PSVR I went "underwater" looking at fish and sharks for about 30 mins

        I then proceeded to have one of the worst headaches of my life and ended up selling it

        I will probably take my chances on VR again eventually but that experience really threw me off

        • +1

          Sounds like you literally dove in the the deep end straight away

    • Apart from trying multiple short sessions, have a bit of ginger ale. It helps. Source - trust me, bro

    • I played gt7 in VR but with a controller and then had to rethink my life choices…

      I don't get motion sickness or anything in other VR but using a controller to drive a VR car humbled me real quick

  • +8

    This still probably needs at least a 50% discount to be worth it. The $250 PSVR1 bundles were way more enticing. They specced VR2 too high to be mainstream.

  • +7

    Great just another $100 for the pc adaptor , $20 for the cable and then to find its missing most if its best features on the PC. Well done Sony

    • +2

      Sure but you don’t need any of that on PS5. It just works

    • I’d still buy it even with the missing features, because now that we have the actual hardware, it shouldn’t take long now to find/create software that can allow the special PSVR2 features to be used on PC.

    • I mean you dont have to use the pc adapter….at least they give the option.

  • +1

    They're dropping support for it in 2025 according to rumours so I'd probably pass, even more so with the bad PCVR limitations with the adapter

    • +6

      They already dropped support for it pretty much as soon as they released it. They launched with Call of the Mountain and the GT7 VR patch and since then they've released pretty much nothing for it and just left it up to 3rd party devs to do anything with it.

  • +6

    It's a bad buy versus a Quest 3. The quest 3 would mean you'd have full access to steam vr, and can do it wirelessly (steam link). You can even run a bunch of stuff on the headset itself.

    The only case for a PSVR2 is to play exclusive sony games, which is a small list that isn't going to grow.

    • This will also have the entire Steam library as well once the PC adapter launches in August.

  • -6

    A Quest 2 is better and much cheaper. If you have a good PC you have a bigger library as well.

    • +5

      No way is a Quest 2 better. You can make an argument for 3 but that is more expensive.

      • -4

        You need headphones, you need a PS 5, you need to be wired in.

        Quest 2 is a fraction of the price.

        The tracking is better on the Quest 2, the resolution is more or less the same.

        Going up to the Quest 3 then it's not even a close comparison.

        • +1

          PSVR2 optic quality is better than the Quest 2, but otherwise yeah.

        • +2

          Psvr2 has headphones

          • -1

            @choofa: Yeah, you have to wear them vs being built in.


            • +2

              @jaimex2: They are attached and you put them in your ears. It’s not a PITA at all really

        • You don’t need a PS5 once the PC adapter comes out in August.

    • Lower pixel count and LCD vs the OLED in the psvr2, but yes quest 2 always going to be the value option

  • Cheaper at CEX with a longer warranty.

  • +2

    I hugely regret buying this. The hardware is solid, but they have not many good games. Mostly shovelware.

    • +2

      No man’s sky
      RE Village
      Red matter 1&2
      Walkabout mini golf
      Vertigo 2
      Star Wars takes from galaxy’s edge
      A fisherman’s tale
      Beat saber
      I’ve had heaps of fun with this and some of those games are excellent

      • +2

        Sure. And all but 2 are on quest, so it's not very compelling to anyone considering psvr2 vs quest

        • I’d go quest 3
          If you already have PS5 then considering the Psvr2 is still worthwhile

          • @choofa: I'd go quest 3 too. But even with a ps5 I'd probably still go quest 3 as $699 isn't cheap.

            If Sony don't do a half ass job with PC compatibility (in terms of missing features) it could be a contender. Or they could drop it to $500.

      • +2

        Virtually every single "games to play on the PSVR2" list on the internet, has basically the same 12~14 games as the one you just posted.

        At least to me, it would be a lot more compelling if people were to offer lists with a lot more variations filling different niches.

        … Or barring that, at least give me a tangible improvement on Ace Combat 7 VR, which I already have on my PSVR1.

      • I really want one for no mans sky

        • They are constantly updating and fixing things in NMS VR. There is a lot of love from the fans

    • I thought I’d learn my lesson from PSVR1 (and then PSVR2) but didn’t. (PSVR1 at least had relatively more compelling games & support).

      Got rid of them within months.

      May snap PSVR2 again - if it’s way way lower in price, and unique, compelling exclusives games show up regularly on it. (doesn’t seem like it will happen.)

  • +2

    Hugely under rated device. So damned good.

    • +2

      Did you post pretty much the same comment twice?

      They are talking about PSVR2 + PC Adapter, which has it's own problems.
      Tracking is not arguably better, the optics are better in the PSVR2. Better comparison would be a Quest 3 (which is roughly PSVR2+PC Adapter)

  • +2

    Sony have abandoned this product. Buy at your own risk

    • +3

      Sure Sony has stopped making games for it themselves but it’s still supported, lots of new games still coming, and the PC adapter is coming out for it.
      It’s not abandoned just a bit underdone

      • Hopefully enthusiasts will pick up where the PSVR2 left off and implement those special features into PC.

  • isnt quest 3 much better and around this price?

  • +1

    If you don't care about money then PSVR2 is a great piece of hardware. As someone who owns both, if I had to choose between Q3 and PSVR2 I'd go Q3.

    • +1

      I'd like to hear your reasons as to why

  • +1

    PC VR, meh I'll take my chances with crystal light thanks. OLED would be nice for the blacks, but persistence ghosting is a no go for me.

  • +1

    Remember when new consoles or peripherals launches were super enticing and compelling to buy?

    Remember when they were especially enticing just for its killer and lengthy unique apps? - that you can’t wait to play, and when you did - you can’t seem to put them down? and instead, you kept coming back to them repeatedly for months - if not years on end?

    Yeah, I don’t remember that happening lately - especially with PSVR2 (Lets not get started on horizon mountain whatever - that barely a game/ tech demo doesn’t count).

    Last console to actually launch with a bang was Switch year 1 (Z BotW + M Odessey + Xenoblade 2)

    I hope the Switch ‘next’ replicates it (or surpasses it!) during its launch year (M Kart 10 + M Odessey 2/ Galaxy 3/ Universe + M Prime 4, F Zero GX2 + **Mother 4)

    (**one can dream)

    • M Kart 10

      What about MK9?

      • I reckon M Kart Tour is MK9

        Nintendo started the numbering system on 3DS with M Kart 7, implying the prior releases counted towards the sequence. (Wii>6, DS>5, DD>4, SC>3, 64>2 and SNES>1)

        • +1

          Happy to be corrected, but the mobile MK Tour is rather a spinoff, a parallel product, than an incrementally improved fully-fledged console edition.

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