PlayStation 5 Slim Disc $674, Digital $589, Dualsense $79, PS VR2 $699 Delivered / C&C / in-Store @ Big W

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Seems to be the cheapest it's been in awhile.

Weirdly if you view the catalogue online it doesn't show the price just says "hot buy".

Credit to Steve Vella on Facebook page Aussie Gaming Bargains for the photo of the catalogue.

Also Dualsense is $79 (Mod: $71.20 with CODE XJUN2024)
PSVR2 $699

Mod - All Big W Toy Sale Deals

Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet 151 Elite Trainer Box $59
Motorola G54 5G 8GB RAM/128GB Storage $199
LG 27" 27SR50F-W (IPS 1080p 60hz 5ms) MyView Smart Monitor with webOS $249
Toy Sale (e.g. Disney Frozen Dolls $10, Minions $17, Cry Babies $29)
PlayStation 5 Slim Disc $674, Digital $589, Dualsense $79, PS VR2 $699
10% off Nintendo eShop & Xbox Ultimate Game Pass Subscription Cards (In-Store Only)

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    Looks like the dualsense controllers are $79

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      Yup and the code XJUN2034 works, expect it to be $71.10

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        Sorry, typo in the year :)

        • +10

          Wow, typo of the year 🏅

        • How and where does this code work? Thanks

        • +1

          Thanks for the code. Got myself a Dualsense Edge for $269.10!

        • Thanks I wonder how you know about this promo code lol

          • +2

            @neonlight: It’s been standard code across every month
            Just gotta replace the “JUN” with the next month :) (ie in July, it’ll be XJUL2024)

            • @BargainsGrabber: Nice Nice do you need to be Woolworths everyday plus member usually to know the code

              • +1

                @neonlight: Normally you will only know the code next month if you’re the everyday extra member but in this case it’s not required to have a sub to use the code

      • +2

        Xjun2024 doesn't work for me. Still a good price.

  • wait for other retailers to match this price

    • OW

    • -2

      Amazon should match that. Saving a trip to big W.

      • +43

        Buy from BigW.

      • +3

        You'd still save more by getting the 10% off gcs and buying from bigw

        • Where can you get 10% off gift cards?

          • +1

            @ozilicious: They are not offered everyday I'm afraid, the comment was expecting you'd stocked them up when they go on sale.

            Here is a recent deal that came through for Ultimate gift cards. It's still active and perhaps you'd be lucky if they are still available in your local Coles. Closer to eofy expect more things to drop in. Also if you're buying online* use cashrewards. (keep in mind gift cards have a max limit that can redeemed for online purchases which varies from store to store. in-store afaik no limits)

    • +2

      Hopefully JB-Hifi changes their prices so I can use gift cards…

      • +3

        Just ask for a price match?

      • Just ask, they will pm bigw no doubt

        • Thanks, I actually have already ordered a PS5 a week ago via Click and collect, and you can get refunded the difference if JB lower the price before picking up. Wont work by manually price matching however…

          • +1

            @OutOfTime: Even if for some reason they refuse to adjust the price can't you just cancel the order and price match on the day?

            • @eecan: Thanks for the comment. I did a bad job of wording my original comment sorry. I can’t, because I used a $66 PS4 trade-in coupon from This deal, which is non refundable and had to be used by the 26th of May. In-order to keep the coupon discount and this upcoming discount, I need JB to lower the price themselves before I pickup my order. I placed my order for Click+Collect so I can take advantage of the JB-hifi price drop policy to combine discounts. But if that doesnt work your comment is the best option 👍

  • Would the rewards extra discount work on it?

    • +1

      Don’t believe it applies to consoles unfortunately

      • +3

        Do you know if it will apply to the VR2 headset or does that also come under “gaming consoles”?

        • I don't think it does, I tried a few days earlier and it gave an error.

    • +1

      It doesn't. Have tried it.

    • No

    • You can redeem extra rewards points for credit on a transaction I believe though.

    • +2

      Damm it doesn't. Here's all the exclusions.

      1. You agree that the Subscription Benefits and any other benefits that are part of your Everyday Extra subscription cannot be used for or on any smoking or tobacco products and accessories, liquor, gift cards (including iTunes), mobile recharge, Everyday Mobile from Everyday Rewards, Everyday Insurance, travel cards, tickets, cash outs, delivery charges (including Delivery Unlimited fees), bag fees, donations, Carpet Care, lottery products, pre-order kiosks, purchases on a charge account, BIG W Photos online, Apple products, gaming consoles, rainchecks, BIG W eBay, BIG W Market, DukeLiving, pre-orders, lay-by fees, remote and bulk orders, any Everyday Market from Woolworths orders, and any other products that are advertised as excluded from time to time.
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    Anyone know what the likelihood of PSVR2 being usable on PC anytime soon?

    • +12

      Planned rollout for an adapter to use PSVR 2 on PC is August 7th…

      • +1

        Yes i got mine for exactly this reason got one off marketplace for $400, cant wait for HL Alex

    • +3

      note that some features, such as eye tracking, wont work

      • +1

        I’d be surprised if iVRY doesn’t get it working quickly, no point in foveated rendering if the eye tracking doesn’t work

        • +2

          we can only hope for more players in the vr market than just meta

        • +1

          There's still plenty of point in non eye tracked foveated rendering. It still saves the same amount of resources. Most of the time you turn your head to look at something anyway, so eye tracked or not is mostly irrelevant.

  • Isn't this from the toy catalog that has been available since last Friday?…

    • +3

      The prices were hidden.

    • +5

      I got notified via Press Start this morning. Was nothing to write home about though. Standard sale prices and with the Pro around the corner I would wait.

  • Do we have any idea what rumoured RRP for pro model will be?

    • $899 or $999

      • -1

        so $100 more for 3x performance? I was going to say 1.3K+ for the pro model PS5 in AUD

        • +13

          3x? No way…45% on top

        • +2

          Nah then a lot of people would buy a gaming pc instead.

        • +1

          We should expect a price drop for PS5 once pro is announced.

    • +2

      The current RRP for the Disc Slim is $799.95, so I expect the Pro to be at least $999.95.

      • +1

        The price will drop prior to the pro release so i expect the pro price to be less than $900.
        They need to be careful not to push people onto buying a gaming pc or xbox.

    • -1

      Same RRP as the PS5 is now, just like they did with the PS4/pro. No way it will be $899 or $999.

  • Would you guys recommend buying a ps5 or a psvr2? Got budget only for one.

    • +8

      You can't use PSVR2 without a PS5 so get yourself the PS5.

      • +2

        PC adapter coming for the PSVR2

        • +6

          But with a limited feature set and requiring multiple cables. Much better off getting a Quest if you're just after PCVR

          • +1

            @rekuhs: Not necessarily, you’re still getting an experience with no compression, better controllers, audio and an OLED screen.

            I’d be surprised if they don’t get the features listed working in weeks

            • +1

              @cille745: The Quest 3 has better lenses than the PSVR though, which is really the thing that makes the most difference. As for audio out of the headset who cares, you'd be best off wearing headphones.

          • @rekuhs: There's only one USB C cable though. Unless you're talking about the adapter.

      • Thanks

    • +1

      PSVR2 is an accessory. It needs the PS5 to run.

      • Not anymore!
        Just one accessory and you get the PSVR2 on PC.

        • +1

          With how cut back the feature set is when used on PC, plus the need for multiple cables, you'd be much better picking up a Quest if you're just after PCVR

    • Buy a Steam Deck OLED

    • 100% ps5. So many games including ps4 to play.

      You need a ps5 (in future pc) to play psvr2, but you'll run out of games pretty quickly. It's much more of a gimmick than anything that will last you a long time.

      • Thanks. Getting a ps5 then .

  • Annoying the pulse headphones aren't on sale!

    • +1

      These are pretty good and decently priced at the moment. I much prefer these to my pulse 3d headphones. Bought them for $107 2 weeks ago, so the price has gone back up since then.

  • +9

    PSVR2 is still a hard sell at $699….

    Not sure what Sony is thinking on this one…. They need to lower the entry cost on this one.

    badly priced product > low sales > low developer support > low quality software > low adoption rates > badly priced product > ♾️

    I would snap it up if it were sold at $299 to $350 at the most.

    • PC support coming in August definitely helps its value

      • +1

        Only if you have one already, along with a capable PC and you're OK with the limitations Sony has put on PC use.

        If you're just after PCVR a Quest is a much better option.

        A PSVR2, plus the required adapter is still more than a Quest.
        The Quest has the added benefits of being able to be used on its own, on top of being used for PCVR, wireless!

        • Yeah this would only be worthwhile for those who already have a PS5 and want to play horizon, re4, re8 and GT7.
          Even then you’d be better going with the quest 3 in the long run

    • even $499 would increase the sales, atleast i would bite it at that price and since i found from other commentors about pc adopter.

    • +3

      Exactly why i got mine off marketplace place for $400, play Star Wars tales and GT7 on it pretty impressed so far

    • +1

      GT7 and a racing setup (wheel and chair) makes the PSVR2 worth every cent if you are into that kind of thing!

    • +2

      I think all of us would at that price, but that's kind of wishful thinking. I'd buy a new Porsche 911 if I could get one for $10k :)

      The even bigger problem than the price is Sony's lack of support for it themselves. They launched with Call of the Mountain and the PSVR2 update for GT7, and since then i'ts basically crickets. They've not had their first party studios doing much of anything with it, and they even shut down the studio that made Call of the Mountain. It's the same old story we see from Sony with anything outside of their core PlayStation consoles. They make a great bit of hardware (PSP, PS Vita, PSVR, PSVR2) and just send it out there to die with no support. If even they won't make software for it, why should anybody else bother?

    • It’s worth it. Brilliant piece of kit.

  • Do you have the next page? How much for the PlayStation Studio games?

    • All pages are available on the Facebook page listed in the deal.

    • +1

      Oh didn't realise those prices aren't shown on the online catalogue either. Going left to right on the online catalogues grouping its $79, $69, $59, $44, $79. Hope that helps.

      • +1

        Thank you!

        $69 for GT7 is very reasonable!

  • Nice price, hope there's a sale on series x. I could use another in spare room

  • -1

    The Pro needs to be announced already. I want to play Black Myth: Wukong when it's releasing in August. Sony can bundle it with GTA 6 too or something.

    • less likely for August release but i can see it being released in either mid November to December.

      • I want the pro for Monster hunter wild

  • -1

    tell me it's a recession without telling me it's a recession … prices are going down down

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