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10% off Nintendo eShop & Xbox Ultimate Game Pass Subscription Cards (In-Store Only) | Motorola Moto G84 5G $269.10 @ BIG W

This post contains affiliate links. OzBargain might earn commissions when you click through and make purchases. Please see this page for more information.

Some deals from the upcoming Toy sale catalogue starting June 11 (5am AEST online, 8am AEST in-store).

Deal on Nintendo eShop Cards and Xbox Ultimate Gamepass Subscription Cards ends 17 June 2024.

Deal on Motorola Moto G84 ends 10 July 2024.
Mod: Use code XJUN2024 for a further 10% off, online only and must be signed in.

Mod - All Big W Toy Sale Deals

Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet 151 Elite Trainer Box $59
Motorola G54 5G 8GB RAM/128GB Storage $199
LG 27" 27SR50F-W (IPS 1080p 60hz 5ms) MyView Smart Monitor with webOS $249
Toy Sale (e.g. Disney Frozen Dolls $10, Minions $17, Cry Babies $29)
PlayStation 5 Slim Disc $674, Digital $589, Dualsense $79, PS VR2 $699
10% off Nintendo eShop & Xbox Ultimate Game Pass Subscription Cards (In-Store Only)

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  • Is their website dead for anyone else? Lol

    • Odd time of day to do it 🤷‍♂️:

      We’ll be back soon

      BIG W is currently offline for scheduled maintenance and expect to be back online very soon.

      We apologise for any inconvenience. Thank you for your patience.

      • +4

        Anyone find it weird how totally ok it is for businesses to tell obvious lies?
        What's wrong with "Uh oh, something went wrong, we'll be back as soon as possible"

        Beats the implied "We scheduled maintenance for a time of peak demand because we're either lying or incompetent"

    • Can't handle the traffic from the toy catalogue as usual.

  • +13

    If you have Everyday Extra, the G84 will be $269.10

    If you don'have it and you have just Everyday Rewards, it's worth signing up to Extra for one month.

    I think its $7. For that you get 10% off one spend per month and double points with Big W and Woolworths.

    • +7

      It's usually free trial for one month for those who have never signed up. So no need to pay another $7

      • +3

        Good point. I used my freebie ages ago and only sign up every now and then when its worthwhile for me.

        • I just signed up to extra to get the extra 10% off, but not seem to be working/active when checking out.

          How long does it take to become active or to be able to use it?

          • +2

            @ozhunter68: Just a PSA to everyone signing up for Everyday Extra to get another 10% off: Big W won't let you use the code to purchase this phone. Might need to change the title of the thread.

            I had other toys in my cart too as well as the g84, wouldn't accept code, removed phone from cart and applied code with no issue to the toys. So it must not be usable for this.

            What are other's experiences?

            • +1

              @sl-ve: Got just the phone for 269.10 this morning using discounted gift cards.

            • @sl-ve: Similar, but fixed eventually: Just signed up for the Everyday Extra trial yesterday.
              Today, trying to use the Big W app to buy a G84, it saw my Everyday Rewards card was linked, and Everyday Rewards app was showing I had a discount code available for June - but in the BigW app checkout I kept getting "error applying voucher as restrictions are not cleared" when I tried to use the code.

              A comment in this or another BigW deal thread suggested that unlink/relink of the Rewards account in the BigW app would help.
              After doing that, the code applied without any problem.

          • +1

            @ozhunter68: Not sure whats going on. I have used it twice in the pat to buy a G54 & G84 and just tried it then and it works for me. I am using the BigW app though..

            Edit; I just went to the website and it works there for me as well.

            • @revheadgl: Thanks for reponses. I worked it out this morning, was not automatic after a login, saw you

              had to put the code in, then it worked. Does not look like my shopback cashback attemt

              worked, maybe because of the coupon maybe?

    • +1

      Until Tuesday (4 June) the Everyday Extra annual plan is halved to $35 for the first year, and using a random referral gives both the new joiner and the referrer 1,500 reward points each.

      • Do you think it will be extended further?

  • Finally a sale on Dualsense controllers even if it's only black or white but no price listed

  • any deal on Switch consoles? wanna buy it for kids

  • +1

    I cannot see the price of ps5, xsx is quite low at $699.

    • +1

      Yeah it's weird, they have "hot buy" logo and offer ends 26th June, but no actual price shown in the catalogue

      • +1

        Considering xsx at 699 i hoping ps5 to follow same lines.

    • You need to click on it and follow the link. Comes up as $799

  • Good price on G84. However I want a blue one :(

  • G84 need to be closer to $200.

    I may join oled band-wagon: get excited @ 1st, after a few month get use-to it, will then have higher-expectation & not wanting anything less…ips no-way🤣.
    Oled users are free to comment…what is driving that-preference?

    • My son has a Moto G82 and its AMOLED screen is a banger. But I must say that I am pretty impressed with the screen on the new Pixel 8a which, in theory, is a step down from that. It's pretty bright and the blacks are very close…

      • The Pixel 8a has the better display though. It's brighter. They're also both OLED displays

    • -1

      Curved screen on the G85 :((

      250 maybe, 300 is still good for what you're getting IMO
      Question is what motorola's rrp for the G85 will be. guessing they'll be reluctant to go higher, probably launch at the same 399, but watch retailers keep @ 450

      • the RRP of the G84 was originally $399 but they increased it to $449 a few months ago. Next generation is more likely to launch at $449.

        • yeah i remember that i think. did Moto increase it or was the retailers? I see moto's site/store sell it for $399, but i'm not sure if that's a reduction from an increased $449, if that makes sense. seems very unsual to increase the RRP after release.

          • @Bob Loblaw: First noticed it in April. Very unusual thing to do 5 months after the local release. I don't know who did it but these RRPs are usually controlled by the brand.

      • -1

        Buyers don't know how much stock Moto-AU have.

        With NEW-model around the corner, they have-to dropping prices to clear them, & eventually dump-them: if excess-stock, eg 50% OFF…proven-action from Moto-Edge-range in the last 2-years.

        Bring-on yearly model-releases, stock build-up & increase market-share drive (G54 discounting?) 🏆

        May be there's a silver-lining with 3G-network shutdown…watch this space as we are getting closer to Telstra & Optus deadlines.
        I'm an optimist with G84 getting closer to $200 & if enough-people wait, it has a BETTER-chance of happening.

        Mobile-phones are becoming more-consumables than ever…similar to engine-oil in cars.

    • G84 need to be closer to $200.

      Why not $100? Or maybe $2?

      It's a lot of phone for $299. Show me anything that is better at that price point

      • The key-strength of G84 over G54 is the oled-screen, & G54 was on sale for $150 & likely for sale around that price again soon…oh someone commented, https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/15334340/redir

        The reason for the extra $50 is that users are SO-vast: some may pay an extra $10 for the oled-screen, while others are willing to pay $100…users' preference ?

        G84 has other strength such as extra-storage & extra-ram, but users who really-benefit from them are limited & outlier….sure they exist & should share their experience.

        It's impossible to comments that satisfy 100% of possible-users (vast), if you haven't upset 90% of the users & you have done well…the remainder 10%…some are likely to neg you 😜

        Consider these comments, https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/15202436/redir

      • +1

        It's a lot of phone for $299. Show me anything that is better at that price point

        If you wait for a stock-clearance, a Moto-Edge-40 is most-likely to be on sale for 50%-OFF: ~ $350…note that Edge-50 is out & they can't hold onto Edge-40 for long…may be a few months ?

        Proof: review the last 2 years stock-clearance on the Moto-Edge-ranges-> https://www.ozbargain.com.au/search/node/motorola%20edge%20t…
        I bought 2 of those Moto-Edge phones with 50%-OFF…for-others.

        Guide only, Edge-40 AU-model has dual-sim (pSIM & eSIM)-> https://nanoreview.net/en/phone-compare/motorola-moto-g84-vs…

  • G54 $199

    • +3

      G54 need to be closer to $150.

      • Recent Deal $149 @JB
        Bought with discounted gift cards & Perks code ~$135

  • -2

    i dont see the Xbox Ultimate Gamepass Subscription Cards in trhe catalogue or on website

    Will i be able to apply a further 10% off using my xtras code?

    • +1

      P111. And no.

  • +2

    Appears to be $30 nintendo gift cards only
    (Page 108 of 116)

  • Can anyone confirm Everyday rewards applicable for Mobile and Lenovo tablets?

    • +1

      Just checked for you, Everyday Extra works on Lenovo tablet. I know it works on Motorola phones as I have used it to buy 2 previously.

  • Nothing for playstation?

  • +3

    G84 Midnight Blue (isn't shown on the page in the link OP posted, only shows Magenta), assuming will also be $299.

    • +1

      Wait for the Big W sale and use the Everyday Rewards 10% off code XJUN2024 for additional $29.90 off = ~$269.10
      Code doesn’t need to have a subscription, all you need is a linked Everyday Rewards on the Big W account. If that doesn’t work, unlink and relink it
      c/o https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/15339700/redir

      • Yea I could essentially get this for ~$237.19 (further 10% off with discounted Wish gift cards at 5% off purchased with $100 Coles Prepaid Mastercards at ~5% off, and a 1000 bonus point offer with $70 or more spend with Big W app).

        Tempting as my current phone (5 year old LG G8) has various issues now such as blank screen when opening some apps after a while, which needs a restart of the phone every time to fix. Pretty poor battery life too.

        • can it be stacked with Everyday Extra for a further 10% off ($213.47)?

        • (5 year old LG G8) has various issues now such as blank screen when opening some apps after a while, which needs a restart of the phone every time to fix

          How many times have you dropped it ?

          G54 vs G84: if oled-screen is NOT-important, G54. & if enough people wait, Moto-AU WILL dump-it for $150, magical 50% OFF in Moto-Edge range & upwards.

      • … linked 'Everyday Rewards' on the Big W account

        I've just tested it on $449 & it works…'Everyday Extra 10% off −$44.90'.
        Finger-cross that when G84 goes on-sale for $299, the EXTRA 10% is still-available…it's all depends on how they set-up their system & they don't always work as intended 😜

        • Can you also get a further 10% off with code XJUN2024 (on top of the Everyday Extra 10%)?

  • what's the max I can load in the Nintendo eshop? is it 300 bucks?

    I only saw the limit for US eshop but nothing reference oz eshop.. :(

  • How to get 2x G84 phones. Can I just create a new Big W account and buy a second phone?

  • -1
    • -1

      Get ow to price beat the $299 if you want to buy it there

      • -2

        Officeworks are already cheaper

        • I got it for $255.56 today from BigW, not sure why you wouldn't just buy it there

    • +4

      $299 - $29.90 10% Everyday Rewards = $269.10
      $269.10 - $13.45 5% Big W discounted Gift Card
      Grand Total = $255.65
      Can we get it cheaper than this?

  • I got a $10 off coupon code for BIG W. Is there any way that I can stack it with the 10% off Everyday Rewards (XJUN2024) ? It only allows me to enter a single promo code at checkout :(

    • Probably not, just use ShopBack 8% to get a bit more

  • Hi does anyone know if JB does price match after purchase? I broke my phone this morning and need to get a new one asap. Not sure if i can buy it from JB now and come back tomorrow to ask for a price match with Big W

  • 8% cashback at Shopback

    • +1

      Plus 2% bank bonus. But cashback will ultimately be rejected if using the 10% off code or any gift card to pay.

      • I've tried clicking through cashback before and used coupons I haven't had any issue. Of course usage of gift card would be rejected.

      • Happy to report back that my cashback was tracked successfully in ShopBack. I got $19.57 back so my final price was $249.43. 10/10 recommended.

        • Would still need to be confirmed though, can still be declined after tracking.

  • Website getting hammered, 25 mins to checkout

    • Managed to get one here

  • G84 Sold out most metro melb stores, they must not have had much stock at all.

  • No G84 available on Gold Coast

    • +1

      Midnight Blue available at Runaway Bay.

      • +1

        Thanks I got one at Runaway Bay, now I have to make the trek up there to collect within 10 days.

  • Got it, thanks OP! Click and Collect only - we'll see if they actually have it when I get there.

  • The rewards 10% off doesn't work? I'm signed in and its linked

    • +1

      Unlink your card. Then relink. This worked for me.

  • +1

    Order from Big W app to get 1000pts extra, maybe target offer

  • Be aware the service desk may be overloaded by mothers lay buying toys if doing click and collect…

    • Direct To Boot is great

  • Out of stock all Melbourne

  • Just picked up my order ..happy & surprised(as code did not work after a while) it got honored this time !!

    paid - $259.10 (299 - 29.90 - 10(GC from reward points)),

    Thanks OP!!

  • Does monthly extra 10% off work for buying gift cards?

    • +1


      • As I thought. Thanks!

  • Got my G84 too just in time for the shutdown, thanks!

    Any recommendations for a screen protector?
    Dont need a top line one, happy for a basic brand one if there is

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