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Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet 151 Elite Trainer Box $59 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ In-Store/ $65 Order) @ BIG W

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Big Whopping Toy Sale
available 11th Jun

Mod: Extra 10% off Online with code XJUN2024 = $53.10

Mod 215pm: Most stores sold out, only some regional stores appearing to show stock.

Mod - All Big W Toy Sale Deals

Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet 151 Elite Trainer Box $59
Motorola G54 5G 8GB RAM/128GB Storage $199
LG 27" 27SR50F-W (IPS 1080p 60hz 5ms) MyView Smart Monitor with webOS $249
Toy Sale (e.g. Disney Frozen Dolls $10, Minions $17, Cry Babies $29)
PlayStation 5 Slim Disc $674, Digital $589, Dualsense $79, PS VR2 $699
10% off Nintendo eShop & Xbox Ultimate Game Pass Subscription Cards (In-Store Only)

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  • That is insane, will they actually have stock though ?

    • Some already do.

  • It would be eligible for Everyday Extra 10% off too brining to $53.10

    Going to be a battle midnight 11th June against the scalpers on this one

    • I just got two at $79 thinking I was a genius lol… will be camping out at midnight hoping there is still stock!

    • Scalpers will be instore when it opens, not waiting for click and collect.

  • +1

    Description says 9 booster packs. Thought elite trainer boxes come with 10 packs..

    • They used to come with 8 then it got bumped to 9 for S&V I am pretty sure.

      edit: actually we are both right seems some used to be 10 and some where 8… it seem now its 9… boo 10 would be nice

      • +1

        The Pokémon Center exclusive versions of the ETBs get additional packs. We haven't had those available in Australia up until now, however the Pokémon Center Online just soft launched its new Australian today. Shipping seems to be from the US for now though, so it's not cheap. Prices may come down if/when they start having local warehouses here in Australia.

  • +2

    My brain interpreted the box as Krispy Kreme.

  • there has been a reprint of 151, not that it matters as stock is scarce.

    fortunately pulled a Blastoise on my first 151 UPC

    Keen to get another couple of these but as you say, scalpers (and probs other shops) would look to pick this up at this price.

    • +3

      There has been no official reprint of SV151 English set.

  • This is the price of the lowest amazon deal. Nice

    Can stack 10% and giftcards

  • Long shot, but does anyone know what Big W policy is about their price changes, I just bought a few boxes 2 days ago at $79 :( Assume I'm out of luck as I opened them all today so can't return and rebuy.

    • Rebuy at this price, then refund it on the $79 receipt.

      • That would be assuming he could get stock at 59 when it goes on sale.

        Im also wondering this.

        If we buy whatever we can right now and if they will refund the difference in 11 days when sale is live.

        Jb hifi refunds the difference if theres a price drop within 2 weeks.

  • I bought some at $79 and will do the return/rebuy thing when the sale starts 🙂

    • Have you done it before this way?

      • I've done it without planning it a couple of times, but this will be a first at Big W. They're fine with returns so unless they physically stop me purchasing them it should be fine. Not sure why they would care tbh. Nothing illegal going on.

        • Yeah I was thinking the same as I too got some at the higher price… feel it should be ok as I havent opened them yet… but also feels strange.

          Nothing in their return policy about not buying that item again…

          • +3

            @TheClash: I went in today and asked if they would refund the difference if i bought something that went on sale not long after.

            3 people didnt know, told me to speak to the service desk lol.
            One of them said “just return it and rebuy, should be right” haha.

            Ill try online chat when it opens on Monday.

            • +1

              @amityaaron: Keen to hear the outcome! If so I might buy a handful so I can complete my set!

    • I bought 2 at $79 ! Bugger ah
      I doubt they'd have stock by the time the sale starts though, as looking online there doesn't seem to be any at all in melbourne!
      I dont wanna buy 2 and then return two as what if the ones i return have the zard… :p

  • Well my localstore had 24 stock that went to zero overnight… Either someone is deciding to to the return play or maybe they pulled stock from the site… Ugh

  • At $79 these are a great price still, the value these boxes hold for master sets will only exponentially go up due to the limited print run and the Japanese variant being reprinted into oblivion.

    I’ve been searching for these in Sydney and they’ve been hard enough. Can only imagine finding any at $59

    • you know-nothing if you think they won't reprint eng.

  • Big w website now has a limit of 1 per person…

    Also had a few to return and try rebuy. May not work…they got us hahah!

    • where does it say 1 per person?

      • nvm i see it now. noooooo

  • Sale came online early at about 4:15am.
    Was able to put an order in.

    Website is completely cooked from 5pm.

    Goodluck all.

  • yeah fck. I got one but couldnt put my everday rewards in because of the lag.

    Had I known the website was early I would have jumped on haha. Next time Im getting up an hour early >:(

    Sold out for delivery 5:20 ish I believe.

  • -1

    I'd love to know who at big w thought it would be a good idea to start the sale in the middle of the night for WA.

  • Any chance they've got stock in store they are hiding from online sales…? Sold out at 5:20am with limit 1 per customer is crazy.

    • you can check, but if you arent there as soon as theyve opened then you have already missed out.

      my local had a long line of people queuing to ask about these.

  • No stock, I think stores haven't received it yet

    • +1

      they werent getting stock for this sale.

      Well, my local wasnt.

      They said they have an order due to come about next week, but they never had any plans to have them specifically for today

      • That's what I heard as well when I went in-store. Not many stores received stock at all. Some should arrive perhaps in a week

    • I have seen stores with it.

    • It could be all sold out. I went in yesterday and spoke to some staff at a nearby store. They said they were told to zero out their inventory prior to the sale just so they could have some to sell today.

      It looks like the sale started early. I woke up before 5 and was able buy a pack at a store which was definitely not my first choice. Most stores looked like they were already sold out by then. I did see some more stock go up around me a little while after that but it was all gone again soon after.

  • Our regional BigW had stock (still half a dozen left I'd guess). My partner and I walked in and asked for them, and we'd placed an order online early this morning, too, just to be safe.

    The stock was being kept out back and staff were jittery about the product, it has a strict embargo apparently - you'll have to ask for it and be prepared for staff who don't know of its existence (or, like us - fear it!).

  • Damn, I missed it. Did the sale start at midnight?

    • It was supposed to start at 5am but they started early. I put in an order a bit before 5am but I don't know if I managed to get a box. No confirmation and the store was crazy.

  • None available in NSW

  • Bastards!

  • WA showing stock at Kingsway. Was able to apply the code.

    • I forgot to apply the code. I'll just be happy if I get a box.

  • No stock in Toowoomba. Salesperson said they all went at opening.

  • Stock for pickup: BIG W Cumberland Park, 5041

  • Saw stock appear online at my local.

    Rushed down, they had a limit for 5 per person - so much for 1 per customer hahaha.

    • The guy before me had 18.

      • they told me someone bought 30 last week (their whole restock)…. crazy.

  • Briefly it was available at top ryde. About to pay and it says gone. Daym!

  • These boxes are insane. Are these reprints?
    I opened a few of them and got amazing cards including 2 Charizards.

    • There are 3 different charizards available. Alternate art is the most expensive one.

      • I got all three :)
        2 alt art, 1 full art and 1 ex.

        • Wow! 2 alt art Charizards in the one ETB? Smashed it! Even the FA is worth $80.

          • +1

            @hypie: I wish, but it wasn’t one, I opened a few, like 7 or 8 boxes. But still, I got on average well over twice of what I paid per box.

            • @cbrbargain: Still pretty awesome! Especially if you got the ETB's on sale.

  • Placed order for pickup at penrith. No sms, been 24 hours

    • I have orders sitting in the “picking order” status for 2 days now haha.

    • Some stores seem super slowwwww… been waiting 3 days now

      • Mine just got canceled.

  • Some stores show availability. For example Wagga Wagga.

  • Also the Zapdos box for $35 is now available.

  • has anyone actually received any?

    • -1

      Had a bunch for delivery arrive today

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