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Motorola G54 5G 8GB RAM/128GB Storage $179.10 Delivered ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ BIG W

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It's (back) on like Donkey Kong.

Ozbargain's favourite phones go back to their (rightful?) sub-$300 and sub-$200 price points from 11/6.

- can also be combined with 5% Big W GC and 10% Everyday rewards discount for another $30 off
- the code is XJUN2024, must be signed into Big W to use
(credit to @SolidlyIrresponsible and @BargainsGrabber)

The G84 has already been posted

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Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet 151 Elite Trainer Box $59
Motorola G54 5G 8GB RAM/128GB Storage $199
LG 27" 27SR50F-W (IPS 1080p 60hz 5ms) MyView Smart Monitor with webOS $249
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  • +1

    The G84 has already been posted.

    • Just bought this for my Mum (paid $349 at JB) and it seems like a great phone. At $299 it's hard to see anything beat it bang for buck.

  • Is it worth buying or wait for next upgrade? Need a sub 300 phone to replace my Samsung A20

    • +5

      Depends on how cheap you want the price to be or how long you want upgrades to last for.

      Big W has had this at $179 during their previous sales. And JB has had it at $149. An upgraded model is likely not going to be this cheap for some time.

      But you'll probably get A15 in a G55 or whatever it'll be called… and definitely more years of security upgrades.

      For me, I use an S23U already and just need a cheapie phone with an eSim for my travels. The G54 fits that need nicely.

      • 2 phones on travels?

        • +3

          Yep, especially with how much we do things like banking on our phones. Take a back up phone and at least one back up debit card and keep back at the hotel in case one's phone and wallet is stolen or lost… one can head back to the hotel, use the back up phone to lock down the stolen cards/cancel them, and still have a spare debit card to use in the interim. Beats lugging around a laptop.

          The spare debit card was a lesson learnt from Dad… he had his wallet stolen with all his cards inside. They luckily had enough cash to get them through the trip but it wasn't ideal.

          • +1

            @Mugsy: Username checks out :(

          • @Mugsy: Remeber if u have a credit card or debit card with Visa or MC you can call them and request emergency cash. They will western union or similar to you.. Theres the cash advance fee on Credit card but better than being stranded.

            I used it before when something happened overseas

            • @wako: Cheers bud. This is always the last thing i remember.

              I might print out the global contact numbers list and ensure mum and dad have a list of their card numbers as a back up.

          • @Mugsy: I bought a G54 during the last round of discounting for a backup travel phone. 5G, esim, and cheap enough that if it gets nicked it isn't the worst thing in the world.

            But - it is noticeably slower in use than "primary" phones, and the camera is pretty rubbish. If you want to use to take snapshots or selfies as you tourist around I'd recommend against it. The camera does something weird to faces, they always end up looking like the worst passport photos ever. I don't know what it is, I tried all sorts of settings and techniques and nothing worked, pictures of people looked terrible.

            I don't know if the G84 camera is improved over the G54, but if it is, it would be worth it for the better pictures and better speed.

            • @Astronaut Joe: Thanks for your thoughts on the G54 camera mate. I agree. From my trial when setting up the phone for Dad, yeah it's not the best.

              But the G84 doesn’t have an esim which is what i am after in a back up phone. Otherwise i would just use my oppo reno2 z.

              The back up phone is mainly for accessing banking, translation, google and communications with home in emergencies. And wiping my main phone if it's stolen of course.

              If i have the space, i may take one of my Nikon 1 cameras. The 10-100mm lens needs repairing… could be cheaperto do it in Japan _- lol

        • +2

          I always take a backup phone on travels. Has saved a lot of problems when 1 stopped working!

          Always take more than 1 way of accessing money overseas💰

          Had a hold put on a MasterCard - because it was used… overseas. Had notified bank of travels. Bank stuffed up. Was compensated.

          Another card was swallowed by ATM overseas - a big problem when travelling. Luckily had another card on that account which was unaffected.

          • @INFIDEL: Absolutely!

            On mum and dad's trip to China last year, his Amaysim roaming wouldn't work on his main Nokia 8.3 but it did on his Oppo A53s (both had 5Gb of roaming data). That was a life saver.

            Their trip to China in March/April this year, Dad was about to swap his sim around to use the 5Gb roaming data on his main mobile sim service on the Oppo, though, Google and Meta services were blocked over roaming.

            And the current Japan trip… well both the Nokia and Oppo phones have issues with Amaysim roaming but I gave him the G54 as a back up and that paid off as I could set him up with travel esims.

            I'm not gonna throw a 4th phone into the mix… 3 is more than enough, and Dad might decide to migrate his second Aussie mobile service to the G54 and just use the eSim for travel to get the total number of phones down to two again. He can tether to his Nokia 8.3 which has the best camera of the three phones… and that's important when traveling too - lol

            • +1

              @Mugsy: Enjoyed your other comment of how easy it was to set up eSIM for your parents overseas!
              Yet to try eSIMs.

              G54 ($135) will be main mobile (because of eSIM).
              2 year old G64 (free with Telstra Plus points) as backup.

              Had 2 mobiles stop working in a remote coastal village in Japan. One died with systems error. Other got wet on beach.
              Luckily was at end of longer holiday.

              Meant I didn't know the time. Local gave me a watch⌚
              Was unable to easily organise transport back to Tokyo & airport. But managed😉

              Used to travel overseas up to 9 months a year, just travelling - not working. So learnt to manage communication & (budget) finances overseas!

              I've travelled a few times in China without a mobile. But that was 2008-09.
              Internet was open in 2008 for the Olympics. That's how we learnt about the tragedy of the massive earthquake where we were! …From internet cafes💻

              The way we travel has changed🤔

              • +1

                @INFIDEL: Yeah, the way we travel sure has changed indeed.

                I did a trip to Tanzania in 2007… was with a group but had no international roaming and only an unlocked Motorola v360v that I eventually grabbed a local sim card to use. It was only really there for my bro and parents to call me (my bro and I were living together and I had a VOIP service with cheap international calls to Tanzania). And I still needed to get the phone number to them.

                The only internet was from an internet cafe sort of set up at the hotel and it was slow. Had hardly enough bandwidth to get an email sent let alone attach any photos.

                Had to learn a few words in Swahili to get by and rely on good, old fashioned paper maps. Luckily most of the trip was pre-arranged. But on the free days, we'd have to figure out how to get around on our own.

                I had a wad of USD that was to get me through the whole trip and I had a credit card with me for emergencies… can't remember if I even had a debit card. I don't think so as I didn't want to risk losing it and someone taking all the cash I had in there (bills came out of that account so I had to keep enough there for the month I was away). Did not check my bank accounts for that whole month I was gone.

                Whilst I was enjoying Tanzania, Steve Jobs was introducing the iPhone to the world…


                Now, I'm no Apple fanboy… never owned one of their devices and have only ordered an iPad Pro for my wife because she wanted one. But Steve Jobs was spot on when he said the product was going to revolutionize the world.

                These days, with a touch screen smartphone, we can travel the world with ease with all the information we need at our finger tips, the ability to manage our finances, a camera that's as functional and arguably easier to use than what we had before, and more. And that's before we even get to what the device is for… communication. Why bother making a call when you can create a whatsapp group, leave messages and photos there, and your friends and family and look at them at their convenience?

                Just realised that once I get this G54, it'll be the first Motorola phone I'll have owned since that v360v… kinda fitting I'm getting it for the purpose of travel.

                • @Mugsy: I like a good travel tale👍

                  Tanzania - how was that? I've never been to Africa or the Americas - yet.

                  Seems a bit more risky than my usual Europe & Asia.
                  Although I've been detained & interrogated by armed military in Asia. And seen corpses in a river & streets in places such as Myanmar.

                  I don't plan my solo travels, just have an entry point / date & exit point. Wing it from there, spending interesting time with locals. With idea of a few places I'd like to see.

                  My travel motto is "to live an interesting life"😄

                  Myanmar in 2011-12 was just installing ATMs but had blackouts, & shortage of US$ making it risky to use them. So needed to carry a big stash of US$.
                  (But exchanging US$ on black market long ago was far riskier. Against the law! Often meant following a person up narrow alleys. Anything could happen!! But nothing bad did.)

                  Was volunteering in Myanmar (training & helping locals) for a short while, so locals were very helpful.
                  Attended the first International Writers Festival, meeting local authors & listening to leaders like Aung San Suu Kyi.
                  And the George Orwell Prize ceremony - UK prize for top political writing.
                  Written censorship was only lifted as I flew in. Many I talked with had been imprisoned for their writing… It was a risky time!!

                  2005-10 travelled with basic… Nokia phone, 3MP camera, MP player, & head torch!
                  Took photos of directions to my budget accommodation, on the camera - in an internet cafe. Then walked, looking at tiny camera screen to find my way!
                  How archaic! But it worked without any mobile internet.

                  Ah VOIP! I knew it well. The friend of the traveller! A link to home.

                  Was in London for launch of iPad 2010. Staying with a web developer. So got to play with the first iPad!
                  Couldn't see the point of apps on smart mobile then. Boy that has really changed travel!

                  I like to meet & spend time with locals, so often hitchhike on my long travels. Plan journey using paper map in English & show same map in local language. Tourist Information Centres were great places for free maps in different languages.

                  Especially so when travelling most areas of Japan. There, a map is a sign a traveller needs assistance, so works very well.

                  Showing a map on the mobile wouldn't be as effective. People would think it's rude to talk to you, while you look at your mobile. I'd miss all the fun that way😄

                  It's so much easier now.
                  But so many more are travelling!! Crowds can spoil the fun of travel😉

                  Happy travels with your G54!🌍

    • Worth buying for sure, huge upgrade from the A20.

    • +1

      Replaced my A20 with the G84, huge improvement

      • +1

        hey, not everybody is made of money

    • +4

      Your name is OzBargain? 🤣

  • -7

    Not worth $199 anymore, will not get Android 15.

    • Whats so special about android 15? I haven't noticed any meaningful improvements since about 4 or 5.

      • +1

        Are you also using windows XP ?

        • +1

          Yes, how did you guess? (Only in a VM to keep my 2007 perpetual licence of AutoCAD C3D going).
          I have got Android 14, just don't understand why 15 is a must have.

  • +5

    Awesome… now waiting for JB to beat at $149.

  • -1

    ATL is $129. Hodl

    • +3

      When and who sold it for $129?

      • +1

        Ahh sorry it's $149 but I stacked it with Perks$10 voucher and 10% off jbhifi gift card so paid 129.

        • Ah, I see.

          No such luck for me… I used my perks voucher already and I'm gonna need to pay on my ANZ Rewards Platinum that'll be here in a few days to hit the $2k spend… it's "churning for velocity points" month for me.

          • @Mugsy: Just sign up again on different number for $10 Perks!

  • +2

    It was $149 last month

    • +1

      That would have been nice to get

    • +3

      Please let us know if you find a deal on time travel

  • Tempted to replace my Oppo because that can't be rooted

    • +1

      I bought a G84 a few months ago.It's a solid phone if you just need a cheap Android phone for everyday that doesn't lag or sh*t itself when there's too much going on.

      • You don't like the G84? I'm considering it, but I'm not a heavy user (some browsing, email and music listening).

        • +1

          It's great. All I do is socials, pics, sms and calls. Works fine, no lag.
          My one complaint is that it doesn't some with a screen protector, only a case.

          • @chickentaste: Yeah, a screen protector would have made it a complete package as the case is OK.

            I had to get a screen protector off eBay when I got Dad his. Not a big issue since it's only a few dollars for one.

            The case that comes with the G54 does press in on my tempered glass screen protector though and air gets in under the protector. Just something for peeps to consider when getting a screen protector.

      • G84 is 50% more than this model.

        • Mods changed the title, I originally had both.

      • +2

        G54 is better IMO, cause it has a E-sim + nano sim.

        Esim is a big big perk honestly now I think about it. especially when travelling etc.

        G84 extra features (storage, RAM, and CPU) are really not needed, and honestly are just unneccessary unless you are into some super high end GAMING etc

        • +1 to esim. Boost esim, then buy a travel SIM - and more if them are esim anyway…

          • @willyroo: Can it support multiple active esim?

            • @Jit0809: No.

              I haven't heard of any phone that supports multiple active esims from the one esim.

              • @Mugsy: I think i confused myself between how many profiles one can install vs how many active

                • @Jit0809: You can install more than one. A user on WP has said he's installed 2 at the same time… not sure how many more you can load on before running out of memory.

                  But yeah, for multiple active services, need to be strategic with what uses a physical sim and what uses an esim.

    • +1

      Throw it real high in the air and it'll be absolutely rooted.

    • This isn't exactly the most hacking friendly phone tbh

  • +3

    Can also be combined with 5% Big W GC and 10% Everyday rewards discount for another $30 off.

    • +7

      Yup and the code is XJUN2024, must be signed into Big W to use

      • Hmmm, tempting to get this for an effective $169 and not sit around hoping that JB will discount to $149.

        Edit: Actually, best for me would be $179.10 seeing how I'll need to use my ANZ Rewards card to pay to hit the $2k spend.

      • Current Coupon Codes:
        XJUN2024 10% off Online (Excludes Apple) 30/06/2024


        Does this mean that code can be combined with 5% Big W GC and 10% Everyday rewards discount to total 25% off, reducing the purchase price to $149.25?

      • tried this code at checkout after logging in but doesn't seem to work. also doesn't seem to accept a Rewards number. Anyone having the same problem?

    • Where can i buy the 5% discounted gift cards

      • +1

        Gift cards from Everyday Mobile or My-NRMA is some of the places I know. Others like Macquarie marketplace do 3%.

  • This or G84? I'm a tight arse and only use phone for ozbargain and youtube

  • +2

    Using this phone at the moment coming from a Redmi 9 Pro. Great phone, love the Moto exclusive features such as the chopping motion for the torch and the wrist twist to activate the camera but as many have mentioned the slow charging speed, weak camera and screen brightness especially under direct sunlight let it down. But overall, well worth the price for what you get.
    Btw, purchased it for $175 from the last Big W sale on the phone.

  • +3

    I purchased this for Dad during the last Big W sale on this item. The main thing was the eSim which paid off yesterday.

    Mum and Dad are in Japan atm and their Amaysim international roaming (after a few trips over the past 8 months with flakey performance) has finally decided to stop working.

    The G54 with eSim was the contingency… I looked up a travel esim that covered Japan and South Korea for a 30 day period (thanks SimsDirect), bought it, sent the QR code to Dad via Whatsapp (which he can access over hotel wifi still), and he scanned the QR code with the G54 and now has working mobile data to get him and mum through their holiday.

    All the while, Amaysim still hasn't gotten back to us (48hr reply turnaround apparently).

    So yeah, for anyone on the fence regarding their need for eSims… I wouldn't be without one if you travel heaps. And this phone is the cheapest one out there with an eSim (assuming you don't want to dick around with eSim adapters).

    • +1

      Good info.
      Got G54 for travel, because has eSIM.

  • Can't see $199 on their website.

  • 2 Days now!

  • Dumb question, does anyone know if the bigW website will take multiple BigW gift cards in one transaction?


    • +1

      I just used 2 gift cards to pay for this.

  • how come I jump to bigW website and get no discounted price?

  • +1

    Out of stock online at 7.30am… funny that ?

  • Code not valid

  • Also has 8% cashback on shopback?

    • Yes, just got confirmed cashback $13

  • Does anyone know if this phone supports multiple active esim?

  • +1

    Not available for delivery, what a joke…

  • Is there anything comparable to the G54, around this price, but with a better camera?

  • Bought 1, thanks OP

  • OOS

  • +1

    Thanks so much to the community, I upgraded mine and my son's phones from the classic Oppo A52 to the Motorola G54. I probably should have done it sooner but we held out :)

    The G54 is ridiculously good value for $200!

  • Ordered one on Wednesday which was then cancelled? weird.
    Then got a message yesterday it was ready to be picked up in store!
    Bit of a pain as had stuff to do, but reorganised my day.

    Updated to latest Android 14 which was slow to update but luckily not my main driver, did somehow map google assistant to powerbutton short press.
    Had to search how to reboot then remove assistant from powerbutton ( under gestures fark)

    • Yeah, removing assistant from power button was one of the first things I did as well. It's stupid how it's there by default. I have a habit of pressing the power button to power off the screen so I kept triggering it. Dad does the same… didn't want to confuse him.

      Anyway, the G54 really pulled its weight on my parents' current trip. I could send Dad an emergency travel eSim and have him install it when he was on hotel wifi when his Amaysim roaming decided to completely not work in Japan.

      • A question…. When you sent your dad the esim, did it need him to scan a QR code and if so, how did he do that if the code is on his phone?

        • +2

          Yes, he needed to scan a QR code which I sent in whatsapp.

          And my Dad has three phones… so I was video calling him on one phone, he had the QR code on another phone and the third was the G54 so I could watch him operating it on the video call phone.

          If you only have one phone, on Samsung, you can take a screenshot of the QR code, then go into the eSim section in Settings, and when given the option to scan the QR code, you have an option to search for the QR code image and it will "scan" it that way. Not sure if Motorola does the same thing.

          EDIT: If motorola's don't have the "scan QR code from screenshot" feature, most of the time when you order an esim, you also get it as a long alphanumerical code. You can copy this and when adding an esim, it should give you the option to add it manually. This is what the code is for.

          • @Mugsy: Thanks, I tried out "scan image" on my Motorola G82 and it worked from a screenshot of a QR code. I have smashed the top right of my screen on the G82 from a drop in a good flip case onto a tiled floor so looking for a phone and for one that has eSim capability, otherwise I'd get the G84. Shame that doesn't have eSim capability. I'm probably going to get a Samsung A55 for the better cameras but for my wife and father-in-law, the G54 should meet their needs.

            • @Galaxyman: No probs mate.

              Yeah, as a main phone where you need a good camera, I wouldn't pick the G54. I'm normally a tightarse and get mid ranged phones but even my last phone, I chose an S23 Ultra for the camera and better processor as I need these things these days.

              If the camera isn't important, or as a back up phone, the G54 is a great option.

  • Out of stock again for home delivery to Melbourne. Shepparton has some if you are there or heading there soon.

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