Smeg BCC01 Automatic Coffee Machine $499 (RRP $1149) Delivered @ Smeg


The Smeg 50's Style Automatic Coffee Machine is a stylish and convenient addition to any kitchen. With its removable brewing unit, cleaning and maintenance are a breeze. The coffee grounds container has a generous capacity of 8, allowing you to brew multiple cups before needing to empty it. The removable water tank ensures easy refilling, while the electronic touch clock adds a modern touch to the design. The automatic rinse feature further simplifies the cleaning process, ensuring that your machine stays in top condition. The coffee grounds container full alarm and empty water tank alarm are handy reminders that help you keep your machine running smoothly. Whether you're a coffee connoisseur or just enjoy a good cup of joe, the Smeg 50's Style Automatic Coffee Machine is a reliable and user-friendly choice.

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    I had this for about 3 weeks. It's very poor, I strongly recommend avoiding it.

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      It's a Smeg coffee machine /red dwarf

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      Feel sorry for you.. thanks for sharing.

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      You just saved me $500. What is so poor about it though

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        It is a SMEG, what do you expect though:)

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      The GF's had hers for a couple of months. What parts should she be disappointed with ?

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        Well, firstly, if she is delighted with it, don't let my thoughts colour it. I think it we can all see different things in a different light and that is awesome. Also, sorry for being that guy who pipes up saying something is bad, I just hoped to save some people a lot of hassle. To be fair, this deal is very good when you look at the RRP.

        Mine pooled water underneath where the coffee pucks go which quickly became gross to clean, I had the one with the milk frother on it which was incredibly low power and struggled to do its one job. The biggest complaint is that it just made bad coffee. It's the same story that so many people have about Smeg where it is design over function.

        I have the Breville the Barista Express Impress now and it is outstanding.

    • Hope you didnt pay RRP

      • What things do people actually pay retail for?

    • Can you expand on the shortcomings. Not many reviews on the net. You may help save someone from a bad mistake

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        I remember when I was looking to purchase it noticing I couldn't find many/any reviews. This should have been my first red flag.

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      Damn son, nice share

  • Wheres the milk go?

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      In the fridge

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      They have another one with auto milk for $50 more but not on discount. This one will need a seperate froster from the look.

    • In the coffee.

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      In my mouth.

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    Looks better than it performs, as with most Smeg appliances.. all for the aesthetics

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      I had a Smeg oven previously. All the knobs fell off after a few months. And the black writing all came off.

      • We had a rental with Smeg appliances - the oven was fantastic, the stovetop was ordinary as it capitulated early and replacement parts were exorbitant and the dishwasher was the worst I've had (compared to F&P and Bosch).

        I wouldn't go near a Smeg appliance again, to iffy.

      • We had an old smeg dishwasher. Almost every function was broken in some way. The soap dispenser didn't open. The liquid dispenser leaked and shorted the wires which I fixed. The rack was missing wheels. The cycle only worked when you put the knob in a specific place. The door leaked. But that thing made the dishes cleaner than my brand new $1500 Bosch unit.

  • That RRP is a joke btw

    • The front panel looks premium btw

      • Sorry should've clarified,
        You're paying more for less at full "Retail" hence the fictitious RRP

    • Copying Philips Hue perhaps :)

  • Beko or this?

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      Beko with milk dispenser

    • +1

      This is a Beko…

    • Jura :)

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    Like the terrible Smeg fridges this machine is actually made by Beko
    Here’s the Beko version for about the same price on Appliances Online…

    Wouldn’t recommend though despite the discount

  • Haven’t heard any positive comments about Smeg on Ozbargain. Are we supposed to avoid all the Smeg stuff?

    • That's a yes from me

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    The best way to use smeg appliances is to put a broken one from fb market out on the countertop and one you actually use in your butlers kitchen

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    Smeg nah

    • +10

      Smeg mah

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        • +1


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        i can get this for free

        • it's better when somebody else does it for you though…

  • Stick with the breville creatista

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    Had an almost identical model and recommend to avoid it.

    It has a ridiculous amount of nooks and crannies inside where coffee gets into. It is almost impossible to clean.

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    Every smeg appliance we own absolutely sucks. Their toasters don't even toast evenly. For a coffee machine i'd strongly avoid

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    I stupidly put Smeg into a kitchen once. Never again, every appliance was absolute rubbish. Nothing premium about Smeg other than the price.

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    This is simply a rebadge of a much cheaper machine…. can't remember which one, but I was looking into this and decided this was not good.

    • Read the comment above by @mirror

  • How are there so many up votes when every comment is negative about the product or the brand ?

    • blame the Red Dwarf effect

    • +1

      I changed my vote for ya

  • Friend has this smeg. It sucks and he ended up with a breville lol

  • Have this one and coffee is good for what it's worth. 2 years warranty and so far no issues after 12 months . I don't have anything else to compare with but happy with what I have got

  • I don't know what you guys are talking about. I love a smeggy coffee in the morning.

    • I like my coffee the same way I like my women. Without someone else' smeg in it…

  • Going to say everything SMEG is over priced and low to average quality

  • Did you know that Smeg translates as "shit" from Italian?

  • Damn I didn’t realise Smeg appliances were that bad until I read the comments here. I guess it’s just the oven that is decent. So we have an old Delonghi Magnifica S which does the job, would the Smeg be better or just stay with what we have?

    • Stay with the Magnifica S. You’ll be disappointed going to this Smeg.

      Our Magnifica S has been going strong for 7 years

      • Thanks for that. Yeah I’m shocked at how long ours is going for as well. Probably about the same.

  • Usually you can trust a product is good and buy it solely on having 50+ ozbargain votes alone even if you know nothing about it. But I found when it comes to coffee the ozbargain community really doesn't know very much about it

    This machine is a great example. 60+ upvotes should mean it's a buy now think later type deal but in this situation you'd just be throwing $600 down the drain even if it's 50% off. Automatic machines are not worth it especially not smeg ones.

    • I purchased a few of these machines last year for a similar price on special for use in our display homes, where sales consultants meet with clients and make them coffees etc. ie/ reasonably high domestic use level - none seem to have given any trouble and a few of the salespeople have purchased the same model for their own homes, so I think for $500 I think this is actually a pretty decent machine.

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