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Sony PS5 PULSE Elite Wireless Headset - $199 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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I bought it from Amazon a month ago and returned it the other day due to two issues:

  • Periodic disconnection from the adapter: I had to remove the USB adapter from the PS5 and plug it back in.
  • Random weird noise when nothing was playing.

I might buy another one and give it another try, hoping it will work properly this time. If not, I will return it again.

By the way, compared to the older version, it has Bluetooth capability that allows the headset to connect to another source (like my phone) simultaneously (or just by itself, like the TV). However, when the phone rings, none of the buttons on the headset can be used to pick up the call; I have to use my watch or phone to answer.

BIGW has the same price if you prefer in-store pickup.

Edit - I ordered another one. Connected to ps5 and updated everything and turned everythingoff. A day later, after 2 minutes of usage, it got disconnected from PS5. It's a shame.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    The only headphones (not earphones) that work wirelessly with the PlayStation Portal.

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    So what you're actually saying by posting this is….DON'T buy it? :D

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      Someone was bound to post it sooner or later, so I thought I'd give everyone a heads up. LOL.

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    Weird way to promote a bargain lol

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    I was keen on getting these but after reading the reddit posts and Amazon reviews about them disconnecting i held off

    Has there been any firmware updates to fix these issues or it can’t be fixed?

    • When I plugged it in for the first time a month ago, both the dongle and headset got updated. Yet, here we are, and the issues are still there. There have been no updates since.

      • I’m really keen on them as I believe it may also fix the crackling / static mic issue on headsets for certain ps5 that was caused by a firmware update in September 2022 and never was fixed. This uses the link technology which is different to other headset connections but if it keeps disconnected all the time then that’s crap too

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    These have Audeze drivers and reportedly sound great. They also have an interesting feature where they duck dongle playback when a call comes in over bluetooth, but you can still hear both sources. I would probably buy them if I didn't already own Maxwell's.

    • Yeah, I forgot to mention that. Imo, the PS5 sound should be automatically muted when you pick up a call. Imagine being in a PS party and answering a call at the same time - chaos!

  • Does anyone use these for meetings? Do they have good sidetone?

    • Mic is terrible on this, wouldn't recommend it for meetings.

      • thanks for the heads-up

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          Pretty sure everyone is basing this off the Dankpods review where he compared it to talking normally into an iPhone and him screaming into the Pulse Elite as loudly as possible the whole way through. https://youtu.be/_X7fJzG_RO0?t=315

          In normal conditions it actually works well with good noise cancellation on the mic. https://youtu.be/69CQ6mO6S7A?t=371

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    Appreciate you giving the honest review OP, I have heard of similar issues with these headphones before.. Its weird because Sony make some incredible headphones, these seem to have been made by a totally different division or something.

    • Sony make some incredible headphones

      20 years ago maybe - unless you find ANC to be amazing - in the sub-$1000 range.

      these seem to have been made by a totally different division or something

      Audeze did most of the underlying tech, but Sony/PlayStation made it a cheaper implementation and probably provided the bulk of the wireless and bluetooth internals alongside the enclosure.

      • I mean XM4s are regarded as some of the best commuter headphones out there, even still today some preferring them over the XM5s. I cannot fault them in the slightest personally.

        • I love my XM4s. I've got the earphones and headphones and both are amazing.

        • -2

          Key word there is 'commuter'. They have great ANC, not so much sound quality.

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            @jasswolf: I disagree I think the sound quality is stellar for its class and use case.

            • -2

              @doobey1231: If you're comparing them to bluetooth headphones at the same price or lower, you're correct, but that's a low bar.

              • @jasswolf: Why would I be comparing bluetooth headphones against anything else?

                • -2

                  @doobey1231: Because eventually convenience gets in the way of quality, and thus the overall experience.

                  Bluetooth and ANC have been doing that for a while now.

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                    @jasswolf: You understand that different types of headphones can have different use cases right? No one is bringing their DAC/AMP/whatever else on the plane with them. So its literally pointless comparing bluetooth headphones to anything else. If people were buying these to use at home in an audiophile set up sure then argue the point, but until then this is really pointless.

                    • -3

                      @doobey1231: So what you're saying is that some people might have different use cases for headphones and headsets to the point where they might own multiple headphones and headsets?

                      Seems like it's worth comparing everything to get a sense of where a product can meet a person's wants and needs, and where it can't. Don't have to be 'audiophile' to appreciate better sound, or perhaps a different amount of portability or comfort at a given point in time.

                      What an oversimplified point of view for someone willing to keep going back and forth for 10 comments, in a post for a wireless headset, no less.

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                        @jasswolf: Save the commentary, it takes two to tango.

                        I am just saying its moronic to compare bluetooth commuter headphones to anything but the same thing because there is a specific use case.. Anything beyond that is your own rhetoric.

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                          Save the commentary, it takes two to tango.

                          I'm not oversimplifying though.

                          I am just saying its moronic to compare bluetooth commuter headphones to anything but the same thing because there is a specific use case.. Anything beyond that is your own rhetoric.

                          The mere fact that you've opted to be that specific in categorising them should tell you that the specificity is an issue. Eventually technology progresses to the point where that specificity lessens, but we're not there yet, and it will be a while in that form factor.

                          Doesn't seem like much of an incredible product if you're willing to water it down this much, which was my original point, and why I don't recommend almost any of them for over $250, including Sony's entire ANC line-up. Cheers for your time!

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                            I'm not oversimplifying though.

                            This has literally nothing to do with your comment about "responding to a thread about wireless headphones". You are too, stop being an idiot about it.

                            The mere fact that you've opted to be that specific in categorising them should tell you that the specificity is an issue.

                            Doesn't seem like much of an incredible product if you're willing to water it down this much

                            ?????? I am not watering it down to have an argument about how good they are, I am referring to the category they sit in. This is legitimately the dumbest "smart-guy" take I have ever seen. You are just being obtuse at this point, enjoy the block for being stupid about something that is very simple, not oversimplified, just simple.

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    I got this headset unlike OP, I got no random disconnection or alien voices. I have been using them for a few hours for day. I can't comment on the mic as I don't play online games. OP should contact Sony and get a replacement.

    • Problem is it’s not just them it’s a lot of people

      • This was definitely a first gen product on the run because to replace the original Pulse 3D (which was crap in so many ways). I suspect the early runs had some issues.

        • What do you think is wrong with the pulse 3D headset? I've been using since late 2020 and have had next to no issues - the earcups have worn out from use and I replaced them, that's about it. No disconnection issues and decent surround sound (at least it feels that way when I hear footsteps in COD)

          • @millso: It’s decent, mic not soo good but I got Rid of mine for e Inzone H7 which I later got rid off too

            I was hoping for the Pulse Elite to be great

          • @millso: A lot of people had longevity issues with the pads, comfort issues, and the sound quality is pretty mediocre even for wireless.

            • @jasswolf: Agree on the longevity issue on the pads, but even my Bose headphones, Shoei motorbike helmets, anything with a padded area that gets skin contact or wear eventually requires replacement. I game probably 5-7 hours a week, exclusively on the headphones and they got over 3 years of constant use before I replaced the pads.
              Not defending the headset at all, agree the quality of audio isn’t amazingly bassy or ‘full’ sounding all the time.

              What would people suggest as a good replacement option?

              • @millso:

                agree the quality of audio isn’t amazingly bassy or ‘full’ sounding all the time

                I'm more referring to the ability of the headphone to provide resolution and separation of the sounds in the mix, rather than a clearer tonality. Pulse headsets have a tonal balance to promote spatial cues, but that can be EQ'd away.

                What would people suggest as a good replacement option?

                As far as wireless closed backs go, you're in a deal for one right now (again, EQ it). The other is waiting for another Audeze Maxwell sale if you're happy with its design.

  • +1

    I wire Hyper X Cloud II into the controller and haven't had any complaints about mic quality.

  • I’ll vouch for the HyperX CLOUD IIs - they’re good value for the money and people I play with say the mic is crystal clear.

    The drawback in using it for me has been the shite quality of the DualSense controller headphone jacks. I’ve exchanged 5 DualSense controllers under warranty in the past 2 years, and 4 of those were for faulty headphone jacks (the other was for stick drift).

    My 2 newest DualSenses are beginning to show signs of headphone jack failure (specifically, mic cutting in and out, and sound suddenly routing back to my TV) so as happy as I am with the Cloud IIs, I’m now considering a wireless headphone solution because I’m sick of dealing with Sony.

  • saw these on amazon a few weeks ago with so many terrible reviews. looks like they are still there but I swear the overall rating was like 1.5 or 2 stars, now it's 4?

    on top of the terrible reviews after reading up I learned another serious flaw with these headphones. I thought at first it was due to poor quality but apparently planar magnetic headphones can be easily damaged while wearing if you push the earcups in on your head (squish the pads). the driver is like a ultra thin piece of film and pushing down can cause the air to scrunch and fold the driver which is damaging it.
    so many complaints about damaged drivers on their similar product Maxwell as well.
    I just read the 2 star review at the top it says "crackling" when there's bass. that means the drivers are damaged.

    • Makes you wonder what these people are doing with their headsets… it's not like the pads are thin.

      • I was going to comment this in a reply towards the top but I think the major problem of both Elite and Maxwell is they thought it would be a good idea to sell planar magnetic headphones to gamers.

        I think the number of maxwell broke posts (did you see the number of them on reddit? and it's still going 😂 with people still hyped about ordering them) would be much less if they just marketed it as a normal product. but no they had to target the giant gamer market and it's filled with users who are known to be rough on their products.
        they need to survive being thrown on the couch, sat on, food scraps etc. honestly think both products are a disaster they are probably spending all their profit on refund and returns.
        Sony should of seen all the issues beforehand pretty sure they were piling up long before sony announced the Elite. another problem with the maxwell was stock. constantly on preorder with them shipping late.

        • Reddit commentary is extremely unlikely to be reflective of the fault rate. The vast majority of people are likely happy customers, but the people with issues will almost definitely be a vocal minority.

          A satisfied customer is maybe going to recommend a product, but they're hardly going to go around constantly defending it.

          Samsung and HIFIMAN have to deal with similar issues.

          another problem with the maxwell was stock. constantly on preorder with them shipping late.

          This underlines how popular they are.

          • @jasswolf:

            The vast majority of people are likely happy customers, but the people with issues will almost definitely be a vocal minority.

            yeah normally I would agree but it was on another level. this was around 6 months ago but so many separate "crackling driver" posts compared to the constant but slow posts about issues over on r/sony and r/sonyheadphones.
            a lot of these posts were with a photo saying "crackling straight out of the box" but I think a lot of them were being dishonest. I think most likely the fragile planar film was damaged by handling them too roughly.

            I'm no expert but surely sony must sell more wireless headphones daily than audeze does so the number of issue posts should have been higher over on r/sony??
            also pretty sure I saw a audeze rep saying the supply issue was because they didn't expect so much demand. something about shipping out batches to all regions globally, but these were all delayed and very few headphones in each batch compared the number of orders. some were also preordering on audeze's website with the banner saying "order now to guarantee your place in the next batch" but the people who ordered then ended up finally getting their headphones 2 months late since everything was delayed. (meanwhile some unknown local stores had some left over in stock and some were getting them randomly and it shipping instantly) I think they could have handled it better rather than just encouraging more and more preorders.
            audeze does have good Customer service though I will give them that. they were very responsive almost to every post and comment and also even started posting themselves a "catch up summary" at one point listing all the things to check if anyone was having issues.

            anyway the main point I wanted to make was when you get Sony you expect a decent level of product that has a great reputation. but I don't think you should expect usual sony experience with the Elite's. it's based on a product with serious flaws mainly the fragile planar and is more of a weird once off product. I even read somewhere Sony actually has nothing to do with their playstation side of the company.

            • @harshbdmmaster718: It's more than Playstation is a separate subsidiary of Sony to Sony Audio, similar to how Samsung TVs and Monitors use Samsung panels, but the panel making arm of the company is a completely separate subsidiary.

              Planar crinkling is not a new phenomenon, and often simply occurs from head movement in addition to the air pressure from the driver producing sound, it's just further exacerbated by the closed back nature of this design. The driver is not inherently damaged by such an effect, it's just part of its thin design.

              I daresay that would explain away 90% of the 'crackling' issues.

  • +1

    So a new firmware update for the PS5 just came out that is meant to improve the connection for the Pulse Elite and Explorer Buds plus some other stuff

    Anyone with the Pulse Headset confirm if the disconnections have stopped?

    • Yeah I saw an update last night. As you mentioned, I can see in release notes:

      We’ve updated the device software for the PULSE Elite wireless headset, PULSE Explore wireless earbuds, and PlayStation Link USB adapter.
      PlayStation Link connection stability has been improved.
      We've fixed an issue with the PULSE Elite wireless headset that caused the power to turn off when the audio cable is connected to the audio input jack.
      On the PULSE Elite wireless headset, the status indicator that turns on after establishing PlayStation Link connection is now less bright.

      My second Pulse Elite is arriving today. I'll give it a try and report back here. However, it might take a couple of days to determine if there are any improvements.
      That said, they didn't mention anything about the alien voice issue - The first step towards solving a problem is recognising it!

      • Good luck. They never acknowledged the static / crackling mic that effects some PS5s and never got fixed

        • The alien voice issue seems independent of the PS5 connection. It persists even when the console is completely off and the headset is disconnected. Interestingly, turning off the microphone reduces the frequency, suggesting a potential hardware issue within the headset itself.

        • Well the 2nd one that I ordered is acting the same. After first 2 minutes of usage, it got disconnected from the console. That update did nothing useful.

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