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Catch Connect 365-Day Prepaid Plans: 60GB $89, 120GB $109 Delivered @ Catch


$10 cheaper than this deal

On the Optus network.

Ends on 02/07/24

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Catch Connect


  • I was going to buy this day. Good I waited.

    • This or ezysims deal ?

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        Optus v Vodafone

        • +1

          OptusArse for sure

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          No brainer
          If you want good reliable reception both in and out of metro areas

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        I don't have esim. So this one for me.
        Also I don't use my phone much for calls or texts so i go with the cheapest possible.

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        Its really depend on your area and your needs. In my area optus has 2 bars but voda has either 1 bar or no bar at all. Telstra 3 bars and above. Plenty of black spots than optus. So optus is better than voda. Telstra is the best but not in this price range. If you live in cbd area then there may be not much difference. But if you intend to travel around or outside cbd then generally optus is better than voda in my experience. Telstra (best), optus (better), voda (ok)

        • Bars don't indicate speed anymore. You can be indoors, on full bars from a b3 15 1x1 das, and have a really slow connection, where another provider will be on 3 bars, as their das isnt as close but have a b7 20 carrier, b1 20 carrier, b3 15 carrier etc and it will still be faster.

          • @Quarter Pounder: but no bar = no network = no speed. cant even receive a call inside the house with voda unless wifi call enable using home nbn.

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            @Quarter Pounder: Dumb question, but why..
            Few years ago, i remember all Woolworths, Optus and Boost were all very reliable
            Nowdays despite all my services have full bars in Syd CBD, my Amaysim is way better than WW and Boost for me, both for calls and mobile data.

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              @aboogee: Optus have more 5G spectrum, and with Telstra refarming the LTE EARFCN 2950 b7 to pure NR 30mhz that can only be accessed by migrated postpaid services, the telstra network has more subscribers and less capacity.

              Telstra operate 60mhz of n78 in sydney, while optus operates 100mhz of n78 + 60mhz of n40. telstra also deploy n5 but the bandwidth is very small with only 5mhz being used (after 3G shutdown it will become 10mhz)

              The optus 4G network in sydney/melbourne currently has b3 15mhz, b7 20mhz, b28 10mhz, b1 20mhz, and b40 2x 20mhz carriers, so in total for 4G = 105Mhz (you wont carrier aggregate all of those, max 5ca fron what i saw.)

              Compared to Telstra 4G which is b7 20 (other carrier got refarmed), b1 10, b3 15, b28 20. The optus 4G and 5G network in sydney has more spectrum hence more capacity. Total bandwidth = 65mhz. Much less then Optus

              Telstra also own an additional 80mhz of n78, but it can’t be deployed due to their ericsson air 6488 AAUS that are used widely not covering the frequency of the additional spectrum. n26 (850mhz) is also planned for telstra after the 3G shutdown.

              Telstra also don’t allow prepaid services to access 5G Standalone, which has a 30mhz n7 carrier that is pure NR, and not DSS (dynamic spectrum sharing between LTE and NR).

              Telstra also have a common habbit with their indoor DAS (Distributed antenna system) Only deploying b3 15 mhz 1x1 (single in single out, one data stream for DL and UL). This results in having roughly 70mbps of capacity for a shopping centre/food court in some cases. Optus are known to never skimp on their DAS deployments, and even the older ones have atleast 40mhz of bw.

              However, that doesn’t mean optus is perfect, they still have a few old huawei 4G only sites, which do not allow 5G from another site to use the huawei 4G as an anchor on 5G NSA, which sometimes results in slower speeds even though there is a 5G site that you can see. The huawei sites also normally use lower BW for b1, operating at 10 or 15mhz. This is caused by Optus using Ericsson Radio’s and RRU’s for 5G because huawei was banned for 5G deployments in australia by the government citing security concerns.

              Regarding call quality, if your call is optus to optus, it will use a high bitrate of 24.4kbit/s. Same for telstra to telstra, so maybe your friends/family use optus?

              With the rise of tiktok, youtube etc on the go, network traffic has rose in the recent years, and the demand for download speed has peaked. TDD spectrum like n78 and n40 on optus benefits download speed, but results in worse UL speed.

              TLDR: Optus has more spectrum on 4G and 5G compared to telstra with less subscribers. (in Sydney/Melbourne, same spectrum areas but deployments vary)

              • @Quarter Pounder: Thanks for the interesting read

              • @Quarter Pounder: bro. I have learnt more from this thread than 4 years at unsw doing telecommunication engineering. so tell me which one should I go for Optus Vodafone or Telstra ?

                • @NEGATIVEVIBESONLY: I would need more context - Which area in sydney and what are nearby deployments like. For sydney cbd i would pick Optus.

                  I have learnt more from this thread than 4 years at unsw doing telecommunication engineering.

                  Haha, im not that familiar with the RAN side of things though, you would prob know more then a 15 yr old.

        • There is the Telstra Wholesale network which is available for MVNOs to use (4G only) eg Woolworths, Belong.
          And then the broader Telstra retail network available exclusively to Telstra and Boost Customers (4G & 5G)

          • @HeWhoKnows:

            There is the Telstra Wholesale network which is available for MVNOs to use (4G only) eg Woolworths, Belong.

            Some wholesale plans now include 5G

            • @Quarter Pounder: Yep, signed a family member up to Tangerine… a wholesale provider of Telstra. Definitely 5G being received from them.

    • +1

      Quite surprising Catch are still discounting to $89

      With Coles and Amaysim out of the game, catch are the last one standing with cheap 365 day 60GB plan still available to new customers on the Optus network.
      Normal onging price of $120pa is very reasonable!

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    Good price. Amaysim no deal this year so maybe it's time to switch to Catch.

    • +2

      I renewed amaysim for $90 in may. And kept my data bank, so slightly better than this deal.

      • +1

        I had 2 lines with Amaysim on a 12mth plan. One got an renewal offer of $90 + 50GB, the other $60 (50% off). I renewed both for another 12mths.

        • I was on livechat with amaysim an hour ago. Only offered $10 off on 365 day 60gb plan.

          • @felixfktung: Did you get a discount last year? They initially gave me only $10 or $20 off, can't remember. I asked nicely if they could do 25%

            • +1

              @ShouldIBuyIt: They checked my account history and said I had a 25% and 50% discount before. The best they could do is $10 discount even after I told them catchconnect has $89 offer.

        • You got 50gb extra? I forgot to ask. Having said that, I already had 70gb in bank…

          • @ShouldIBuyIt: Yes - I tried asking for 50% off instead of the extra data, but they would not budge, so I settled with that. It was still cheaper than anything out there at the moment

        • That’s super lucky. How did you get that? I turned off the auto renewal, never get any promotion msg

          • @catmao: Amaysim offered me 50% off $200 plan (180gb data and international calls). I also kept over 100gb from previous year)

          • @catmao: I turned mine off sometime ago. About 1mth before renewal they sent me SMS and emails on the offer, the due date to accept kept changing every week every week I don't accept LOL. The offer still worked after my phone Sim expired. It had a note in the app on the renewal page that the offer was still there, so I took it as I could not live w/o a phone connection.

            • +1

              @revivor: Many thanks for your detailed explanation. Hope I am targeted before renewal. Normally it is $10 if lucky

    • Porting Catch to Amaysim took only 3 mins, so im assuming reverse should be equally as fast

    • +1

      I was in the same boat, Amaysim sent an email with the original $60 offer a few days after my prepaid deal expired, so maybe you could do the same and hold on for a few days?

  • +10

    8% cashback from Cashrewards when bought from Catch Connect.

    • Can you also pay with Catch gift cards to save an extra 3% ?

      • Update: T&C's say using Gift Card to pay will void the cashback. So better to use cashback at 8%.

  • Does the fact this ends 02 jul mean it needs to be activated by then, or just within 30 days of purchase? "Activate SIM within 30 days of purchase, or by the date advertised in a promotion, whichever is earlier, to receive advertised inclusions." is a bit vague to me. If they're selling up to july 2, I'd expect it's the 30 days.

    • +1

      This previous deal seems to suggest you have up to 2 years to activate it
      "Activate within 2 years. According to their online chat the discount is just that, a discount and not part of the 'advertised inclusions' so does not need to be activated in 30 days."

      The Terms and Conditions on the deal page states:
      "You must activate your chosen prepaid plan on catchconnect.com.au or on the Catch Connect App within 30 days of purchase or by the date advertised on the promotion (whichever is earlier). Additionally, you must activate your Catch Connect SIM card within 24 months of purchase, otherwise the SIM card will be cancelled and any credit associated with it will be forfeited."

      The wording is really confusing here - You have to activate the plan within 30 days and SIM within 24 months of purchase

      Others have been able to activate the SIM well after the 30 days with no issues per this deal last month

      Might be worth checking with the online chat to be safe

      • Thanks. I want to activate within 30 days, but with the offer as stated, not whatever it may fall back to post 02 july.

      • Thank you. I still haven't activated mine from the last deal, but looks like I won't miss out on anything if I wait longer.

  • +1

    Bought it for $99 last week, still not yet dispatched, how can I cancel the order?

    • +1

      Same. Got it for parents literally on Monday. Wtf.

    • Has it dispatched yet?

      • For both of you guys, if you don't mind me asking.

  • +2

    is this the cheapest 365 day plan available (from all telco's)?

    • Yes if you don't need too much data.

      • yeah i dont need much. Its going to be an emergency backup route for remote access.

    • I usually use this topped with some free or cheap 30day sim throughout the year to make it work.

    • +4

      Not 365 day plans, but the PAYG plans would be cheaper overall if you hardly call/SMS/use data.

      Flip also has a $4/mo plan if you only need 100min/mo talk + 0.5GB data.

      • hmmm that might do, have never hear of flip will have a look thanks

  • Does anyone know if this is okay to be used on iPads with sim. I heard the speed can be reduced when used on iPad/tablets instead of phones.

  • -1

    Is catchconnect 4G or 5G?

    • Says 4G in the product info

    • 4G according to the catch web site

      Powered by the Optus 4G Plus Network.

  • Anyone have any problems receiving 2FA on catch? Particularly Afterpay and HSBC from my experience. Even the radiotherapist near me when I got my xray and ct scan, couldn’t access my images cause they needed to send a OTP.

    • It's optus, it just depends if you have reception.

      • But I do though? I dont have any trouble receiving my uni OTP or other banks. Same location, same time I try to get Afterpay to send me a verification code and it never comes

  • Can I pay for it using discounted gift cards?

  • +1

    good timing OP. perfect for mum

  • Any Cashback?

    • +3

      8% cashback on Cashrewards

  • +2

    Is this a starter pack or can be used for renewal?

  • +1

    Damn it. Just bought the 60GB for $100 on Tue. Grrr!

  • Does anyone know if this supports Wifi calling? Cheers

    • +1

      Yeah, it does on a iphone, don’t know about android phones but it should work

    • +1

      I've an Android and yes it supports WIFI calling.

  • +1

    anyone knows if this has SMS support for overseas without using other roaming services ?

    • +4

      I received messages while overseas without their roaming services.

    • +3

      Yes. I'm currently overseas using and can receive text messages on my Catch Connect SIM with no roaming package

  • will these automatically work if I was to put them in a wireless 4G router / dongle?

  • Got offered $60 renewal for 60gb 365 days so I'm staying with Amaysim.

    • Via customer support or they sent that offer, my current 60gb Amaysim expires in 16 days, no offer, going to let it expire and hope for the 50% offer, or the 25%, then contact if no offer.

      • They sent email. Have 2 accounts and both received about a bit more than a month before expiry.

    • no offer for me. I only got 25% off offer from chat.

  • Went to buy this and just realised that I am already on catch, can I still get this or do I need to jump on to something else?

  • -1

    does this include any call/SMS?

    • yes

  • For the Catch Connect 120GB $109 plan, might be better to go Amaysim for 200GB 12 months $144 with Shopback, Cashrewards, or TopCashback for $50 cashback = $94 after cashback. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/851178

  • The EzySim deal is down to $78.75 for 100GB for 365 days.

    • can you share the promo code for an extra 10% off? Thanks!

  • Does anybody know if we can keep our number for this one?

    • +1

      Yes you can

  • How can I get a Catch Connect SIM today (walk in shop) and activate to get this deal? Or is it only by ordering through catch?

  • +1

    try to order and i get Order Cancelled…

    • Oh what?

      • +1

        get something about payment vertification…the ordered got cancelled and try many time with few cards

        • Exactly the same problem. Tried 3 different payment methods and my order's been cancelled each time.

  • Has anyone received the SIM yet? how long does it take for it to be delivered?

    • Following this

    • I ordered on the 20th, reached out to them on the 27th since I hadn't heard anything and asked for it to be resent. Still haven't received it and the tracking number never worked for me.

    • I ordered on the 27 June. Just got email yesterday that sim is on its way. Pretty damn slow dispatch

  • I just placed an order today so hoping my sim arrives by next week…

  • Any idea when i have to have this activated by?

  • o no………forgot to order this and just missed it by one day :(

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