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eufy Security Eufycam 3 4K Wireless (4-Pack) $1190.30 Delivered @ David Jones (Price Beat $1071.27 @ Bunnings)


All time low for this set, but the better deal is via Bunnings price match + which shouldn't be as much of headache like trying to price match with more obscure online retailers. Of course expect some resistance as you fight the good fight!

Note: Add to cart for the extra 30% off offer.

  • Better deal is to take this to Bunningsand price match for $1071.27. Stock across Bunnings seem to be good!

  • All time low pricing for the Homebase2 with 4 2k cams as well $811.30. Bunnings price beat should be available as well well for $730.17

Usual Eufy considerations apply, but for many use cases, it just works, so the trade-off is acceptable in my case.

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    Showing $1599

    • Add to cart…for 30% extra!

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      How are you a ozb member since 2015

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        There’s no mentioned to add to cart.

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          It's in big yellow boxes on the page?

          Go have your coffee and come back pls :)

  • Great price. I purchased when it was first released @ $1599, and really happy with it.

  • Looks like they stopped selling the e340 doorbell :(

    • What drugs you took this morning πŸ˜‚

      • ?
        eufy Security Eufycam 3 4K Wireless (4-Pack)


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      You're right that PoE cameras are inherently more reliable, less prone to interference and jamming and generally have better performance in general. They're also generally cheaper for similar features etc.

      However, installing ethernet wiring in walls and ceilings is not the easiest thing in the world, and there's a lot of people who would never attempt it (legal issues aside). There are places where siting a PoE camera is pretty much impossible.

      Wireless cameras leap over that issue entirely, and are commonly deemed "good enough" that they're a popular solution. This is one of the better packages out there, considering the excellent feature set.

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        I mean 4k on top of that too, so it's going to be perpetually thrashing a wifi network (Does it run its own custom band or something to not mess with the rest of the house? between the base and the cameras?)

        I get it, the wiring aspect blows, it really does, but one would imagine you install cameras in a place you want to protect for I dunno, a couple of years? 3-5-25? Just lay the cable.

        4 x 4k cameras, wireless, my goodness the wifi mess that it is and they still need power so….? umm

        • +2

          Does it run its own custom band or something to not mess with the rest of the house? between the base and the cameras?

          Not sure about the band, but the Homebase runs on a separate hidden SSID.

          Just lay the cable

          That's what I did, but I have some basic electrical knowledge and I'm not scared of being in the ceiling space. But a lot of people rent, or don't have those skills, or don't want to pay electrician's exorbitant rates for an install. Wireless cameras are very easy, even for people who aren't much into DIY. You really only need a ladder and a screwdriver.

          it's going to be perpetually thrashing a wifi network

          Unless you're doing some kind of 24 hour constant surveillance, they're not "broadcasting" all the time. They're doing passive motion detection on-device, and only sending footage when triggered.

          • @klaw81: Ok fair enough that's a bit more logical use, none the less need power which is often not simple too.


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              @hamwhisperer: They have a battery and integrated solar panel. Eufy claims that 2 hours of direct sunlight a day will keep them charged indefinitely.

              I suspect that the requirement for at least a little bit of sunlight makes them slightly more tricky to locate in the perfect spots, since home cameras usually need to be mounted out of reach under roof eaves etc but again - it's not a bad solution overall, just one that's slightly compromised in a few ways.

              PoE cameras are definitely superior (and often cheaper) but there's a good reason these products exist.

        • The SWANN one use its 900mHz band, won’t interfere home wifi network.

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            @skyboy: Sure, but then you'd have a Swann system…..eww

            Mind you, I expect you'd have decent range from a 900Mhz network

          • @skyboy: I'd be hesitant to buy a Swann system myself but that's my own personal bias.

            klaw81 has explained pretty well how these work, the solar, the only activating on motion - it sounds fairly clever, for wireless, so I'll pay that, fair enough.

            I would always defer to a POE myself but I can see the use of this thing.

            • @hamwhisperer: I currently have PoE cameras inside the house. I am considering getting a wireless sola camera for outside where there is no cable. Swann has its own band that won't interfere with the normal Wi-Fi bandwidth, and its hub can sync with Dropbox. Sounds better then eufy to me.

              • @skyboy:

                its hub can sync with Dropbox

                The whole schtick with PoE cameras (and Eufy's Homebase) is that all information is stored locally rather than relying on cloud services.

                I would avoid using any form of camera system that relied on cloud storage. Dropbox is better than a paid subscription, but it's still less secure and could potentially cost you money in the long run.

                • @klaw81: Normally I just use nas as storage. But when I'm on holiday, I will activate the cloud backup. The reason is that when shit happens, I still have footage.

  • $195 for Homebase 3, is it worth the upgrade from 2?

    • I was thinking about that as well! Need to do some fast research ha!

      • It looks decent, with the face/pet/vehicle detection and expandable HDD
        edit: watched a quick few videos, looks like the face/pet/vehicle detection means you can actually turn notifications on/off for those found if familiar

      • Now can't even find it on the website with the ability to buy :(

  • how does this compare to google products? I find the google wired latest products slow on wifi

    • I don't find the Eufy connection time noticeably slow. I do sometimes find depending on the angle of people walking into our property that it hasn't triggered a recording at the right time but eventually catches them on subsequent movements, but might be just the lines of sight I have set the camera at - weird shape house = need more cameras!

  • Would love to get these, but I get so frustrated with their doorbell as it's detections are very hit and miss. I've also heard you can't view all 4 camera feeds at once which I could see being annoying

    • Same here, but good value imo for the video doorbell

  • +2

    I just bought it from David Jones online for $1,119.30 - $71 cheaper.

    • vs being price beat at bunnings?

    • How'd you manage that?

      • I didn't do anything different, I just added it to the cart and that's the price i was given and was charged.
        I didn't try price beating at bunnings, don't have time right now.

  • damn… very tempting.
    Anyone know roughly how close the cameras need to be to the HB3 with some double brick walls in between?

    • +2

      I have the 2 camera version and one camera is a good 20 meters away through some walls with no issues.

  • wow thats good, i got the Homebase2 with 4 2k cams 1.5 years ago for 1k at office works.
    i've changed to tapo but now i need to sell these cameras lol, i even bought external solar panels for them (but didn't get around using them)

  • Interested in 2 camera as add on, possibly cheaper to buy this set, keep 2 cameras and sell the rest either individually or as a 2 camera + Homebase kit.

    • It may complicate the warranty situation a little. As in - if one of the camera fails, would you need to bring the entire set back to the store?

      Also not sure how well these would resell - with all the eufy deals in the last months, it's seemingly getting more ubiquitous and cheaper.

      • Thanks, a lot of time wasted, too.

        Now out of stock, no longer a dilemma.

  • +4

    Damn, worth buying just for this..from description

    "Enjoy Forever Power
    2 hours of daily direct sunlight extends battery life to near-infinite power."

    $1190 for near infinite power….SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

    • pmd you my payid…

  • +1

    By the way, 30% off $1,599 is $1,119.30. That's the price showing in the cart.

    So 10% price beat takes it to $1,007.37.

    But I suspect it will be case by case, some Bunnings may say it's "below cost" and they can only match it.

    And if you are with OnePass, that's 5,000 Flybuys points, equivalent to $25. Takes the deal to sub-thousand.

    • some Bunnings may say it's "below cost" and they can only match it.

      Has that happened before?

      I thought that the point of price beating is to show Bunnings is reliable and consistent with being the cheapest, even if it's on them.

      • +1

        Limited experience of 3 times:

        1. $200 Dremel kit from Sydney Tools, reason was below cost.
        2. $300 Makita driver kit from Sydney Tools (or might have been Total Tools), reason was it was during a Makita campaign that they were not part of.
        3. $200 Kincrome mechanics set from a small business ad, reason was it was not a listed reseller and therefore not authorised.

        Prices were matched out of goodwill, didn't qualify for 10% price beat.

        I'm sure if you go to different Bunnings you would have different experience, it all depends on the manager of the day. Point is price beat at Bunnings is not as easy as one might think, probably because less occurrences, unlike Officeworks (also Coles Group) it's a well oiled process.

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    Party's over it seems, item in cart no longer available, and can't add more to cart.

  • +1

    4 pack out of stock!

  • Supercheap online chat will pricebeat the Eufy Cam 2 Pro 4 Pack with a discount code for $801.30. Thats if Bunnings doesn't want to price match

  • Bunnings price beat this deal


    Eufy special code to 1149

    Down to 1035 from bunnings

    • how did you get bunnings to price match as it shows $1,199.00

      • +1

        Use code "EUFYSPECIAL" for $200 off, but getting Bunnings to price beat a code is luck of the draw, no harm trying I guess.

        By the way, $1,199 is the 3 pack, or 3C 4 pack. The 4 pack like this deal is $1,349, which comes down to $1,149 with code.

  • +1

    I've owned this model for 6 months now. It is solid and reliable and battery still 100%, just need to make sure it gets sun everyday.
    My only issue is lack of homekit (HKSV) support so I can't easily tap into the feed from apple home. The eufy app works but you can't see multiple camera streams at once.

  • The eufy app works but you can't see multiple camera streams at once

    That's likely to be a limitation of the hardware - there's only so much wireless bandwidth available, and the cameras probably don't have sub-stream capability.

  • Just picked up from Bunnings. $1007.37 after price policy applied.

    • How? The deal is expired and it's out if stock

      • Contacted Bunnings while the deal was on, they got back to me after it was OOS and honoured their policy.

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