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Nintendo Switch Lite $217 Delivered | Switch Games: Mario & Pokemon $42, Zelda $49 + Delivery ($0 with $100 Spend) @ David Jones

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David Jones
David Jones


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    Switch lite looks kinda cute at $217

    • +1

      Don't do it Jimbo

      • +3

        On the other hand I much prefer it to my full size switch 🤷‍♀️

        • It does look like a nice size for sure.
          I wish it was more easily hackable though - would be nice for emulators

        • is your other hand smaller than the first?

  • Hardly any C&C options in QLD

  • Thanks OP - Just bought a switch lite for some upcoming travel :)

  • Great deals. I missed out on mario party

  • Thanks OP - Looks like the Joy Cons are out of Stock!!

  • -1

    Switch 2 still 6-9 months away

    • +5

      thats the same figures that were used when I bought mine… that was 1.5 years ago

      • +1

        Making this comment as someone who has purchased something like 8 switches over the years (for myself, partners, families etc).

        Nintendo have confirmed it should be next year.

        Here's hoping it's not just a minimal upgrade with no thought put into it. Nintendo are one of the worst companies (up there with Apple) for gouging the s**t out of loyal customers.

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    can't add to cart for some reason

  • +1

    Added Mario Wonder in cart then gone…

    • Back in stock if you get in quick

  • Surely pricing error?

  • +1

    Everything is back up in price I think…

    • +1

      Extra 30% off at checkout.

  • -1

    Switch lite hacked any good?

    • You need to find someone to mod them with a chip?
      No software exploits available.

      • Know anywhere to get the mod chip installed?

        • no idea sorry.

        • Send me a DM if you want :)

      • Is it worth doing to a lite?

        • Not really. Much better off going with a V1/V2 for modding, or just spending the extra to get an OLED instead. Bit of a waste of effort modding the lite with its limited capabilities and form-factor.

  • +2

    Cant add to cart.

  • Bummer. I paid full price at JB Hifi the other week.

  • man I remember getting it for this price on pre order a few years ago with gamesmen I think it was.

    • I got mine for this price a few months after launch at Christmas time. I think it was Bing Lee? Some catalogue price error that I had to drive around Sydney to find a place that would actually honour it, but ended up finding one. Killer price :)

  • Super Mario Wonder seems to still be there.

  • Shipping is such a killer for stuff in the sub $100 range from stores like DJs.

  • Try in store y'all. Bourke St had some stock about an hour ago.

  • Not sure about anyone else my order got cancelled last night. It was Pokemon Shield.

    Knew it was too good to be true.

    • My Mario Wonder got cancelled.

  • David Jones Adelaide store had a couple Shining Pearls and FC24 left in stock today.

  • Ordered mario oddysey, super mario bros U and scarlet and all got cancelled -___-

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