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AMD Ryzen 9 7900X3D 12-Core CPU A$598.35 Delivered @ Newegg


Lowest of all time for the 7900X3D, featuring 6 cores with 3D v-cache and 6 traditional cores. Tends to perform just under 7800x3d but with much better performance outside of gaming. Taking it to checkout resulted in $601.67, I think actual price fluctuates based off of exchange rate? Regardless, free delivery is an option making this a solid deal.

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    I've been doing some reading - why do the 7900X3D and 7950X3D seem to perform slightly worse for gaming against a lower 7800X3D?

    Also, how does the standard 7950X compare versus the X3D models?

    The only thing I'm doing on my pc is gaming and occasional lightroom editing of photos. Currently have a 3900X, so what is the upgrade for me?

    • I’m new to PCs and would also like to know this. I would assume a 7900 of anything would perform better than a 7800 just bc it’s a higher number. Is there any way we can learn from the product name instead of checking benchmarks for everything?

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        The 7800X3D has a single 8 core die with 64MB of additional L3 cache which particularly tends to boost gaming performance

        The 7900X3D has two 6 core dies with only one having the additional 64MB of additional L3 cache, therefore, the scheduler is optimised to push gaming loads onto only the 6 core with the additional cache. Some games tend to utilise more than 6 cores, for the 7800X3D chip no harm no foul but for the 7900X3D this means now the standard 6 core die is being used which doesn't get the additional cache. You also get a latency hit for communication between the two core dies which is not present on 6/8 core cpus

        So what this generally means is that for gaming: 7800X3D > 7950X3D > 7900X3D > 7950X/7900/7700/7600
        But for productivity: 7950X > 7900 > 7950X3D > 7700 > 7900X3D > 7600 > 7800X3D

        @jaygee if you want additional gaming performance the 5700X3D/5800X3D can be solid options that still easily deal with photo editing, otherwise jumping to AM5 the 7800X3D/7700/7600 would all be good options. Wouldnt go beyond 8 cores if all you're doing is photo editing

        @AP7 unfortunately the introduction of 3D vcache from AMD and e-cores from Intel make it difficult to determine performance between parts, so my recommendation would be to checkout Hardware Unboxed as they tend to do big chart comparisons across gaming and productivity that let you quickly determine what is better than what

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          Great explanation. I'll also be keeping an eye out on the 9xxx series launch, although apparently AMD have said the 7800X will still be best for gaming.

        • Excellent response! Thanks for the explanation, that made it very clear!

    • It depends on the games you play and the resolution you play at, and your current graphics card.

      • Currently a GTX1080 but will be upgrading to a 4080Super around the same time I upgrade the CPU.

        • If you're playing at 4k it doesn't really matter too much with your cpu. But if you can hang on a bit the 9000 series ryzens will be out next month or so and nvidia are bringing out some new cards towards the end of the year I believe.

    • I only understand it basically but to my understanding it's because 7800x3d is one chip where all the work has to be done on the single chip, but the higher core count chips are 2 chips so the work can sometimes switch between them mid job
      When a task switches between the chips, there's a delay in it accessing the data it "left" on the other chip because it now needs to go across a slower interconnect which causes slow down if the rest of the job is waiting on that task to finish to continue.
      The 12core varient is worse for this than the 16core varient because 6cores per chip makes it more likely for a task to be assigned to the other chip as some games will try to use 8 cores if it has access to them.

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      The gaming performance of the 7950X3D was initially worse than the 7800X3D due to imperfect Windows scheduling and BIOS when they first launched. After a year of product release, with these scheduling issues properly resolved, many new tests show that the 7950X3D has fully surpassed the 7800X3D. The most awkward product remains the 7900X3D, which has inherent design flaws.

  • for productivity this one or 7900 non-x?

  • i don't mind it is good or bad, but i think that is good price on performance now and i am waiting for shipping with DHL express

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