Garmin Epix (Gen 2) 47mm Sapphire Black Titanium with Leather Strap $999 Delivered @ Garmin


Is this a good deal?? Been seeing this go for $750-850 recently, but now that all seems to be done. Thinking not much stock left around as the Pro (Gen 2) has been out for almost a year now, and there won't be any more deals on the basic/original Gen 2.
Rationalising that with the leather strap this isn't the worse price aha.

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    Worth noting it's the Sapphire version too, not the standard version…

    • Yeah good point, will update the post. The $750-850 prices form earlier this year were sapphire too, just concerned they won't come around again.

  • Gen 3 should only be a few months away.

    • Have a Fenix 6X sapphire. Been eagerly waiting for gen 3. Hope it is released before Christmas.

      Will have to decide between Epix 3 or Apple Watch X.

  • True. Would that mean price drops on the pro gen 2?

  • Too bad the 42mm one is still max price.

  • Take my upvote even tho not buying.

    Curious, how did you come across this deal in the first place?

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      missed out on a $850 hot deal at JB almost a month ago. Hadn't done my research on which Garmin I wanted then, now I have and can't seem to find any deals. Was just hunting through the models on the Garmin website when I found this deal.

  • Note it's not the pro version.

    Sapphire still good.

    • Yeah, the description meant to say that I don't think there's many of these non-pro ones left to sell considering the Pro (Gen 2) is already a year old or close too. So, thinking might just snag this one unless people think there could be some more cheap deals coming around.
      Other option is wait for the Gen 3 and hopefully the Pro (gen 2) will have a big price drop. But that's more likely end of year and I was already holding out for EOFY.

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