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[eBay Plus] AMD Ryzen 5600/5700X/Intel i5 12400F CPU $155.22/$209.82/$147.42 Delivered @ Smarthomestoreau/Computer Alliance eBay

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  • 5700X and 12400F ATL? and I think 5600 is equal ATL.

    Even that 5500+motherboard combo seems to be great value for new super-budget builds, since you can't even get anywhere near as good performance USED unless you get up to $250 or so.

    • Wrong question. Is it lower than A$224 for X3D?
      5700X3D deal:

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        Eh. X3D isn't for everyone - loads of people would have motherboards with rubbish VRMs (B450 and older, many X470 boards, and maybe half the available B550 boards), so they are restricted to 65W if they don't want to roll the thermal dice.

    • The issue is that the 5500 is basically the 5600G with no iGPU, which has 1/2 the L3 cache of the 5600, and no PCIe Gen 4 support. It has similar performance to the older Ryzen 5 3600 in game, and depending on the game it could actually be slower.

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    What's the difference with the two 5700X CPUs?

    • I want to know as well

  • Whats warrenty like with these guys or worth paying a little extra and buying from scorptec or mwave. Just with returns or any issues

    • Best value is in the old CPU’s. I always get the older CPU’s save 80% and last many many years. Never have regretted not getting the latest, For most CPU is rarely the bottleneck. Old I am still rocking an i7-7700 2006 chip but didn’t get until 2008. Running Windows 11 turbos to 4.2. This deal leaves that for dead.

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