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Spec Ops: The Line (Steam) $6 Via GMG


Really great price for a fairly recent release.75% off + 20% voucher brings it down to $6USD.

Should be working fine now, but if the Buy Now button does not appear for you try this (Using Proxy).

  1. Find an active US Proxy, I use http://www.freeproxylists.net/us.html
  2. Enter the details into your browsers proxy settings (for firefox: Options>Advanced>Network>Connection Settings (Don't forget the port number is the number after the :, eg, is the address and 8080 is the port number)) At the time of this posting, worked for me.
  3. Sign in to GMG, add the game to your cart via the Buy Now button (If it does no appear you have done something wrong).
  4. Return to default network settings (No Proxy) [Be sure to do this before purchasing for security reasons.]
  5. Buy and Play

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