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Google Pixel 8 5G 128GB $1199, 256GB $1299 Delivered + Bonus $500 Google Store Credit @ Google Store


Buy Pixel 8 and get A$500 worth of Google store credit for your next purchase. Customers will receive an email notifying them Google Store credit is added to their account within 24 hours after the entire order ships. Just add to your cart. Offer valid starting on June 14, 2024 at 12:00am AET through July 7, 2024 at 11:59pm AET.

Just price matched with JB for $837 plus I will get $619 Google store credit.

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    There is another offer as well,

    Get AU$600 off Pixel 8 Pro and up to AU$500 back with eligible Pixel 7 Pro trade-in.

    On sale from A$1,099

    • I'm considering this. Can trade in my Galaxy Z Flip 4 to get the Pixel 8 pro for $463 (as I have some google store credit that I need to spend by May next year).

      Just wondering if there might be better deals on Black Friday? Or wait for Pixel 9?

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        Pixel 9 will be out before black friday deals. Google usually release the new model around October.

    • Where is that deal?

  • I was looking at the Pixel 8A equivalent of this deal which was only $200. Sounds like you get the $200 credit within 24 hours of the order SHIPPING. But it says, and I quote, "Offer cannot be combined with any promotional codes, or with other offers running at the same time."

    I am assuming this means if I bought a Pixel 8A, waited to receive the credit I couldn't then use that credit on, for example, the Pixel Buds Pro which are currently $179 down from $299?

    EDIT: oh wait maybe it means the $200 credit offer can't be used with other promotions, i.e. you can't get the credit AND some other promotions at the same time

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    Google Pixel 8 5G 128GB

    I've been wondering since Pixel 7, which was often listed on OzB with "5G" in the title, despite the linked listing would be just "Pixel 7 Pro" or "Pixel 8", like here:

    Are there non-5G Pixels?

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      Lucky I am not your partner.

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        Lots of lucky people around, I have to admit.

        I thought there might be some overseas models that are stripped off functionalities, eg. for the sake of marketing, and we need to differentiate. But AFAIK it's just an unnecessary addition to the title.

        • Makes the 8 and 8a easier to distinguish in a search (eg on Amazon or Ebay). I find it helpful.

          • @Extremophile: Distinguishing differently named phones by the feature they share? I've just checked.

            That's more confusing to me (as shown) than helpful.

    • So you can stack the 15% along with the trade in and reduced sale price. Decent if that's the case

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      just tried, it looks like you can't stack studentbeans with the promo unfortunately :(

      • Yeah I didn't think the 15% would stack with the $200 credit due to some of the conditions. Thanks for confirming.

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        • Interesting… thank you… will try it out

        • Will they credit you the pricematch discount or the pricematch discount with the 15% off though?

  • How did you get Google to pricematch? And where does the extra $119 credit come from?

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      Chat online.
      10% store credit for Google One member.

    • Did Google send you a link to purchase a the lower price or did you get a refund for the difference?

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        Once the item shipped I have to respond to the email and they will then refund the difference.

        • Do they always accept it?

  • I got a pixel 8 pro form Google store for $844. 15 % off promo code for pixel owner sent via email first, then $600 off.

    • How did you get the pixel owner promo code?

    • Any more info on this? I would pull the trigger on an 8 pro for that price.

      Was it a generic code in the email? Tried student beans to get the extra 15% but it seems to replace all other discounts.

    • It does not stacks.

    • Bro..can I get a screenshot of the promotion
      Chat support needs it to generate one for me
      Appreciate your help

    • Got the same deal plus traded pixel 6 for $450. Comes to $394 when I get the trade in refund

  • I see I have a 2 month trial on my account for the 2TB premium Google One subscription with access to their AI service. Any idea if I could use this trial for the 10% in store credit?

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      The 10 percent isn't included unfortunately :( and you can't cancel the trial to sign up for the paid plan unless the paid plan is of greater value.

      • It definitely does. As it includes "all other benefits in premium plan"

        • That's what I thought when I signed up today for the trial, but they cheekily exclude it. It mentions it in the terms and conditions of the 10% benefit rather than on the trial page and indeed there was no extra 10% at checkout.

          • @0xadam: @0xadam, I got stuck with the same issue you did. I tried getting Google Support to completely remove the trial 2 month subscription but they were useless. In the end I upgraded the plan to the 5TB one for $31.49 (which extends the current plan for 3 months in total). This enabled the 10% store credit. While it sucks to pay the $31 bucks, it was better than not getting the $129.90 store credit at all (I went with the 256GB Pixel 8). Just waiting for it to be shipped so I can apply for the Officeworks price match of $937 :-P

  • It’s the phone that keeps on giving if you have credit card price protection.
    Bought one at launch for $1098 from the Optus deal that included a pixel watch (sold that for $500) and have been able to claim back another $380 so far thanks to various advertised discounted specials :-)

  • I have a pixel 7 pro 256gb.. I feel like it would be best to wait till 9 is out and see what I can get as a trade in?

  • Does anyone know what the piece at the end of this post means about the price matching at JB?

    "Just price matched with JB for $837 plus I will get $619 Google store credit."

    Does it mean that you can go get the phone for $837 at JB but still somehow get the Google credit??

    • It means you can get the Google store to price match JB's price and still get the Google credit.

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        Awesome - thanks

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    Awesome deal. Thanks OP. Price matched with JB and I got the extra credit with pro as well. A true bargain

    • When did the price matching get accepted?

  • Hi, does anyone know if they issue the invoice at the original price or discounted price? Going to do a tax return going overseas.

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      Original price before price match, then they refund you once it's been shipped.

  • How quickly do you receive the store credit?

    edit: 24 hours after the order ships

  • How long did they take you to accept the price match?

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    I have purchased this and have gotten confirmation about the price match, btw you are only able to adjust the price when you get the product and I'm not sure if I have received the credit yet and I was wondering when I'm meant to receive it.

  • To close this banger of a deal out…
    I price matched with Hardly Normal for $798 when I purchased the phone.
    I received a confirmation email my price match was accepted but could only be applied once the order has shipped; to reply to this email once the order was shipped.
    Order shipped yesterday, and received the phone today, and I also received my $500 store credit.
    I replied to my confirmation email, and two hours later I got a confirmation they were going to refund me $400.

    I also traded in my P7 which I got for $562 last June (less TRS). Trade in price $450.

    I am going overseas in August, and I have two tax invoices from Google making the P8 eligible for TRS as well.

    The long game is to trade in my P8 and use the $500 credit for when the P9 launches.

    Hopefully they don't revoke the $500 store credit.

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