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GoPro Hero 12 Action Bundle $491.96 ($479.66 with eBay Plus) Delivered @ Camera House eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Normally $679.95


  • Gopro Hero 12
  • Extra Battery
  • The Handler
  • Head Strap
  • Durable Case

You can also buy the protective housing for $63.96/$62.35 ebay+ (normally $79.95)

And if you only want the Gopro without accessories it's $449.10/$439.12 ebay+ and $5 postage from the Good Guys ebay ($649.95 Rrp) - I wasnt sure if i should put as a seperate deal or not.

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    Just remember these aren't waterproof, so maybe the protective housing is a good idea.

    • -3

      What do you mean? I have the 11 and I have used it down to 6-8m snorkelling plenty of times, and it has been used a LOT in the water with little to no care for looking after the seals. Is the 12 significantly worse?

    • -3

      Say's whom? I use a range of mine (8, 10, 11, 12) in the pools, oceans, rivers and lakes all the time without housing …

      They are all pretty much the same design when it comes to water proofing, no model is significantly better / worse than the others :/

      Their own website quotes "Waterproof to 33ft + legendary GoPro ruggedness":

      • +3

        Lots of people over the last few years actually. More recently Louis Rossman

        • The website spec says waterproof to 10m without the protective housing, is that BS then? Was looking for a snorkeling camera

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    Informative… Thanks!

  • Hero 10/11/12? What's the difference?

    Do the batteries still only last like 30 mins?

    • I get over an hour at 4k 30fps with this camera

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