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Motorola Razr 40 Ultra 5G 8GB RAM/256GB Storage $714.11 ($696.26 with eBay Plus) Delivered @ Sydney Mobiles eBay


The very popular Razr 40 was cleared out at very cheap prices and it's time for the high spec flagship model to join it. All time low on the Razr 40 Ultra, 53% off RRP$1499 with Plus or 52% for non members.


  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1
  • Main display: 6.9" FHD+ 165Hz pOLED screen with HDR10+
  • External display: 3.6" pOLED 144Hz
  • 12 MP main (OIS) + 13 MP ultrawide & macro + 32 MP selfie
  • 3800mAh battery with 30W wired and 5W wireless charging. 33W charger included.
  • Security updates until June 2027, Android 14 expected

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  • +6

    Only 8GB of RAM?

    Everyone KNOWS that you can't do ANYTHING without sixteen.

    • I'm hanging out for 32.

    • +1

      just download more, duh.

  • -4

    2.3x the price of the G84 with less RAM and same storage. I know that's simplistic, but it's hard to swallow this price.

    • +11

      The 8+ Gen 1 is a totally different processor compared to the 695. The S24 and Pixel 8 also have 8GB RAM.

    • +2

      the 8g1+ is about 5x the speed of the 695 in the g84

      695 is pretty much at best good enough for social media but can't run most mobile games at even 30fps, 8g1+ is good enough for 60/120.

      • +2

        I'm struggling to understand why anyone would buy a flip phone for gaming.

        There must be a sizeable portion of the population who just want their phone for calls, SMS, WhatsApp and browsing.

    • +10

      What a dumb comparison.

  • +1

    3800mAh battery? Wasn't the Razr non ultra I bought 4400? I like the phone, it's decent enough but the battery life is not a strong point going from a 5000mAh phone. Don't think I'll ever go back to anything less in the future.

    • +3

      non ultra is 4200. This one might be smaller since it has to fit a full function screen on the outside compared to the regular one which only had a small notifications screen. Bigger batteries can only be found in standard phones. They're not a key feature of a flip phone.

  • -1

    Im holding till $400

    • won't happened :). Maybe $599….Razr 40 will be $400 :)

  • -1

    12MP main?!? I sincerely hope that's 48/50MP binned…

    • +4

      Megapixels doesn't mean anything in regard to image quality. Just image size. For example my Fuji xt-3 is only 24.3MP but you would choose that over any smartphome to date for image quality. There's evidence to prove that more MP actually reduces image quality as each individual light sensor is too small to be able to accurately receive and interpret incoming photons as noise or actual light that is useful

      • +2

        I understand all that. Nearly every smartphone puts out 12MP these days as they're using pixel binning, which helps negate the errors you mention. i.e. 4 in 1 binning takes the average of 4 pixels. However this also reduces the MP count by 4, i.e. 48/4 = 12MP

        I'm hoping that's what the spec sheet means as a standard Bayer 12MP sensor would be pretty average

        • I'm not well versed in the binning/averaging however not sure how that at all would give any benefits…

          Like if 4 small pixels and 1 large pixel use the same amount of surface area they'll be getting the same data and the larger one would usually win out especially in such size constrained circumstances.

          Little thought game: the smaller pixels would have to export their data to a centralised place for the group of 4 and then down the pipeline (to act as one). As they're just photosensitive diodes a voltage is produced and then checked against the max and min to see how much RGB there is. If there are lots of small pixels noise will be a greater ratio of the voltage measured thus the image is shitter.

          I.e. noisefloor per pixel is 4/256, in the group that goes up to an effective 16/256 (as the Max doesn't change (realistically the ratio would be lower)). Now compared to noise floor of one larger pixel its easy to see how the smaller ones are going to produce a noisy signal/voltage/reading.

          Now this all doesn't apply and the larger number is better if they're stacking large pixels on top of each other, and then calling one stack one pixel (because of RGB (and then maybe a White or Luma)). Then it could technically be a 48MP sensor but if effectively a 12MP camera and the hope of binning (if that what binning really is) is much preferred.

          But anyways back to the claim that

          I doubt a very nicely developed 12MP Bayer or CMOS or whichever would lose to a generic Chinese 48MP binned ykno?

          However our discussion doesn't mean much. Best is to check reviews and articles regarding the final product

          PS I got bored wrote some stuff because it felt nice and none of it matters but I spent 15mins so might as well post

  • does this phone still have motorola's notoriously shitty cameras?

  • +2

    I have the Razr 40 and the phone is OK but there is a issue with notifications. I get sent whatsapp messages and they aren't delivered for minutes up to even hours. I've changed lots of settings like battery management etc and still no luck.
    It is a known issue for all Motorola phones that has been around for nearly a year that they haven't fixed! If you want to get message notifications straight away, don't get this phone.


    Even Motorola acknowledge the issue:


    • +1

      ditto, my motorola phone doesnt usually let facebook messages through till i open the messenger app,which sometimes gives me messages from the day before

      • +1

        Wow. This is a deal breaker. This has happened to me a few times. I have a different Motorola.

        What happens is the phone will just randomly not receive any calls or messages for a time. Then, when I call or text someone, everything then comes through. So I'd like to add, it's potentially not just Whatsapp, it's regular calls and texts for me. Also, there's no way to even tell it's happening.

        Think my phone updated a few days ago. I'll see how it goes and whether it happens again. I was going to sell it but now I can't do it in good conscience ffs.

        • -2

          Sounds like a signal problem.

  • people missing the point. this is fold/flip phone therefore most likely will have less specs than high end normal phones

  • +1

    one day Razr, one day..

  • +1

    Apart from being a folding phone, what's so special about this that other phones can't do?

    • It has two screens (the inner display and the cover screen) thats it. Rather get a Z Flip 5 when on sale with the SD8 Gen2. But hold out for the Z Flip 6 which should be out in the next 2 months anyways if you're after a folding phone in particular.

  • +1

    Only 3800mAh battery which is kinda weak for a high end flagship phone.

  • -5

    Does this one have the Playstore? I thought Chinese brands had to delete it.

    • +1

      Only Huawei need to removed Google Apps. Others like Motorola, Oppo, Vivo, One Plus, Xiaomi are all approved by Google.

  • Is the mobileciti and Sydney mobile on eBay the same?

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