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AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D 4.2GHz Desktop Processor $822.91 Delivered @ Amazon US via AU

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ATL for the 7950X3D, roughly matches the normal 7950x's price.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    stack with this brings total price to $781.97

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      That is a nice book…

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        Also appropriate name for this occasion haha

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      Dear lord i'm being tempted right now.
      I sure would like 16 cores, but i probably only need 6.

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      There's also a decent price on 64GB of RAM here
      $278.72 for DDR5 6200CL32 (First word latency around 10.5ish)
      AmazonAU as seller. Limited stock

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        Check if that RAM works well in an AMD mobo… it has intel xmp splashed all over the page

        • Don't get that RAM. Get the G.skill F5-6000J3036G32GX2-TZ5NRW C30-36-36-96 EXPO, which is about the same price and has better timings. It's compatible. Annoyingly, it's only available in white currently.

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    When it comes to gaming, the AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D is considered one of the best processors available, offering exceptional performance and frame rates.


    • Thanks - I think I'm convinced this isn't a deal then.

      RRP on the 7800X3D is around $300 lower than this sale price, but about the same performance.

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        Yeah this is definitely for people who either do more than just gaming, or just like having the best of the best

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    Worth waiting for next gen?

    • bump was wondering too was considering buying 7800x3d now

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      We haven't got prices on 9000 series yet but AMD said the performance on the 9950X was about 13% faster than the 14900k in Cyberpunk2077, and the 7800X3d was already about 10% faster than the 14900k in that title before all the 14900k power limits stuff. Add to that that we can probably assume AMD used the worst power profile for the 14900K to paint the new parts in the best light, the new cpus might actually be slower than a 7800X3D

      On the price side it's all guess work, but past behaviour from AMD is to release new CPUs at a premium to cpus currently on the market, like with the 7000 series where the 7600X launched at about $500 while the 5600x had been known to dip below $300 at that point.

      For those reasons i cant imagine it's worth waiting to buy on launch, but if you are talking about waiting more like 6-12 months, the prices will probably slowly get lower over that timeframe unless we have another demand spike like covid or the bitcoin bubble again for some reason.

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      Always worth waiting for next gen. Then you die, never having bought as you continued to wait for the next gen. Money saved.

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    isn't this a shit cpu?

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      Are you kidding! 🤣

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        there was a articule on it..

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        I'm not sure where you get the idea that the 7950x3d doesn't have an iGPU. It's even stated on the AMD website. The iGPU is fine for non gaming VMs and productivity.


        The 7950x only beats the 7950x3d in some productivity tasks due to the higher base clock 4.5ghz vs 4.2ghz. The max clocks are the same at 5.7ghz.

        • Thanks for clearing that up. Where were you earlier last year when I purchased the 7950x because I had assumed the 7950x3d had no iGPU. RIP!

          Guess I'll be getting the 9950x3d this time around

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    any games good on 16 cores? been playing tetris mostly these days

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      But next level is to launch 16 instances of Tetris and playing them all at the same time..

  • Gonna wait for the 9950X3D as its rumored to have 3D cache on all 16 cores.

  • For anyone that might be interested, Cex is selling used 7950x’s for $640. Might be worth the discount if you don’t need the 3d v cache (i.e., you aren’t a gamer)

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