Casio G-Shock Bluetooth Multi-Band 6 Tough Solar Black/Blue Watch GWB5600-2D $160.65 Delivered (15% Off Sitewide) @ Watch Direct


These GW-B5600 Connected Engine models feature the distinctive square design of the 5000/5600 Series, which still maintains the same basic form as the original DW-5000C. Function-wise, these models are designed for outstanding timekeeping accuracy using Bluetooth® data communication and Multi Band 6, which supports automatic time setting adjustment based on one of six time calibration signals around the globe. Time information also can be acquired from an internet time server using the G-SHOCK Connected*1 app running on a smartphone.

Other functions include Tough Solar in combination with CASIO original power saving technology that delivers a stable supply of power, high-brightness Full Auto LED illumination, World Time, and more. A selection of six languages for the day of the week indicator*2provides localization at the press of a button.
Use of an advanced engine makes it possible to achieve high-density component mounting without affecting the size of the finished timepiece. This and much more creates a modern timepiece that delivers the perfect blend of looks and performance.

Great price for a classic square G-Shock with more tech

Lots of other Casios on sale, but <10 units so cannot post


15% off site-wide with EOFY24

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  • Cool blue rim on the dial.

  • This with a MIP display would be the ultimate G-shock imo.

  • Got one of these in $2022 for $183 so it's not a bad price. Didn't keep it, the negative display isn't easy to read in most light.

    The module is good though, with solar, bluetooth and multi-date.

    @zorna agree, that's what everyone is waiting for, a square G with MIPS and solar, without all the smart watch crap. The GBD200 comes close but only 2y battery.

  • +1

    Jesus H. Christ - dangerous week to have a credit card.

    That MTP1381D-1A and
    And the LRW200H-1B look like fun pieces

  • +1

    I'd buy it in a heartbeat if it had a positive display!

    …definitely regret not buying a basic square G with solar and no extras for <$100 a few years ago

  • So this will not deliver notifications or counting steps?

    • Nope. Just gives you the option to use bluetooth to set and alter the watch time/s and other settings via a Casio app i believe.

      • -5

        Ok pass… plus screen hard to read anyway. Fail product

        • +2

          That obviously wasn't their intention with this model mate, otherwise they would have done so. There's plenty of people who don't want/need that in a watch, such as myself.

    • +1

      Get a smartwatch, Fitbit, Garmin if you want that .

  • Do we have vibe alarm on this?

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