G-Squad DWH5600 Solar Heart Rate Monitor USB Bluetooth Watch (Black/Blue) $314 Shipped @ Casio AU


Link to Blue:


you can choose express shipping for free as well when over $50 spend.

a user commented on this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/851382 asking if the watch did notifications and step counting.
these don't look like smart watches but looks like this one does that with bluetooth.
if user was only looking for step count and notifications looks like they can get 1 month battery life.

$449 to $499 from other places and more colours in this link but they cost more (e.g. $349). https://casioau.com/collections/shop-g-shock?q=dwh5600
found the next cheapest price for the blue one on google results $382 with code EOFYS24 from GLifeWatches. https://glifewatches.com.au/products/g-shock-move-heart-rate…

Battery life spec:

Using activity functions (heart rate): Approx. 35 hours max | Using in watch mode with heart rate measurement OFF: Approx. 1 month | Using with power-saving function ON: Approx. 11 months | * Varies depending on usage environment; from full charge, without solar power.

Sensor Feature:

• Activities: Multi-sport (running, walking, others); Calculate and display distance, speed, pace, and other information using accelerometer; auto/manual lap function; auto pause function
• Training Analysis: Cardio load status
• Activity Log Data: Up to 100 runs with up to 200 laps each, measurement time, distance, pace, running index, calories burned, energy source used, heart rate, maximum heart rate, cardio load, pitch, maximum pitch, stride
• Wrist Heart Rate Measurement (30~220 bpm): Heart rate, target heart rate setting, graphic heart rate zone indication, heart rate graph, maximum heart rate, minimum heart rate
• Sleep Measurement: Sleep recovery status (6 stages), sleep recovery stage display, sleep status (5 stages), sleep score display range (1 to 100, measurement unit: 1), autonomic nerve status (5 stages), ANS score range (-10 to +10, measurement unit: 0.1)
• Blood Oxygen Level Measurement*
• Breathing Exercise: Setting range (2 to 20 minutes in 1-minute increments), biofeedback, zone-specific time summary
Step Count Measurement: 3-axis acceleration sensor, step count display range (0 to 99999 steps), step count reset: automatic reset at midnight every day
• Active Time Measurement: Special algorithm measures movement time using status analysis (walking, running, biking, undefined)
• Life Log: Step count, step count graph (week, month, 6 months), calories burned measurement, active time measurement
• Step reminder
* The blood oxygen level measurement function is not intended as a medical device for diagnosing specific diseases. It is intended for general health maintenance only.

Smartphone Link feature:

• Mobile link (Wireless linking using Bluetooth®)
• Auto time adjustment
• Easy Watch Setting
• Approximately 300 world time cities
Notification function (incoming calls, incoming e-mails, new social media posts, calendar notifications, reminders)
• Training analysis data
• Activity History
• Distance correction by smartphone GPS
• Sleep analysis data
• Phone Finder
• Life log data

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    Dangerous week to have credit card with all these watch deals

    • +4

      Better watch your spending.

      ( • _ •)
      ( • _ •)>⌐■-■

  • G-Squad up!

  • Ouft so tempting, I actually don't mind the blue… hard to tell how it will look from the screen..
    Do these watches have 'workout modes' such as riding a bike or swiming. Obviously no GPS so that would be the phone.

    • I think it would look good on you, regardless.

    • +2

      This site is good for checking features on G-Shocks:


      Shame no Multi-date (DD-MM), hard to find many models that get everything right. Also best to try on.

    • Do these watches have 'workout modes' such as riding a bike or swiming.

      just seems to say “other” you could probably find the full list in the user manual.

      but from what I read certain sports such as biking and swimming or anything other than walking and running is harder to track. I also heard read that sleep tracking is also very difficult.

      fitness watch companies like Garmin have had a lot of models and experience to perfect the tracking for these other sports so track them a lot better. I wouldn’t expect that much accuracy from the G-Squad for anything other than walking and running but maybe I am wrong.

      • Separating the led and the sensor into separate wells would prevent light from the led interfering with the sensor.

        The single piece of glass that the garmin uses (as you mentioned below) would need anti-refractive properties to avoid the light bleeding into the sensor. This likely means a material more prone to shattering under shock, and presumably custom designed and expensive.

        Perhaps casio wanted something more shock proof? Or maybe it's simply significantly cheaper.

        G-Shock don't seem to keep up with trends or the latest technology, their build quality is good but the materials they use often are not the latest technology or even a particularly high standard. For example their 'hardlex' glass is easily scratched which makes a terrible quality watch glass, however it is shatter proof and cheap.

  • Vibrator ! Im sold.


    Shock Resistant

    Power Supply And Battery Life:
    Tough Solar (Solar powered)

    Light Color:
    ±15 seconds per month
    Run Time:
    Using activity functions (heart rate): Approx. 35 hours max | Using in watch mode with heart rate measurement OFF: Approx. 1 month | Using with power-saving function ON: Approx. 11 months | * Varies depending on usage environment; from full charge, without solar power.

    Other Features:
    • Airplane mode
    • Vibrator
    • 12/24-hour format
    • Regular timekeeping: Hour, minute, second, am/pm, month, date, day
    • Vibration on/off
    • Charging system compatible with dedicated cable (requires device with Type-A USB terminal)

  • I read and watched some reviews saying the sensors sticks out too much and makes wearing it uncomfortable and leaves a mark?

    • Yes, it's nicknamed the paw print.

      Neg display is ok if it's MIPS (this one is).

    • the sensors sticks out too much and makes wearing it uncomfortable and leaves a mark?

      yeah I had another look and found this picture https://casioau.com/cdn/shop/products/dwh5600-2d-g-shock-189…

      seems to be the plastic area around each sensor sticks out a bit and that does look uncomfortable.

      just had a look at my $99 Garmin venu and it does stick out a bit but all the sensors are behind a single piece of curved tempered glass? I think that's what it is, it feels cold like glass but pretty sure it isn't because it would hurt to have that shatter on your skin. but yeah Garmin looks much more comfortable I haven't really noticed even when wearing that the sensor is there. there seems to be a black area under the glass which separates the sensors.

      at first I thought maybe the DWH5600 sensor is like a cheapie, but doesn't make sense when it's $300+ and the garmin can do it under the tempered glass for $99.

  • hmm tempted

    • I was going to link you sorry I forgot.

      well I think they aren't selling very well that's why the price drop. I would probably wait until it goes on clearance or something. I could add 10 to cart of each colour and keep going there's plenty of them they are having trouble selling I think.

      if it's a lot cheaper like under $200 or something you could probably ignore any disappointments such as the uncomfy sensor.

      also just watching some videos on it now, but buttons looks a bit hard to press. 🙃

      going to watch this video "amazing and frustrating at the same time!" https://youtu.be/CqnBz5mOL-A

      • yep just watched couple youtubes, will hold for now till $200ish.
        few reddittor returned theirs too

  • -2

    i know it's deal unrelated, but personally not a big fan of casio adding fitness trackings in the watch that drastically reduce battery life.

    might as well get a dw5600 and a mi band for a lot less.

    • adding fitness trackings in the watch that drastically reduce battery life.

      tbh I was surprised at the battery life too. I mean it's got solar so probably can get a bit longer if under the sun, but with everything "fitness" on it says the G-Squad get's 35 hours battery life (so let's say 48 hours with solar). that's 2 days and not much better than a Pixel watch that has way more features such as GPS inside and NFC pay as well as colour OLED screen.

      my Garmin venu is known as the "crappy" entry level smart watch and it has GPS, NFC pay but I can get over two weeks battery between charging.

      • wow at 2weeks battery.. Venu 2 or 3 ?? But they are $650 damn….
        I wonder why watch os cant get 1 or 2 weeks…

        • Venu sq. got it $99 JB deal here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/692567

          it’s got square LCD screen with thick bezel basically Garmins cheapest watch so most people hate it. even though LCD I have no trouble seeing the screen in the sun, it’s got auto brightness sensor too.

          I don’t mind if it functions good. another user called it “slow” but I don’t think so can swipe and navigate fine, only when you are like on legal info screen with lots of small text and scroll really fast I notice some lag.

          anyway Venu 2 and 3 is completely different watch I think it’s round and OLED screen so it gets 1 week max battery, if AOD on only 3 or 4 days battery I think.

    • Not sure why you got negged, I'm also not a fan of Casio adding smart watch and fitness tracking to their range. The features/sensors and app are half baked and wouldn't bother with it. You can turn them all off (including Bluetooth to save battery) but then you should just get a normal model.

      I still like models with Bluetooth to do the time sync every 6h (as atomic clock doesn't work in most of Australia).

      A separate fitness tacker is a great idea, I got a Fitbit charge on right hand that stays on, minimal and much better and can wear normal watches on left hand. Sounds like some people would be better with a Garmin or something if they want too much out a the G-Shock.
      Be nice if they did completely overhauled it in the future though.

      As others mentioned I'd just get the GBD200 for the good MIPS display and run it in airplane mode.

  • I wouldn't mind a Oceanus Manta OCWS6000SW2A but shame they don't stock them

  • not sure why insufficient quantity when at time of posting I added to cart and kept clicking the + button until it went past 10 units, I could have kept going but didn’t.

    so there is at least 12 or 13 in stock of one colour that’s not enough to post?

  • +2

    If you want a G-Shock and only want step counting and notifications maybe look at the GBD-200 but wait for it to go on sale. Last deal was $136 from Amazon. Using mine in airplane mode and it gives me all the watch things like time and alarm and does basic step count. The MIPS display is sublime.

    • yep checking the youtube i think gbd200 is decent enough

  • Do we have vibe alarm on this?

    • Yes reviews said so. Strong

    • Yes, But no DD/MM format for the dates.

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