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Vasque Gore-Tex Hiking Boots $49.99 (Was $369, Limited Men’s & Women’s Sizes) + $10 Shipping @ Pushys


Limited sizes, more availability for Womens boots. Free shipping over $79

Pushys is an Australian Bicycle retailer with an big online shop. They have some hiking boots tucked away in the corner on some heavy specials. There site is a bit of a rabbit warren.

Vasque Gore-Tex Breeze AT GTX Hiking Boots Brown Olive/Bossa Nova $49.99 (Was $369) Sizes 48, 49

Vasque Gore-Tex Breeze AT GTX Womens Hiking Boots Gargoyle/Dark Slate $49.99 (Was $369) Sizes 40, 41, 41.5, 42.5 & 43
Vasque Breeze AT Low GTX Womens Hiking Shoes Gargoyle/Everglade $49.99 (Was $319) Sizes 41
Vasque Breeze III Low GTX Womens Wide Fit Boots Gargoyle $49.99 (Was $314.99) Sizes US7

"Looking for waterproof leather hiking boots? Check out these Vasque Breeze All Terrain GORE-TEX Hiking Boots. They're made for comfort with an All-Terrain Compound midsole and EVA cushioning to walk all day long. Both flexible and lightweight they are built with the durability to tackle any trail. Vibram Megagrip is a tough grip that delivers efficient friction with resistance to wear and tear. Materials used in the boots include waterproof Nubuck leather and a GORE-TEX membrane that gives full coverage for any wet conditions on the trails."

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    Thanks, could never bite at full price.

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      I wrote this somewhere else too. I was between vasque and a scarpa with no gore-Tex. Worst decision… Vasque fell apart after maybe 4-5 hikes.

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    Dumping stock before PFAS mania scare hits

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      interesting. thanks for sharing

    • Do they use PFAS to waterproof this boots ?

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        A lot of waterproof membranes used in outdoor clothing have PFAS or similar chemicals, that’s how they make them waterproof

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        Gore-Tex has PFAS. Doubt that has anything do with it though considering so many shoes on the market currently have some form of GTX weatherproofing, just look at the newfound popularity of Salomon. More likely Pushys is offloading all their hiking boot stock and Vasque doesn't have a lot of brand recognition in Aus.

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      In Australia PFAS will be banned from import, use and manufacture from 1 July 2025 due to health effects.

      • Some PFAS will be. PFOA, PFOS or PFHxS

        PTFE is not part of the ban

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        does it really matter much as shoes, it's not like it's a drink bottle

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          It's about removing manufacture of pfas and its availability from our environment.

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    Ordered, thanks op

  • Cheers got a pair for Bigfoot

  • Are these any good

    • No.
      That's what most people say. It's mostly marketing. Gore-Tex is a joke from what climbers and hikers say. Their gear is expensive for a reason, and this "technology" is just mass produced cheap solution that doesn't last their rigorous testing.

    • I bought a pair a few years ago. One of the boots was leaky almost from the start. Probably a manufacturing defect. Salomons are way better.

  • My sizes are sold out, also over 3000 clicks and only 10 likes

    • +5

      Maybe ppl are just checking out what they look like, or reviews, or size availability. Then they didn't follow through with any purchase

      • Exactly. Deal too good to not click, unfortunately sizes were not available

  • I got both men's sizes on eBay, easier to return and cheaper with ebayplus

  • The sizes are ridiculously massive. Unless their sizing is different but who wears a 49..
    Also no common size for ladies.
    These must be on sale as they are the ones unlikely to be sold as not common sizes

    • +2

      Yes, hence why I posted the original sizes on sale here rather than having people click through.

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        I agree but I assume that's why they are selling them cheap. Thanks for your post not against you.. I'm just kinda shocked that this is a non custom sized 49 boot.. it's good for people with that foot size.. but can't imagine it would make much sense from a business perspective to make these as normal stock

        • Reviews from Amazon are saying get a size larger than normal, I like to wear thick socks too with hiking boots so these 49 should fit just right

  • Markups on these are pretty crazy if they can sell them for $49.99 when the RRP is set for $369.

    • They'll be selling at a loss.

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    4 products for sale, 3 women's and 1 men's which are sold out.

  • Extremely limited size options..

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    The irony with PFAS and the environment lifestyle segment.
    Go into nature to poison mother nature.
    Pay exorbitant prices for the gear.
    Capitalism at it's finest.

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      Yes, whilst you're at it, pay $299 for a high tech rain jacket and watch your trekking guide keep dry in a garbage bag.

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    Same price + free shipping on their ebay store

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      And I got a $5 off voucher. Thanks.

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    these things dont seem to have great reviews?

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