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25% off Travel Insurance @ World2Cover


Just tried this old code and it is working again.

Haven't used them before so can't comment on ease of claims but PDS seems fairly consistent with terms found on most budget travel insurance products.

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  • Anyone used before? Just about to start looking at insurance for 6 months of travel

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      Yes. They are good. Read the PDS before claiming.

      Had an annual multi trip last year went to 3 different continents and claimed on 2 and was fine.

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      Used them with this same deal for a trip in Feb this year. Claimed a broken iphone and expected some sort of hassle, but no issues, sent the documents and had a response and the money in about 2 weeks.

  • Was looking for travel insurance, seems cheaper. It says that dependents are included but when it comes to cancellation/unforeseen benefits, they will only pay for the adult excluding dependents

    • Shouldn't it be all the persons insured?

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        That's what I thought too, but they specifically wrote ' Per Adult'. Other benefits, they wrote 'Per Person'.

        • Seems odd.. useless for people with dependents

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      I wonder if the policy might list these benefits "per Adult" because adults are typically the ones who incur these costs directly. Also, the dependents' travel arrangements are usually tied to the adults' bookings and payments.

      The parts of the policy I found per adult are in cancellation fees and travel agent fees.

      For practical purposes, this coverage structure doesn't necessarily leave dependents unprotected; instead, it reflects who is financially responsible for the bookings. It’s also worth noting that other benefits that might impact dependents directly, such as medical expenses and emergency assistance, are covered for all insured persons, not just adults.

      Just a thought.

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    Note 1: The issuer of the insurance is fairly unknown, small and without any long history (Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co Ltd)
    Note 2: Reviews
    a) According to the very few reviews, they are very stingy/dodgy when it comes to paying out claims for reasons
    b) The wait times for processing and payout can be describes as "months" instead of weeks

    I would avoid, Covermore is by far the best

    • Covermore are good but also over 5x the price for my trip.

      • Looking to buy this week
        Covermore or 1st Cover which do people recomend??

        • If cost is not an issue I recommend Covermore.

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      Lmao what, Tokio Marine Nichido is the property/casualty arm of Tokio Marine Holdings, the largest property/casualty insurance group in Japan founded in 1879.

      Can't comment too much on reviews, but searching up most travel insurance reviews brings up similar claim times and terrible ratings.

      • edit: deleted my original message, might give these guys a miss too. Far less coverage than what you get with others (especially Covermore)

    • Thanks for your research 👍 I was interested, but will likely skip these guys.

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      Just wanted to put my opinion out there, but I've had quite good experience with them. I bought the year coverage with snow insurance for my Canada & Japan trip earlier this year. Many things went wrong, but in essence, I was able to claim $9K worth of reimbursements and got myself a Singapore Airlines business flights as a result of my cancelled flight with Virgin Australia. The only downside I've encountered is that they've taken a while to get the money to me, but nothing a little pestering doesn't help.

      But as per usual, YMMV. Make sure to read the PDS as well!

      Edit: My mum was with Covermore and had issues claiming medical expenses VS World2Cover who just sent the money through in two weeks.

    • Lol covermore are a joke. Pushed by flight centre with 20-40% margins.

      Used this product and experience and claiming was better than any covermore product.

      They are generally 5 big underwriters. Think aus post and covermore are the same, different prices though.

      Ahhh username - work in travel?

  • was gonna get a quote for dad but they only cover travellers between 18-75 yo.

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      Wow ur dad is under 18?! I've heard about these families

  • Thanks

  • Where does the code come from? Will it give them reason to deny claim if it targeted?

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      It's from the Entertainment Book, no reason to deny claims as it's not mentioned in PDS.

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    Beware - Check their usage of valuables policy. What I mean is, if you're are using a valuable eg. snow skis, drone, surfboard etc and you loose/break the item W2C won't cover it. I've had this experience with W2C. They will cover if they were stolen from your hotel room or the likes, but if you are using the item all coverage goes out the window.

  • Unfortunately you have to read every PDS. Even offerings from the same insurer under different brands can differ.
    In our circumstances we went with Covermore (Zurich) but through Medibank Private who offered better terms to suit our situation.

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    I'll put in my two cents worth. We've used them for many years. At the end of the day, it's the underwriter that matters and the contract which is dictated by that underwriter (IMHO).

    We used 1Cover for many years prior to that, mainly because they had good coverage for a dependent that had some medical issues (Allianz was their underwriter at that time I think). We kept using 1Cover after we no longer needed coverage for that dependent out of loyalty for the times when we found it difficult to get coverage, but then they changed underwriters and the prices went up and the coverage deteriorated significantly in our opinion. We did have 1 minor claim on 1Cover(Allianz) and it was handled very well, but that was probably 20 years ago.

    You need to look at the policy and how it fits your needs, and make your own judgement on the agent (W2C) and the underwriter (Tokio Marine), but we keep using them. I seem to remember the only 'funny' thing for us was that the help line if you are overseas is based out of Japan (but check that as we have never had to use it). I just checked again on their website, but RACQ use Tokio Marine as their travel underwriter and I would think that RACQ would cater for an older client base, so less likely to have drone or snowboarding issues.

    We haven't had a claim on W2C, but we have had a good experience with them at the beginning of COVID. We had a trip booked with insurance paid at time of booking which of course got cancelled. If you remember there were all sorts of problems getting refunds from airlines and other providers at the time. I contacted W2C and they immediately said that they would cover the cancellation but suggested I wait a while to lodge the claim. If I got all the refunds back myself, they would refund the policy cost less a 10% handling fee. They said to wait a while and see if the airline would make a refund. China Airlines (Taiwan) were great!! We had to wait until the actual travel date for the outbound trip expired, but I then got a full refund to my credit card. We were also able to get all our other bookings cancelled or refunded. The only one I had trouble with was Luxury Escapes, but I had fortunately PDFed the terms and conditions at the time of purchase. They kept trying to dodge the refund, but with some persistence, they eventually paid out.

    I let W2C know that I had all my refunds and wouldn't be claiming on their policy, and they fully refunded (no charges) the policy within a couple of days.

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      Great summary. Should be pinned with every deal for all travel insurance deal.

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        Thank you for your kind comments. I don't post very often, but when I do, I try to provide useful information or at least a considered opinion. That often means it has to be more than a one liner and I have had some criticism on this forum and others because of the length of some of my posts. I'm glad you found it useful!!

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          Travel insurance is a safe place unless it's coming from a denied claim.

          As mentioned - a blurb that sounds be used 24/7 - keep travelling

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    I used them in february this year, my luggage wheel was broken when i collected it from the plane carousel. They paid for my replacement luggage easily without a fuss. Just sent photos of the broken wheel and they asked if i had a receipt of the replacement luggage and they paid out the whole sum. Was around $170.

    Will probably use them again!

  • Erm, where the hell do I enter the discount code? I went through the whole process and in the end I could not find out where to enter the discount code for 25% off… Nothing on the Trips, Quote, Details or Payment pages…

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      enter it at the very start before you start your quote

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        Thanks, figured it out eventually, $15 cheaper quote than any other places I've tried after discount.

  • I can't seem to find anywhere on the PDS about buying the insurance while already on a trip (ie. Have left Australia and buying while overseas). Will I be covered if I buy from W2C? I know companies like Covermore has a clear disclaimer:

    If you’ve already left home and are on your trip, this cover is subject to a 3-day no cover period.

    But I can't seem to find anything similar for W2C?

    • Not allowed. (FAQ).

      Cover is available to:
      Australian residents up to 75 years of age, provided:
      You purchase Your policy before You begin your trip

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