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Samsung 512GB Pro Plus Micro SDXC Card $69 Delivered @ digiDirect eBay



512GB Storage Capacity
UHS-I / V30 / U3 / A2 / Class 10
Max Read Speed: 180 MB/s
Max Write Speed: 130 MB/s
Min Write Speed: 30 MB/s
X-Ray, Magnet, Drop, and Waterproof
Withstands Extreme Temperatures
Withstands 10,000 Insertion Cycles
Includes microSD to SD Adapter

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  • Even cheaper ($64) if you are with eBay plus and have a spare $5 coupon.

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      but then you don't pay the fun number :p

      • +2

        If you pay you should be able to have any number 😜

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    any 1Tb deal, I am looking to use in steam deck.

    • +1

      I'll be using this one in my 512GB oled SD, just for emulation files.

      • I have one 512gb but it is almost full with Emu ROMS and some big games.
        BTW I have 512SD OLED version.

    • 1.5TB here for $184


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    Nice, I"ll grab one for my Samsung phone, oh wait, you dumped the SD slot.

  • Is this good for drones?

    • Sure. Has a high write speed.

      • Got one. Thanks

        • Just note that it will never reach the advertised write speed in the drone, you need specific USB card readers to achieve this so it's really only good for file transfers/offloading the card if you have the specific readers required. For video it is only V30 rated, same as the EVO.

  • Can I use it for Dji action 4 camera?

    • This is great for DJI action 4. I started using it after Samsung EVO Plus(older version) cards couldn't keep up with writes intermittently and lost videos.

      • Was that the evo plus or evo pro plus that you have issues with. Just asking as I have the evo plus but haven’t opened it yet.

        • Never heard of EVO Pro Plus. Only EVO Plus and Pro Plus. Someone on OB said that the new EVO Plus is fine. The new EVO Plus has write speed of 130MB/s.

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    Next gen microsd's are almost here, hanging out for sub $40 on this card

    • +1

      what's coming in next gen

  • Okay for dji air 3 4k60p?

  • got one for $45 last deal.. not a great deal
    edit: was the EVO plus not the Pro Plus however really not much difference i.e. Pro Plus has slightly greater 'READ' speed that is never really noticed.. both have same write speed which is was generally counts

  • Got one to go with the DJI Osmo Pocket 3 that I picked up recently. Cheers!

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    This good for my smart toaster?

  • +4

    HODLing out for another ~$40 deal…

    Would be a nice addition to my new Steam Deck.

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    I suspect the offer has expired. Showing as $99 now.

    • Yeh just seen this too :(

    • 51 sold in last 24hrs reaction possibly, Oh wow these are popular atm, lets put up the price.

  • Ordered a half at dozen of these at the last Amazon sale, and ended up selling the six Evo Plus's I got earlier but never opened (for a loss BTW after eBay fees/postage)

    Got another one today, really I should have ordered ~8-10 of these from Amazon as these are much better than the Evo Plus which I want to replace for all my devices

    BTW: Use these in a card reader that support DDR200, and you'll get ~180MB/s read and 130MB/s write, but they get HOT, maybe 60C, and quickly, like 30sec. I ended up using the Kingston MobileLite Plus (MLP) SD Card Reader.

  • Back in stock for $69 in case anyone missed out.

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    I plan to get memory card for my new toy, Insta360 x4. According to Insta website nothing is mentioning about Samsung cards. Still anyone think this card would be comparable?


  • same price on Amazon for those with prime https://www.amazon.com.au/SAMSUNG-microSD-Adapter-MicroSDXC-…

    • $69.00 one is showing with $9.95 delivery, Prime one (next day delivery) is $89.00

  • If you out these in an sd adapter and use them in a camera does it slow down the potential speed at all?

    • +3

      No, same speed compared to the same spec full sized SD card.

      A full size SD card has 9 pins, and micro has 8 pins. The difference is the full sized card has two ground pins and the micro has only one, but thats bridged in an adapter.

      I use miro's in my bodies. For example, on the A7 R's each compressed RAW takes about 1 sec to write (~68MB), 61MP. I don't spray and pray and the camera has its own buffer in case I wanted to…but i'll be waiting a bit of time for that burst to clear.

      If you need speed, UHS-II or whatever your body can support.

      BTW, to the best of my knowledge all cameras that support SD UHS-I, only support upto SDR104 (which is part of the official SD spec), so you are only going to get a max of 90-100 something MB/s read or write (card depending) within the body. This card won't help in your body to write quicker than what the SD UHS-1 spec allows. BUT with a card reader that supports DDR200 you can write and read faster than the UHS-I spec allows (as DDR200 is a proprietary UHS-I extension).

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