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The Arch Framed LED Mirror - Matte White $269 Delivered @ Aussie Baths


Brushed Gold sold out.
Matte Black sold out.
Frameless sold out.

12 x remaining for Matte White at $269.00
RRP is $349.00

Measuring 1000mm x 500mm.
2-Years Warranty included.

Delivery is included to anywhere in Australia.

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    Just want to see if you can point me in the right direction with regards to why your product listed at $269 delivered would be better than this one on ebay for a 100 x 60 for $193.75 delivered before any applicable ebay discounts

    I legitimately am after some new mirrors - not these ones - but have found pricing to just be literally all over the shop in this industry from Kmart to ikea to home gym suppliers to dedicated mirror suppliers etc. To me, mirror is mirror (other than in this instance where it has inbuilt demisters and lighting)

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      A lot of factors are to be considered and I am happy to help you acquire new mirrors from Aussie Baths.
      1. Copper Free, some stores don’t use copper free mirrors. While this doesn’t matter for other mirrors. It is highly important to have copper free mirrors in a bathroom setting due to the moisture. Copper free reduces corrosion.
      2. Features. Inbuilt demister, multiple lighting options, dimmable. Etc…
      3. Warranty. 2-Years Warranty included.
      4. Comes with AU plug and doesn’t require hard wiring by a technician.

      • ok thats fair (other than point 2 as the other one also had colour switching, demister and dimmable) - point 4 is the tipping point though (not for me) but for many others and is a huge consideration. thanks for taking the time to compare.

        not after bath mirrors - after home gym mirrors thanks anyway.

        • Not a problem at all.
          Let me know if there’s anything I can assist with.

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          after home gym mirrors

          Look on Gumtree Freebies for old wardrobes with sliding mirror doors.

          • @WatchNerd: Yeah that was my first point of call- but I need them all to match up as I wanted to do roughly 2 walls of 3m x 2.5m. Too many different mirrors butted up even slightly misaligned is really annoying (kinda what I’m running atm)

    • Im looking at mirrors too. Thats a pretty decent one you found on ebay! Seems to be copper free and have all the other features too. Just warranty from an ebay store is the gamble. Seems to be that builders/electricians dont seem to like plug in mirrors in bathrooms vs hardwired due to risk if that plug works its way partially out and condensation on the walls runs down onto the exposed prongs

      • WRT to the ebay one, it only has 1 year only warranty and doesnt have the plug so technically needs an electrician. Logstically speaking these are usually installed by electricians anyway unless you happen to have a power point installed right next to it (pretty unlikely and if you do man that would be distracting to have a lead like that) - or a recess behind the mirror to put the plug…which again is pretty rare unless you are replacing like for like in a premium build..

        to be fair i just spent 2 min looking up that one - there are probably a heap of others with a plug if you poke around more. I am after gym mirrors though.

        • I was trying to get my builder to even install recessed wall gangs for the new build in the bathrooms for plug in and they just wouldn't do it. Said its still risky.

      • Hey Sammy,

        Besides the 3-4 dot points there is of course quality.

        Keep in mind there are mirrors such as the one I have listed here going for $700 +

        None of our customers have ever had any issues with the AU plug in terms of condensation.

        In regards to water though, our mirrors are also IP54 rated.

        Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to know!

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