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JGINYUE B650i Night Devil AM5 Mini-ITX Motherboard US$97.96 (~A$148.65) Delivered @ Shop1103765310 Store AliExpress


Cheapest ITX AM5 motherboard at the moment. Jginyue seems to be an AMD partner now so BIOS updates should release normally. Decent board that can apparently run 7950X without issue. I got a further 2 USD off with 208 coins.
AMD B650 Chipset
1* PCIe 4.0 x16
2* DDR5 Slot
2* M.2 Slot (Front and back)
4* SATA3 6Gb/s
8+2+1 Power Phase 55A Dr.MOS
Realtek RTL8125BG 2.5G Ethernet
Realtek ALC897 Audio
Supports M.2 WiFi (includes the bracket but no antennas or WiFi card)

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  • +3

    A motherboard brand that I have never heard of from Aliexpress.. What could possibly go wrong..

  • how much is the cheapest local ITX?

    • Gigabyte A620i AX for $259 from CentreCom

      • -5

        At least this will get infinite support. Do you know whether your brand will?

        • Jginyue is an AMD board partner so probably.

          • -3

            @CHUNITHM Luminous: Any past history, previous performance?
            Probably…yup. My guesses are as good as yours.
            I know for a fact that Gigabyte will and continuously support updates including security and critical.

            If I may say so it's like buying a Xiaomi phone, fantastic hardware and very cheap but bugger all support for the firmware. Not to mention Aliexpress which on more than one occasions they sided with the seller even though clearly the fault with the seller and never got my money back.

            • @craving: Jginyue B660i Snow Dream released November 2022 had its most recent BIOS update May 7 2024

              • -3

                @CHUNITHM Luminous: LOL, they have just released the BIOS for 13th Gen Intel and you call that support, yeah right. My Gigabyte has had the 7th official since the 13th plus countless in between (a, b, c, and d) and able to run 14th Gen not long after it was officially released. And no it wasn't the high end, as a matter of fact it would be one of the cheapest. Not that matters anyway.

                • @craving: Me when small Chinese company doesn’t provide as many updates as large company selling a board for twice the price

                  • -2

                    @CHUNITHM Luminous: Firmware supports matters. You get what you pay for. It's your money not mine. You can only hope they will release support for the 14th. I'm sure they still have plenty of bugs to iron out for the 13th.

                    As for AMD, they have at least another 2 Gens. If I have to buy another motherboard for that then this isn't so cheap anymore.

                • +3

                  @craving: Asus still hasnt solved the issue with 4080/90 with their b450 itx, and yet people still trust asus for some reason
                  Jingyue pump out updates a lot atm for their boards, limited by size ofc

                  As for the past experience, Jginyue has been tested by many in the SFF community now, if you accept the kinks you're getting insanely good value

      • +2

        Which is a far worse board spec wise, both Gigabyte AX ITX boards are a waste of money, Aorus is fine.

        • I agree. The cheapest comparable board in terms of hardware would be the MSI B650i EDGE for $339.

        • +1

          Yooo pugkin

          the a620 has PPT configuration issues as well, eco mode allows higher perf than stock…

          would rather take the jingyue anyday

  • From the images it appears to put the 2nd M.2 socket on the back of the board. But oddly there don't appear to be any posts to support the other end of the SSD.

    I'd buy one of these as a stopgap until the new 9000 series boards with 800 series chipsets come out supporting stuff like USB4. But it only says it supports 7000 series CPUs, not 8000 series. And I want something for a Ryzen 8600G, or GE if I can get one.

    • It should support 8000 APUs according to the February 23 BIOS update https://jginyue.com/index/Article/show/cat_id/25/id/132

      • Thanks for that useful info.

        Do you see any support posts for the M.2 socket on the back of the board? It is unusable without them.

        Some of us don't want a high priced premium "gaming" mini-ITX board with gaming LAN and wifi chips. We just want the smaller board size. But it costs more to build a small board with as much on it as a bigger board. I wish they wouldn't try. For example it'd free up enough space to fit both M.2 sockets on the top of the board, where they're more accessible if instead of using full-sized desktop DIMMs, they used shorter laptop SO-DIMMs sitting upright. I know you can get sockets to do that, I've got a mini-PC that uses them. And a x8 length PCIe socket would free up more space. And forget the SATA sockets, who needs them these days. If anyone wants SATA they can plug a SATA adapter into the second M.2 socket.

  • What's cheapest CPU for this mobo?

  • Looks clean. Any thoughts on the VRM?

    • Going off some Chinese reviews off Bilibili it seems to be pretty good especially for this price, can handle a 7900X full load.

    • +2

      8+2+1 Dr Mos = good.. with these oversea's boards its not about VRM or caps as those will most likely be ok but the BIOS itself could be a sack of monkey poop :)… DDR5 stability and slow boot times could be an issue.. DOA and or short lifespan another risk… :) but who knows… a long time ago i got myself a BIOSTAR Board and GEIL DDR Ram to run a AMD THunderbird 700Mhz CPU when there were an unknown company.. worked out fine. But those were local stock with warranty

      • +1

        That's probably why. It was a local stock which more than likely has been tested by the importer before selling them locally.

        • +2

          aliexpress cant beat local warranty .. I would buy anything from there with the same mindset as second hand… price is low so all good

          • @vid_ghost: Ive had pretty good experience with Aliexpress, however I've never had to enforce long term warranty, just problems on arrival/lack of arrival in some instances

      • +1

        BIOS is terrible for these, but its less about impossibility and more about time, first page you can switch from Chinese to English and find what you need, XMP isn't great, 5600mhz is stable, 6000mhz is a mixed bag, but they've been working on it

  • +3

    Shop1103765310, the most trustworthy AliExpress store

  • +2

    Just sayin, my biostar a320 still going strong

  • Can someone recommend an m.2 wifi card that'll fit for this

    • Intel AX210 should work no problem as I see sellers in China bundling them with the board.

        • +1

          The first should work but the second one you posted (BE200) are Intel only and do not work on AMD

        • +1

          The wifi card sockets on AMD motherboards have A and E keys. The BE200 card not only won't work on an AMD motherboard, they won't even fit because it doesn't have slot in the connector for the A key. The BE210 card does and will.

    1. The code didn't do anything when I applied it.

    2. The price is +10% GST.

    • Works for me and comes out to US$97.96. Are you sure you're entering SS12?

      • I applied the other code, 24SS12. And when I then tried SS12 it said you couldn't stack codes. It wasn't much so I went ahead anyway.

        But even more confusing I went through what I thought was the whole purchase process, including paying by PayPal, but I got no notifications afterwards that it had happened. You didn't send me anything. PayPal didn't send me anything or debit my card. Something clearly went wrong, and maybe it was my fault. I was afraid that if I did it again I'd end of with two, and being charged twice. So I was leaving it a couple of days to see if anything happened.

        Checked the AliExpress account I created to do it. It says "no orders yet".

        • Yeah you can only use one of them but I put both in the post as they do the same thing. You should be safe to try ordering again though.

          • @CHUNITHM Luminous: No, its tells me I can't use SS12 in conjunction with other codes.

            And when I get to the end of the purchase process, including paying with PayPal, I find I haven't purchased anything or been billed anything by PayPal.

            I have purchased a lot of things before, successfully.

            But I clearly can't purchase your motherboard for some reason that isn't obvious.

            I give up.

  • +2

    Jginyue you get what you paid for, I myself have the B760i and its a perfectly functional board, they definitely have software kinks, but again, its dirt cheap
    When you consider much of the alternatives price wise are barebones boards, its a steal

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