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[Refurb] HP ELITEDESK 800 G4 Mini i5 8500T 16GB RAM 256GB SSD Win 11 Micro PC Wi-Fi $199 Delivered @ MetroCom


Hi all running a sale on this 8th HP mini PC.

Intel® Core™ i5-8500T Processor
Operating System
Windows 11 Pro
UHD 630
Front: 1 USB 3.1 Type-C™ (charging); 1 USB 3.1 Gen 1; 1 USB 3.1 Gen 1 (charging); 1 Headphone connector
Back: 4 USB 3.1 Gen 1; 1 RJ-45; 1 power connector; 2 DisplayPort™ 1.2
RJ-45 Ethernet port; Dual band USB WiFi and Bluetooth

Also 6th gens-
HP ELITEDESK 800 G2 mini i5 6500T 8GB RAM 256GB SSD Win 10 Micro PC $129 Delivered
Lenovo ThinkCentre M700 Mini PC Computer i5 6400T 8GB RAM 128GB SSD $119 Delivered


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  • +3

    Suitable for a plex server?

    • Doe plex need gpu?

      I googles the processor. Launch date was 2018

      • +2

        have one of these and works fine with proxmox as LXC with pass-through Intel HD 630 Graphics as for the transcoding on 3 streams at once with CPU and Mem usage being hardly any activity.

      • Plex needs a GPU that can hardware-decode/transcode modern codecs like H.265, the integrated UHD 630 GPU does this very well.

        • But an N100 has more modern codec support and uses less power, for the same cost. Some other advantages to this PC I guess.

      • You need to pay for Plex Pass to use GPU

    • +2

      Definitely- with this igpu it’ll do basic 4K hardware transcoding too.

      Only catch is space for storage drives is limited, however plenty of connections for external usb enclosures.

      I use something similar to run Plex, with my media on an ancient synology nas

    • +2

      Overkill for a Plex Server.
      A Skylake i3-6100 + 4GB of ram is more than enough.

      • +4

        It depends. If you're never transcoding, Skylake will be fine…
        Skylake can't do HEVC 10 bit decode, and struggles with 4K transcodes.

        This machine here will work perfectly for all transcoding if run on Linux (HDR tone mapping is still a performance issue on Windows)
        Also with the upcoming feature to be able to transcode into HEVC might be very handy for keeping bandwidth in check for remote viewers.

    • Fantastic for one performance wise! Might have to tinker with how you configure storage but will do a perfectly good job

    • +1

      even a raspberry pi can be a plex server… pretty much anything can be.

    • Will easily run Plex. These are a well capable little pc. Good for media. I would probably stick in a larger hard drive but apart from that works well. Some of them have up to 3 display ports.

  • How do this one compares with the N100 mini pc deals? Seems like sub 200$ N100 are much better in every way.

    • +1

      16GB ram + 256GB SSD costs more than $200 on an N100 MiniPC.
      I'd still buy an 8GB/128GB N100 over this though because it's more efficient and supports AV1 decode.
      These Optiplex/EliteDesk/ThinkCenters PCs only get an advantage when moving up to SFF (rather than SFF Micro/Mini like the OP deal) because of the PCIe slot flexibility.

      • I personally pass on N100 for it's 16GB RAM limit. These machines have so much spare CPU headroom for running homelab apps. Many homelab apps don't consume much CPU so memory tends to be the limiting factor for me.

        I am aware unofficially N100 can do more than 16GB but also sporadic reports of stability issues from the web

      • +1

        They also support dual channel ram, which the N-series do not. Not the end of the world, but the additional bandwidth is make or break if you plan on hosting any VMs.

        Also, you can get PCIe risers for m720q’s. I use one with a PCIe to NVME+mSATA card for additional storage on a Proxmox host.

    • I just bought an n100 for like $250 on sale on Amazon.
      ( Beelink s12 pro )

      N100 has newest gen CPU/GPU so can transcode at least 6 X 4K streams.

      • This one can do about 3-4 4K streams, so it’s definitely up to the task. The main benefit you’ll enjoy with your N100 is AV1 decoding.

  • +1

    usb dongle for wifi? Not inbuilt?

    • Too sneaky. Surely Metrocomm would not be so unethical as to throw in a yumcha dongle?

      • +2

        The listing says USB wifi, so not sure how that is unethical. For most users, getting the dongle is better than a $3 discount and no wifi.
        I don't think any of the refurb dealers will be going around adding internal wifi to ex-lease machines without it.

        • +1

          Headline says wifi. I'm expecting original. If I wanted a shitty dongle I'd spend $2 on aliexpress. or pull it out of the drawer.

    • The HP boxes rarely came with Wifi standard.

      The generic USB adaptors are fine for most desktop use cases, provided you’re using windows. Support for cheapo Realtek USB chipsets is and always has been flaky and a PITA in Linux.

      • I had this issue firsthand, I have a mini PC like this went through 3 or 4 wifi dongles that didn't work on my gaming distro before just running ethernet to my entertainment unit.

  • Does this have HDMI?

    Is this a better deal than this deal

    • No to the HDMI, 2 DisplayPort connections. Could always use an adapter.

      Yes to better deal. In terms of specifications they are just about identical (8600 vs 8600T, which garners about 12% performance improvement on overall synthetic benchmarks), just depends on brand preferences I guess. That one does have HDMI.

  • Any good for mother in-laws laptop replacement?
    She doesn't take it anywhere and just does emails and web browsing

    • +2

      Yeah this thing is pretty perfect, especially if you are connecting it with network cable, rather then using the USB wifi.

      • +1

        Generic USB wifi dongles are generally fine on windows, but they might want something with better range if they’re using Facebook on turbo mode.

    • +2

      Yes, and you could even get a vesa mount bracket to make a DIY all in one, with nice neat cable management.

      • Could you expand on this? I'm also wanting to upgrade for a boomer and need it simple!

        • +2

          If your monitor has VESA mounts, you can buy a bracket that you can mount this pc in to put onto the back of the monitor. Technically, making it an AIO.

  • @MetroCom any deal on the non mini variant? Looking for a dual 3.5" bay SFF. Cheers

    • I just happened to come across this after reading your comment. You might be interest. $247 after code

      • Would be nice to get the SFF version around ~$200 as well. is $47 justified just for 3.5" drive support.

  • Any laptop deals planned?

  • This is useful for longevity, it's the oldest CPU that supports Windows 11, with Win10 being decommissioned next year (so Microsoft claims).

    I would also consider an Intel N100 based mini PC from Amazon, can get an Intel 12th gen 4-core that runs at 6w tdp, with 16GB+500GB for as little as $250.


    Not quite as powerful, but it shouldn't be too far behind. CPU Mark: 5549 vs 7729, -28%.

  • Internal storage? 1 or 2 M.2 and 2.5" bay?

  • What kind of games can this play?

  • Does this processor support vPro? @MetroCom

    • Most probably yes. I have this model and it does. As far as I know all HP EliteDesk i5 and i7 support AMT/vPro. HP ProDesk might be different. No need for the Intel 9560 WiFi card either as the integrated I-219LM supports AMT/vPro.

  • Power adaptor included?

  • Can we upgrade these to i7 8700k?

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