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Compare The Market Cashback: $250 Hospital/Extras, $210 Hospital, $140 Comprehensive Car, $130 Home Contents @ TopCashback AU


Usually $200 cashback, TopCashback AU have upsized to health insurance cover to $250.

Also upped car insurance to $140

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Referrer gets $35, referee gets $10 (after $10 of earned cashback within 180 days of signing up).

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  • newbie to private health insurance here. Can someone recommend a good health cover for a single?

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      Depends on your health and lifestyle, income, etc
      Hard to recommend without that knowledge

      • I consider myself healthy and have a normal daily lifestyle. I'm in my early 30s

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          If you don't have any use for Extras such as dental and optical, go for cheapest hospital if you are trying to avoid the Medicare levy surcharge.

          If you anticipate using dental, optical, massage etc and have no medical conditions, go for cheapest hospital and mid to highest extras.

          • @easternculture: Thanks. I would like my regular teeth examination and cleaning covered by the insurance, 1-2 massages per year, and some normal yearly health checkups. One question, if I sign up today, can I avoid this financial year's Medicare levy surcharge?

    • All I can say is be patient and your cashback claim will be resolved. I waited over 2 months for my CTM $250 that didn't track but eventually showed up in my account.

      Also feel free to pm the new rep @tightarse

      • Shopback is good in these kind of matters, where they honoured my Lyca mobile one.

        • Shopback are probably the worst from my experience.

    • Loose seal!

    • Edit: @tightarse solved the issue quick, wow thanks!

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    A lot of us are still waiting on the Temu 50% CB from last month!

    • All I can recommend is lodge a claim and wait.
      TCB has to wait for Temu to respond first before they can process your claim.

      You could also pm @tightarse if you have any further questions

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      Please see here. Thanks.

  • sad…just literally just missed the additional $50 by a few days! :(

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      Same, for two of us too.

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    Health comparison site who’s business model works on kickbacks engages in cashback site that works on kick backs 🤔

    • There must have been enough fat in the kickbacks from insurance companies for this deal to happen. Thats why my believe is that insurance is a gamble and the house always wins.


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    I don't trust topcashback because it still hasn't tracked my temu order last week!

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      Hi. Please see here. We've been proactively chasing and in discussions with both TEMU & it's affliliate tracking network to get to the bottom of why some members experienced no tracking. If you know me from previous issues, we'll always get to the bottom and resolve in members favour. It's just a matter of please being patient. It's also the reason you should actually trust TCB. Thank you :)

      • Thanks rep for sharing. I saw the comment before the last temu promo therefore participated, sadly none of the two orders tracked, claims submitted hopefully they get sorted.

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    My cashback hasn't been tracked from CompareTheMarket. I raised the issue on 24/03/24. Nearly 3 months still no cashback.

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      Please PM me your TCB email address and your signup email address at CTM's end and I'll take care of it. Thanks.

      For those unaware, CTM had teething issues via their new affiliate network which have since been ironed out so tracking should now be fine.

      • Thank you @tightarse. PMed

      • +2

        TA has assisted me in resolving the issue. Thank you heaps! Under his watch I believe TCB has a chance now. At least I am going to give it another go knowing that TA guards ozbargainer's interests. Well done TA! 🙏👍👏

        • Same here. TA fixed my claim so quickly. Took their customer service weeks at a time to respond without resolving it but TA just comes in and fixes things right away 👏👏👏

    • My cashback for travel insurance via Comparethemarket also didn't track. I had to lodge a query, and then they took weeks each time to respond with minor requests for information. In the end they gave me around 15% cashback even though it was advertised as 50% for travel insurance at the time. I have questioned the cashback amount but it's taking another few weeks. This has been going on since March. Terrible experience

      • Sorted as per above. Cheers!

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    Does anyone know if taking out two extra policy is allowed? I already have a corporate hospital + extra but want to take out another just extra policy.

    • yes is possible

  • Is it okay to take policy for my mom who is gonna be on visitor for 3 months ? It says policy should remain active for 30 days and will be rewarded after 90-100 days. So is it okay to cancel after 70-80 days ? Seems like yes but wanted to confirm with someone who had similar experience ?

    • Good question

  • If I purchase a policy through CTM with Virgin Money, can I stack with this deal for 10,000 velocity points?

    • I don't think so.. From T&Cs "Offer is not valid to customers who purchased through Compare the Market, Choosi, iSelect, Finder, InfoChoice, Canstar, Mozo or the Virgin Money app."

  • My last transaction with CTM didn't track. Topcashback approved it manually after several weeks but at the lower unboosted rate. I followed on that and haven't heard anything for the past 20 days.

    • Please ping me. I want to look into this for you. Thanks!

  • Can you have gym memberships go through health insurance?

    • If they have a health management option.

      Need to get your GP to sign the health fund specific form and say your BMI is high, recommendation is a gym membership

      • +1

        Woooooot??? I learn something new everyday…. Thanks EC the health insurance pro

        • You want to give private health as little information as possible. High BMI does not mean you are obese or unhealthy as you could just be tall and solid

  • I got this cashback once before. Can I get this cashback again if moving to a different insurance provider?

    • Also interested! @tightarse Could you please answer this question?

  • Would I get the cashback if I purchase the basic a hospital and extra and later upgrade to a more premium plan?

    • How much later

  • Looks like buying Hospital and Extras separately give you higher cashback… ($210 + $75)

    • +1

      If may affect the promos as most free weeks offers require both hospital and extra bought as a combined policy

  • I am in QLD and I found that the quotes for the cheapest hospital cover (to avoid Medicare levy surcharge) at Westfund (with $100 gift card for friend referral) is almost the same as hbf and Bupa deals via TCB and comparethemerkets (where you have to wait and fight for your $240 cashback etc), and the same as with Ahm (with 6 weeks free and $100 cashback directly from ahm).

    Can anyone recommend to look at any cheaper options they found?

  • Well my car insurance didn't track so here we go again with a claim lol

    • How did you go with your claim?

      I signed up for comprehensive car insurance yesterday via CompareTheMarket, nothing tracked yet in TCB.

      • UPDATE: tracked yesterday evening, about ~24 hours after my purchase.

        • Both my car and health insurace tracked so looking at a nice payout soon.

          Next churn for both when they have the next upsize

  • Did hospital and extras and tracked within a couple of hours :) all easy. And I didn’t even process it online the compare the market rep called me midway through and took care of the rest and still tracked. Very good experience if I’m honest.

  • went for the 8 weeks free with Nib

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