TCL 65" C845 4K QLED UHD Mini LED Smart Google TV 65C845 $1,399 + Free Delivery to Selected Cities @ Powerland


Just picked up a great deal on last years model. Looks like I'll have delivery next week.

Reviews look good online and I've been chasing a affordable Mini LED.

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    For reference, I got a 75 inch for $150 more last year. It’s now superseded, but I’m more than happy with it.

    • what do you mean by superseded?

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        probably because there's a newer series came out C855.

        C845 is still great though

        • This.

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    I bought the 85" leading into the Black Friday sales last year… Very happy with my purchase

    • May I ask how good upscaling fhd content is with it? Also, is the soap opera effect noticeable?

      I'm in the market for either TCL or Sony 85"

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    waiting for 75" C845 deal

    • please please please give me this deal

      • It's like they've run out of them. Only way to find it as cheap as previous deals is if you buy a factory second

  • What makes these TCL good?

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      Price and features

    • -1

      I have found mixed reviews on TCL, do your research first.

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      3 years factory warranty instead of 1.

  • Waiting for a good 85" c855 deal.

  • Just out of interest.

    Is a built in TV recorder a standard feature these days? Our old Pana, and Chinesium OEM TVs just require a SD card, and you record via the EPG.

    Just got given a newer Sony, and it has no record function (mind blown). Apparently only available on Euro Sony TV's? Thought about a euro firmware flash, but might brick it.

    • Kif you use the tv app, shows all have a catch up option now or can use hbbtv

    • Recording is long gone on sony. I learned this 5 years ago

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