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Citizen Automatic NJ0171-81A $219 Delivered @ Starbuy


Matching ATL and from a reputable authorised dealer StarBuy. Just bought the Fujitsubo from DJ last weekend for $503 so I must resist the temptation, but for those of you looking for a quality timepiece (or beater watch) at an affordable price this is one of the better options.

Movement: 8210, 21600vph, 45 hour power reserve, no hacking tho
Case diameter: 43mm
Unfortunately mineral glass, no sapphire

Full spec:

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      Wearing my yellow dial now, great watch for $219. Makes Seiko 5KX's look massively overpriced.

      Only downside is the lume isn't very good. If you want a lume monster on a budget get the Steeldive SD1970.

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        Massive watch instead, both are good in their own rights.
        I just don't like Seiko 5's in general, maybe the case shape/crown location, maybe because there are far too many different variants. They are good entry level watches anyway, can't go wrong with Citizens like these though.

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          The only thing I don't like about the Seiko 5 is the logo. If they could take that off or change it to something a bit less wonky then it would be a far better watch IMO. Until then, my personal design demons won't rest…

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            @Chazzozz: Yeah I know, bit of a Superman S. I preferred the old Seiko 5 logo

            I don't care for display case backs (adding weight) but given it may be a lot of people's first automatic it is a feature, and people may be looking behind there when you're showing and telling ha.

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        how awesome is the 1970 - unfortunately only gets 1 day wear now a week :(

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          WN should get kickbacks for sure, haha. I hope he's got one in every colour.

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          I've actually been eying off the bronze SD1970. I'm a sucker for bronze watches, but they're more than twice the price of the standard S/S so that's what is keeping me from pulling the trigger.

          • @Chazzozz: Looks good! But yeah half the appeal of 1970 is the price :(

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              @Jimothy Wongingtons: I wear the Steeldive 1953 and I've never had more compliments at the hospital where I work. Patients and colleagues all love it and can confirm it's a lume beast.

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                @Shashii: Yeah 1953 on me list too

                Getting a heap of compliments as is for my speedtimer, more so on the stock bracelet but

                It’s quite fun on dark brown leather though

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      Nice, two SB deals on a weekday. It's raining deals at the moment.

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    it might not have sapphire and it might not have a hacking movement, but it has a rotating bezel, and that's the most important thing

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    Made in Japan?

    • It's $219 delivered.

    • Japan movement, unsure if it is assembled in Japan or not

    • It clearly shows on the photo of the case back the "JAPAN MOV'T" inscription, which will 100% mean that it's not cased in Japan and I doubt you'll find any Japanese watch models that would be cased in Japan in this price range.

      Higher-end watches that are cased in Japan usually have this very clearly inscribed/printed on the case back as it's an obvious point of distinction from cheaper, lower-end models.

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        Look up Orients, pretty sure the ones I've bought from Amazon JP come from there and say 'Made in Japan's, tracking says as much too.

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    Been after this for a while but will not buy again from Starbuy.

    Found this alternative (the middle one):


    Sapphire, great lume, japanese movement.

    Got it under $100 with coupons.

    • Had a laugh when I saw the brand name… CA-DI-SEN??

      • To be clear, this is not a rep or a fake. Don't think you can read anything into the name, they make many different styles.

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          CADISEN is an independent watch brand Established in Shenzhen China at November 4th, 2013, the company is committed to R&D, production, and sales of cross-border watch. Made and owned by the communists? No thanks not my cup of tea.

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            @bruceclipse: LMAO - so are you ditching everything else from China too? Your house will be pretty bare.

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              @gadgetguy: Well, I like it, packs a nice 40mm package. Steeldive, Addiesdive, Naviforce, SKMEI, Pagani, Cadisen and dozens of others are all Chinese owned and made.

              I draw the line in major purchases. All that's left is the car, and if I were to buy new (not likely) I'd avoid Chinese.

              For everything else, yeah it might be death by a thousand cuts — our new LG microwave was made in China — but this is the world:
              • Nixon-Kissinger wanted,
              • we voted for,
              • we allowed or
              • we embraced.

              • @Speckled Jim: Yeah I thought it looks nice and a good package. But again, this being ozb, trying to be helpful gets you negged.

              • @Speckled Jim: i think cadisen has some pretty nice homages. been eying the cadisen dd homage for ages. but now PD has one …might go that one instead

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                  @Jimothy Wongingtons: When I bought a Daybird automatic from DX maybe ten years ago, I recall seeing Cadisen on there.

                  Nothing like doing a Pete Smith or Gavin Wood impression
                  "from that trusted name in watches…Daybird"

                  • @Speckled Jim: haha well you know what they say:

                    You know a bottle of wine is good when it's grown and bottled in the same region. That's why Chinese watches are superior. Made and assembled in the same place. Pagani (and in this case, Cadisen) have cracked the secret.


                    10 years ago

                    I often think back in the day maybe 10-12 years ago when i wasnt so active on here - I swear I used to open up ozbargain and it was just heaps and heaps of invicta and naviforce…these days hardly hear about them at all… (well other than the invicta joker which always gets referenced because lets face it, its a 10/10)

          • @bruceclipse: That guy is almost naked when typing text.

    • Name checks out. More about the gadget than quality or taste.
      Not saying there is anything wrong with them and have bought a fair few homages (copies) but funny comparison, to the best online retailer of watches.

      It's like saying your Jabra bluetooth headphones are better for music than all of the high end Audio brands. Just say it's better value for money!

      • I didn't make any comment on quality, value for money or anything else - I just stated the facts about the watch.

        Plenty of posts on here about Steeldive and similar and no one turns their noses up then.

        • That's fair, they are all similar, Cadisen is another drop-shipping brand and have seen plenty of vids on JOMW about them. Cadisen seem to be good at doing dress watch homages.

          So why not buy from Starbuy again? If it's not price and value for money then what is it?

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    Fujitsubo from DJ last weekend for $503

    Nice pick up.

  • I want a sapphire glass, Any recommendation?
    thank you.

    • The one I posted above?

    • What type of watch are you looking for? JP or Swiss? Quartz or automatic? Diver or dress?

    • Check out the Orient Mako or Kamasu

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      because you didnt specify anything else, SD1970 BRAH

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      Rolex Yachtmaster

      • Yolex lol
        Bargain site, ha

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