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Bonus $300 Trade-in Credit for Buying a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra + $1100 Voucher with Telstra $89/Mo (24 Mo) SIM Plan @ JB Hi-Fi


*Trade in Samsung S22 Ultra 256GB you receive $400 gift card.
*Square Trade Up will email you a $300 unique coupon if you trade in one of their eligible phones. You can view this coupon deal within their active deals under the phone I was interested in purchasing (https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/samsung-galaxy-s24-ultra-…).
*Sign up for their $99 per month for 24 months Telstra 300GB premium plans. They will discount it to be $89 per month for 24 months. You will receive $1100 in gift cards. This is not listed on their website. Apparently it was increased from $1000 to $1100 on 18/06/2024.

$2499 - 400 - 300 - 1100 = $699 Outright cost to purchase their highest spec, highest capacity phone.

You must sign up for the 24 month JB Hi-Fi Telstra $89 per month plan to achieve this deal.

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    you end up paying more over 2 years in my opinion

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      A good deal if you terminate early and just pay the ETC

      • But how much is ETC

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            @BargainsGrabber: So $699 + $800 = $1499 if you got in and cancelled straight away?

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              @twig: Yup - it might not be $699 for yours unless you trade in a Samsung S22 Ultra like OP did as they got a valuation of $400 from it

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              @twig: 699+400+800=$1,899 will be real cost as $400 is the trade in value of S22 Ultra

              • @OZBsince2018: Yeah nah

              • @OZBsince2018: Shouldn't you add another $300 for the square trade-in?

                i.e. 2499 - 1100 + 800 without trade-in

                • @FeZZa21: Yes, but why not avail the $300 trade in discount???? Simply select any random device with minimum trade in value and avail $300 discount.

              • @OZBsince2018: so realistically, ignoring trade-in value then its actually $1099 + $800 = $1899

                yeah nah, thats too much for a phone for me

                thanks for the clarification

            • @twig: yes

      • Isn't there a clause now that replaces the ETC with the value of the Gift Card?

        • I’ve clarified with an employee, that’s for the Voucher section, not the Maximum Voucher Repayment Fee section

    • Requires Trade-in, Promo Coupon, and 24 Month , and did i mention you're soul .

      • I'm S7iCkSt3R, not soul.

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    Standalone phone price is meaningless if it can't be obtained without also doing the rest.

    What is the total amount you pay after 24 months (after everything factored in)? That will give you a realistic representation of how big the discount actually is.

  • Confused someone explain this? I need to trade in an s22 ultra?

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      The OP has posted 2 deals in one. The first deal is the bonus $300 bonus voucher you get, if you trade in a phone for the S. Galaxy S24 Ultra. This stacks on top of whatever value Square Trade assigns to your phone.

      The second deal they've obtained is by committing to a 2 year Telstra SIM Plan (Pay $89 × 24 Months, Min Cost $2136) they receive a voucher worth $1100 that they can spend on the phone.

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    If i'm not wrong, it might be a deal for $1287 for 256 GB deal

    Item Amount
    Initial Cost $1887
    Trade-in Credit -$300
    Additional Payment -$1100
    Final Payment (ETC $800 max voucher repayment) +$800
    Total $1287
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      Lesser with your device trade in value too

      But yes that’s what I calculated too

      • add in $89 as refunding the months fees is hard these days

    • Correct.

    • You'll get the trade-in credit even if you don't trade-in a device? And you can use the $1100 gc to pay for the phone or you're just subtracting the value of the gc?

      • You have to trade in but don’t need to send the device. Just use any dummy device and search for IMEI number online

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          How much penalty charge for not sending device? Like samsung asurian charge 60$

          • @Ammarch99: I sent in a device that apparently had 'dust in the camera' so they were offering me less. I asked for it to just be returned to me and in the end I was charged nothing. Just traded it in to CeX for more than JB was offering anyway

          • @Ammarch99: Per my past experience, if trade in device has a minimal value like $5-$50, they don’t charge device non-return fee. At least I wasn’t charged a couple of months ago. But last year when I traded a higher value device and didn’t send it back, I was charged $60 device non-return fee.

    • That's if you get the first month waived - which they don't normally do now - so add another $55.60 or so to that tally. Mediocre deal.

  • Does anybody know if JB will price match with other retailers before applying the discounts described above?

    • Yes

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    If I give them $400 cash, will they also take $400 off the price…

    Sell your phone on eBay and don't sign a two year contract!

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      I fail to see where I can get $700 for a Samsung S22 Ultra on eBay?
      You’re technically getting a $300 bonus on top of your trade in so that solves the device value

      Also don’t forget you’re losing 13% of your sales to eBay tax…

      • you can get the $300 bonus even if you don't have a phone to actually trade.. just don't send your device

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    This is a joke, only requires a newish phone trade in and $2000 phone contract 🤦

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    You people go through terrible hoops to get a bad deal on overpriced phone.

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    Avoid these jb hi fi tradein deals. The Squaretrade mob they use are nasty nasty people. Burnt once, I'll never do it again.

    • How did you get burnt? Did you not send in the phone?

      • Yeah what happened @2plus2?

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    I managed to get them 800 off s24 on $69 plan plus $100 off the phone plus $70 for switching to AGL credit, should be another $200 gift card with AGL too.

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    why would you trade in an S22 Ultra though? It's a perfectly good phone. I am still using Note 10 + and that too is perfectly fine for everyday use plus more.

  • Can someone tell me jbhi mobile broad plan is same/different from moblie phone plan? Last time I was going sign the contract, but was told by staff they are different, the broad plan sim card can not insert into the mobile phone for Internet, is that true ?

    • 2 separate plans
      Broadband only has data, no calls included

      • Thanks, I am only after data, so can broadband sim insert into normal phone for Internet use, or has to buy special device for it

  • Yo what, what kind of person is spending $2.5k on a phone. What's has happened to the industry?!

    • Cost of living crisis….

    • Fr though no one is paying the massively inflated RRP for a Samsung phone. Once you get your discount, trade in bonus, bonus GCs ect you can get a S24 ultra for $1-1.5k.

    • Yet no one bat's an eye at all the iPhone maxes flying off the shelf at over $2k with hardly any discount. Kids all laybuying away at their new toy.

      Atleast with Samsung the rrp is all for show, if you been here long enough you know you can get these cheapest on release, at usually $1.5k plus bonuses you can sell.

      • Yeah I mean 1.5k for a phone is still way too much imo. I remember when flagships were like $800. Once they breached that 1k mark it was full speed ahead to 2k.

        • I remember when a 4br home was 400k too, now it's to the moon over 1mil.

          People are happy to pay that much so companies are gonna keep pushing it up

  • If I took the 89/months plan for 24months, Is the $1100 JB gift card can be used to purchase laptop from jB hifi?
    I still have samsung phone in very good condition

    or is the JB gift card is restricted to purchase mobile phones only?
    If JB gift card is for mobile phone purchase only. Pixel 8 Pro 128GB [$1099] comes free using $1100 JB GC

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    Your calc is completely wrong
    What you pay :
    24x 89 per month is 2136
    Plus $669 as per your calc
    Total almost $2800

    Just buy outright from jb for $1480.
    2 years Boost $300 gb = $500
    Sell your s22 ultra for minimum $400

    Total $1580

    • And your calculation is wrong too.
      Where can I find a 1TB S24 Ultra for $1480 outright from JB?

      It’s currently on sale at JB for $2499 (which shows in OP’s picture as well)
      By going with your calculation:
      1TB S24 Ultra - $2499
      2 yr Boost SIM - $500 (incomparable to Telstra M2M as more GB per month which could be better for others - ie if your company pays for it)
      Less: Sale from Samsung S22 Ultra - $400
      Total: $2599

      • This can be had for $1500 + whatever prepaid plan people decides to get. $800 off and iPad for $69/M data plan at the moment.

        Just under $2k for the phone without BS "trade in discount". Whatever phone can be sold on eBay to further reduce the cost.

        Personal opinion - the phone's not worth anything close to $2k anyway.

        This deal should work be shown like this $2499 - 400 - 300 - 1100 + 24*89 = $2835. Best case scenario $2499 - 400 - 300 - 1100 + 800 = $1499 (this method, you know, you know, just dont ask).

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    Terrible deal. I don't even think it is a deal.

    • I second that.

  • It's a good option if you want to buy the S24 Ultra before EOFY and don't want to wait for a better deal. You could just leverage the 3G trade in option on SquareTrade. They send you an email with all of the vouchers. You can select the $300 trade in voucher for the Galaxy S24 Ultra. They will only penalise you a $1 for not sending in your old 3G phone but you get it back by using the $1 JB gift card they give you.

    You can also double dip and claim the other $49 trade in voucher and pick up the cheap Nokia phone for free in a separate transaction.

    This is how much I paid for the S24 Ultra 512GB:
    $2,099 - $300 trade in = $1,799
    $1,799 - $1,100 GC voucher = $699
    Plus a free backup Nokia 4G phone worth $49

    I don't plan on cancelling the plan but if you do end up cancelling the plan just add another $800 on top for cancellation fees and $89 for the first month which works out to be $1,588 for the 512GB model.

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