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19% off All Razer Peripherals + Free Delivery (E.g. Pro Type Ultra Keyboard $85, Pro Click Mini Mouse $46) + More @ Wireless 1


Hi Guys,

Wireless1’s 19th birthday celebrations starts today with the 1st deal which is ALL Razer Peripherals 19% off delivered, use code 'RAZ19' at checkout. (24 Hours Only!)

Some other highlighted deals,

$88 Razer Barracuda X 2022 Wireless Multi-Platform Gaming Headset PUBG Battlegrounds Edition

$129 Razer Nommo Chroma 2.0 Gaming Speakers

$242.19 Razer Wolverine V2 Pro Wireless PlayStation 5 & PC Gaming Controller

$129 Razer Viper V2 Pro Ultra-Lightweight Wireless Gaming Mouse - Black

$161.19 Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro Ergonomic Wireless Gaming Mouse


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  • I couldn't get the free delivery :/
    the website header says : Free shipping for orders over $200 (excl. bulky) ?

    • +1

      Hi frkino,

      Please use discount code 'RAZ19' at checkout and it will be free delivery.

      • Oh, thank you,
        I tried again and now I have the Free Delivery option now
        thank you again : )

  • It didn't let me check out. I kept getting following error after several attempts:

    A server error stopped your order from being placed. Please try to place your order again.

    • +2

      Hi Blackshaws,

      Apologies for the difficulties trying to check out. For some reason our payment gateway is not allowing your payment through.
      We can suggest you try pay with Instant Checkout?

  • @Wireless1 why no Razer Basilisk V3 X HyperSpeed Ergonomic Wireless Gaming Mouse?

  • $88 for the Barracuda X is a great price assuming it’s the newer version with Bluetooth.

    • Only for yellow and pink. If they're you're jam all good, but I'm hoping for something more inconspicuous so I can use for work too.

      • JB Hi-Fi have black and might price match.

        • Thanks! This is my current plan. Would have been great if Wireless1 had the black on sale too though is all, that way I could add the 19% off on top…

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      Hi sween64

      Barracuda X PUBG Edition is the newer version with Bluetooth.

  • Hey OP, any chance you'd price match what other retailers are currently selling the other Barracuda X models/colours for?

    • those lower prices you are seeing for Barracuda X are the old 2021 models.
      2021 models have less than half the battery life and no bluetooth with app support.

      PUBG yellow colour one only released in 2022 version.

      razer's model naming is messed up that's why the confusion. worst one was Black shark I think there's like 3 different versions of it all the same product name.

      • Nah that's not entirely the case. While I'm sure there are some flogging off the old one for cheap, I'm specifically looking at 2022 models. Few retailers have had it on sale. JB and Amazon currently have it for $119.

        • ok read your comment again. so you are after one of the other colours specifically.
          I thought you meant "other retailers have it for less (than $88)". sorry for the confusion.

          2021 version is always priced at $70 to $80. at least for the last few months I have checked.

          cheapest I have ever seen the 2022 is $92 + delivery as I posted here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/827503?page=3#comment-1525…

          also I always assume users will go for the odd one if it costs less like me so it always goes over my head. I have learned recently though (like when I posted white Epicboom speaker) that a lot of users don't want the ugly colour, and some even prefer paying more for the "good" colour.

          • @harshbdmmaster718: Appreciate the detailed response! Yeh, usually I just go for whatever's cheapest but I just really don't like the look of the yellow ones haha, not PUBG branding. So looking at ways I could bring the black version down a bit.

            Any chance you know of good alternatives around this price point ($150ish)? The 2022 version sounds like a really solid headset for the cost, with few flaws, so struggling to find other equivalent options.

            • @bdo207:

              The 2022 version sounds like a really solid headset for the cost, with few flaws, so struggling to find other equivalent options.

              2022 version is a solid headset.

              was usually floating around $159 on Amazon AU and it's EOFY so just get the colour you want at $119.

              I would be looking at chipping away at that such as JB HiFi Perks (first time sign up $10 off coupon) or currently Amazon is having a $5 promo credit offer for buying $79 Prime giftcard (click one of the two options shown in promo page https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/849461). you don't need to be on prime to qualify btw.

              btw I don't know what the description of that amazon deal is on about. but just sign in, click through to the promo page (you can just click Giftcards on the top bar and then the promo banner). click one of the two Prime GC below, make it to your own amazon account email and then at checkout stage add GCPRIME to the code area.

              • @harshbdmmaster718: Cheers! I actually just bought the Barracudas just then from JB. Grabbed $90 worth of TCN cards for 20x EDR points, then used $13 credit I had with Gift Card Exchange (from another deal) for a $20 JB gift card. I went full "OzBargain" mode haha.

                • @bdo207: well you definitely went to more effort than me. good deal.

                  yeah for another order I used the $5 Amazon Giftcard promo + $10 off Pick up which looks like is expired now. but yeah they stacked so $15 off 👍

                  order was slightly over $80 so yeah used the GC instantly.

  • +1

    No Viper v3 pro for anyone looking

  • Do you have store pickup option to avoid paying shipping insurance?
    Yes it is free delivery but has to pay $5 for insurance

    • +1

      Hi thianh

      You can untick shipping insurance at checkout.

      • Thanks. That was silly haha.

  • Thanks op. Just bought a keyboard although I don't need one.

  • Before anyone buys the viper 2 mouse, note that the battery life on this terrible.

    The other huge problem with this mouse is that it's only compatible with the micro usb cable that comes with it. Meaning if the cable stops working, you need to throw away the mouse.

    • How is the USB cable proprietary?

      • It's not proprietary. It's just that the port is at the end of a hole that's shaped in a very specific way and no other cable fits in. I seriously wonder what was going through their heads when they when they were designing it. It has to be that they wanted to reduce the use life of the mouse.

        • Yes, it's an incredibly dumb design decision.

          We've got a mouse like that. I just took flush cut pliers and trimmed the plug of an existing micro-USB cable.

  • -1

    Pro Click Mini Mouse

    Any deals on Mickey Mouse?

  • wireless one doing their homework again. cheaper than the hidden $92 + delivery deal from Binglee. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/827503?page=3#comment-1525…

    and it's also the PUBG version so usually those weird editions go for slightly more.

  • RAZ19
    The coupon code isn't valid. Verify the code and try again.

  • Did I just miss this? Code not working, was about to cop a Barracuda X Wireless

    • The deal was 24 hours only, has probably expired now so missed it

  • Getting the same issue. Coupon code isn't valid. Is it just selective Razer products?

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