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$5 Promo Credit with Purchase of $79 or More Selected Amazon.com.au Gift Card in 1 Transaction (Limit 10,000 Claims) @ Amazon AU

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BG’s Notes:

  • Select only one of the 2 designs with the Prime logo from the landing page via OP’s link as these are the only 2 designs eligible for the promo
  • Once you have entered the promo code at checkout and if you have removed the gift card and re-adding back, the coupon entered previously would still show. Otherwise, switch to desktop mode and on your right of your screen it should say before proceeding to pay:

Qualifying offers:
GC Prime promotion

The first 10,000 customers who enter the promotional code “GCPRIME” in the “redeem a Gift Card or Promotional Code” box at checkout when purchasing $79 or more in Amazon.com.au Gift Cards in a single transaction will receive a $5 promotional credit that can be used on a future eligible order (“Offer”). Offer available between 12:01AM (AEST) on 5th June 2024 and 11:59PM (AEST) on 30th June 2024. Promotional credit will expire at 11:59PM (AEST) on 31st July 2025. Your promotional credit will be automatically applied to your account within two (2) business days after your order is shipped (for physical gift cards) or the order being completed (for electronic gift cards). A confirmation email will be sent once the promotional code has been applied to your account. Your promotional credit can only be used for purchases of eligible items shipped and sold by Amazon AU and will be automatically applied during checkout. If a new Amazon.com.au account is created, it may take up to 48 hours for the promotional code to be successfully applied at checkout. One promotional credit per customer. See full terms and conditions below.

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  • The code doesn't work.

    The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.

    • Worked fine for me. Added a $100 gift card

    • +2

      Try $79 GC, I think the title is wrong. The T&C states $79 - code worked for me.
      I received $5 promo credit immediately.

      • Still not working for me with $79 gift card. https://i.imgur.com/AeJigBA.png

        • +8

          Try selecting one of the 2 designs that’s on the landing page

          • +1

            @BargainsGrabber: Yep that works, thanks.

          • +1

            @BargainsGrabber: Yeah that worked for me too. The OP need to update the instructions. I picked the image with "Prime" in blue as in the promotion. The other GC is the one that is has PS, headphones, prime and superman in the image. I think only these 2 this promotion code works on.

    • Did not work for me either.

    • +2

      Purchase select Amazon.com.au gift card designs

      There are only two designs that are eligible for the promo code.

      The two designs are on the T&C page.

      • Yep, that worked! Thanks.

  • +17

    Should stack with this commbank yello offer: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/848454

    • Pulled trigger on it too early, damn.

      Edit: just tried the code with $79 Amazon gift card and getting "The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase."

      • +1

        For eligible customers, the promotion code "GCPRIME" should be entered only once at the checkout. If you enter the code more than once, the following message is displayed at the checkout.

        In the FAQ regarding error code.

        • Pretty sure i entered twice. Second time shoes this error code. But same transaction but refreshed. Will this still count?

            • +1

              @xwx: Same, added last night and got the error when I switched from desktop to mobile
              Purchased just now and got the credit.

        • Already sorted earlier thanks to BG comment above - I added wrong style Amazon gift card to cart.

  • 79 not 75

  • +2

    Tried $75 and $79. Neither work.

    Tried again - $79 now works.

    • Yep, same. Might be targeted.

      EDIT: Tried multiple times with $80 card, still no luck.

      • +1

        Afaik the Amazon gift card promos are never a targeted promo

        Did you read the OP’s description on the another method? Switch to desktop mode and the promo code could’ve been applied already

      • +2

        you have to choose the prime gift card can't choose other image

        • Yep, that worked, thank you.

  • -1

    It’s targeted

    • +2

      It’s not, Amazon gift card promos are never a targeted promo

  • Does cashback work on gift card?

  • Prime gift card? What's that, different from regular gift card?

    • Just different logo lol

      • +1

        It shouldn't say prime gift card in the title imo. I feared it was for prime payments only or some other bs

        • Fixed again :)

        • -1

          U can only buy prime energy drink with it! Haha jk

  • +1

    bought and received the separate promo credit email, thanks

  • Maybe it's expired? I can't get it to work for either Prime labelled card. $79 value. 00:51

    • Nope, still working
      Tested the code on another account

    • you most probably picked the wrong design. Only 2 designs the code applies to.

  • +1

    Worked thanks

  • Got through for me. I clicked on the Prime Card and put $79

  • +11
    • +1

      Clicked one of your links, changed the amount to $79, the rest was pretty straightforward. Thanks to you and the OP!

  • -1

    Worked with $79 GC
    Great way to spend the Coles Prepaid Mastercard

  • Working fine.

  • Took just over 5mins for me to receive, but came through all fine

  • +2

    Not working for me - code was accepted, then added a new payment method and now the code is not accepted anymore (not purchased)

  • Still working - note that you have to go through with the purchase and you receive a separate email with the credit about 5 mins later.

  • +4

    I know it says in OP but highlighting this again in comments for greater visibility

    The promotional credit must be used by 31 July 2025

  • -2

    Amounts to only 5.95% off

    • +4

      Damn. I wanted to pay 5.95% more.

      • Yeah you're paying even more than the regular $10 bonus on $150 prezzee offer

  • All good at 5:50am Wed morning. Took a touch over 5 mins to arrive.

  • +1

    The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.

    • Did you choose only one of the 2 designs that will only work for this promo?
      Did you enter the promotional code twice at checkout prior? If unsure, switch to desktop mode and you can see a small box on the right hand side during the checkout screen

      I can confirm it’s still working as at 8:22am

  • +1

    Cheers OP, all worked within 5 minutes.

  • Anyone knows why I dont see anywhere to enter promo code?

    • it's at checkout

  • +1

    thanks OP, it works.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. It is only working in desktop mode though.

    • +1

      Works for me through the Amazon app

      • The desktop mode trick helps if people unsure if they have entered the code twice as the app doesn’t show that additional box at checkout that I have mentioned in the description :)

  • Is this still working? Doesn’t work for me.

  • +1

    Thanks. Not sure what happened. I think it’s bugged. It was showing offer unlocked but the promotion code still can’t be entered. Anyway, I put in the order and waiting to see what will happen. Thanks!

    Edit: got the email confirming the benefit received.

    Just for anyone else having the same problem, check the special link under the item screen and it should show you whether you have the offer unlocked. Hope it helps.

    • What is the special link where it shows unlocked? Thanks

      • Under the order total on your right side (desktop mode), you will see this writing:

        Qualifying offer:
        - GC Prime Promotion

        • +1

          Ah yep seems its just added to the account to use whenever once you add it but shows that you can not apply it after you add it the first time.


  • +1

    Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Thanks OP.

    Divided up the $79 into $50 and $29 and got the benefit confirmation.

  • received the confirmation of promotional credit, but can't see anywhere in my amazon account. anyone know where those promotional credit appear in amazon?

    • +1

      At checkout once you add an item that’s shipped and sold by Amazon AU

  • +1

    Dang enjoy the OzBargain hoodie. Am jealous.

  • I don't see any option to enter promocode at check out. Am I looking at wrong place?

    • Use a gift card, voucher or promo code

      • Thanks, I can see only option of credit card or ZipPay.

        • Go to the next step.

  • Still available as at 9:53am to whoever reported it as expired/sold out

    • Can confirm that. The party is still on

  • Just got one (remember to select the gift cards that has PRIME on it, most of the others don't work), thank you!

  • Not working for me

  • +1

    I also got the $5 credit not long after I got my gift card. (usually takes few days)

    Thanks op. This is godsend especially with the recent drought of gift card offers.

  • Applied coupon with green text below confirming it was accepted, purchased and received the gift card but after more than an hour no sign of the $5.

    Anyone else?

  • Available at 10.49am today June 05.

  • I used the code went back to double check and it was gone can’t reuse the code again

  • Just made the $79 purchase with my CBA card ($10 cashback offer). Got the confirmation for the $5 credit too.

  • My purchase at 9am is still stuck at 'processing'…

    • mine too

      • The gift card literally just came through, but no sign of the $5 credit

        • +3

          It should also be automatically
          Best way to check is add an item that’s shipped and sold by Amazon AU and head to the checkout screen

  • Code cant be applied to purchase. Anyone else have it?

    • +1

      Still working as at 12:03pm
      Did you only choose one of the 2 designs from the landing page?

    • +1

      Same here.

      • See below, had to boot my windows PC to see it lol.

    • +9

      If you have applied once, you cannot re-apply, but it has been saved in your account.

      When you check out, under the order total on your right side (desktop mode), you will see this writing:

      Qualifying offer:
      - GC Prime Promotion

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