50% off Specialty Blends: 1kg $27.5, 250g $10 + Delivery ($0 with $150 Order/ $120 VIC Order) @ The Coffee Conservatory


Winter Sale - 50% off any specialty coffee blend (Athena, Artemis, Aphrodite, or Sampler Pack).

Offer extended until 21 July 2024.

Delivery = ($0 with any VIC order over $120, $0 with any other AUS order over $150)

1kg = $27.50
250g = $10.00
Sampler = $24

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The Coffee Conservatory
The Coffee Conservatory


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    Deal: $0 with any VIC order over $120, $0 with any other AUS order over $150
    Banner in header: Free shipping Australia wide on all orders over $120!
    Shipping policy: Free Shipping on all orders above $100 applies to standard domestic shipping only Australia Wide

    Which is it?

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for bringing to our attention, policy outdated and will be updated shortly.


  • Reminder: Coffee is sent 1 week after roasting per https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/842576 comments.

    • Hey Gav,

      That is correct, typically around the 1 week mark so it retains freshness

      • If delivery was instant, sure. I don't order from you because of this delay - delivery can take up to 1 week, so then you've got 2 week old beans. Why not send immediately after roasting and let people decide for themselves when to use them?

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          Thanks for the feedback Gav, we have a rigorous quality assurance process that demands a delay so we can test the quality of roasted beans before packaging and shipping to our consumers. It is one of the reasons why our beans remain good quality every time.

          Also due to the nature of the de-gassing valve, the beans remain fresh within its packaging for up to 4 weeks.

          • @Coffee Conservatory: Fair enough. Good luck with the business.

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            @Coffee Conservatory:

            we have a rigorous quality assurance process that demands a delay

            I'm intrigued. Could you elaborate on what this rigorous quality assurance process entails?

            Also, I'm not sure I'd consider a coffee blend from 4 different origins as "specialty", but whatever helps you sell more week old coffee.

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    it shows full price for me on all items.. also, your https certificate just expired.

    • Valid here. Expires August 15.

    • Hey SSL is definitely still active, i have checked recently. The website is secure.

      Also maybe clear your caching as the updated prices are reflected for others and myself included.

      That should do the trick!

      • I have the same issue as bargainhunter. https cert expired. Full price of $48 for the sampler pack. I've cleared the cache. Same issue on both Google Chrome & Edge browsers.

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    Can we do pickup instead?

    • Hi, i offer local pickup for only VIC orders, it will come up as an option for you depending on your location

      • I can not see a pickup option in the shipping page

        • Hi Richard,

          I have reset the shipping plugin. Please try now.

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