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All Nippon Airlines Tokyo & Osaka Return: Perth fr $924, Sydney fr $939 (Jul-Dec 24 & Feb-Mar 2025) @ flightfinderau


Destination: Tokyo & Osaka
Airline: All Nippon Airlines
Valid Departure Dates: July to December 2024 & February to March 2025
Deal Expiry: Till Sold Out

  • Direct flights to Tokyo Haneda (ex Sydney) and Tokyo Narita (ex Perth) with a 5 star rated Airline
  • Flights on board B787-900 aircraft
  • Meals & Entertainment included
  • Credit points and status credit to either Velocity or a equivalent Star Alliance carrier (i.e. KrisFlyer)
  • Generous luggage allowance (2 x 23kg bags)
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Perth to Tokyo Flights from $924 Return.

30/Nov - 16/Dec $924
27/Feb - 15/Mar $924
06/Mar - 22/Mar $924
27/Feb - 17/Mar $924
06/Mar - 24/Mar $924
11/Nov - 23/Nov $924
18/Nov - 30/Nov $924
30/Nov - 12/Dec $924
09/Nov - 23/Nov $924
16/Nov - 30/Nov $924

Sydney to Tokyo Flights from $939 Return.

27/Feb - 15/Mar $939
09/Mar - 23/Mar $939
29/Oct - 11/Nov $939
31/Oct - 13/Nov $939
08/Nov - 21/Nov $939
18/Feb - 03/Mar $939
12/Aug - 25/Aug $939
05/Sep - 18/Sep $939
15/Nov - 29/Nov $939
18/Jul - 01/Aug $939


Perth to Osaka Flights from $932 Return.

30/Nov - 16/Dec $932
27/Feb - 15/Mar $932
06/Mar - 22/Mar $932
06/Mar - 24/Mar $932
11/Nov - 24/Nov $932
11/Nov - 25/Nov $932
16/Nov - 30/Nov $932
04/Nov - 16/Nov $932
11/Nov - 23/Nov $932
18/Nov - 30/Nov $932

Sydney to Osaka Flights from $949 Return.

18/Nov - 02/Dec $949
06/Mar - 22/Mar $949
13/Feb - 03/Mar $949
20/Feb - 10/Mar $949
27/Feb - 17/Mar $949
06/Mar - 24/Mar $949
27/Feb - 18/Mar $949
17/Nov - 30/Nov $949
04/Nov - 16/Nov $949
11/Nov - 23/Nov $949


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  • +2

    Thanks! Do you know if there will be anything similar departing Melbourne around these times? Looking Direct roughly end of Oct - Nov and these prices are great

    • +2

      Praying for melbourne brother 🙏

    • Ana don't fly out of Melb so it'll have to be with someone else

  • Can't seem to find sub $900 tickets in February? Tried the 01/02/25 - 15/02/25

  • Be careful on those Perth to Osaka flights. You have 3 hours to transit from Narita to Haneda.

    • Is that enough time to Haneda airport?

      • Generally yes, although it depends whether your plane lands late, how busy the airport is (immigration, baggage collection, etc), and the mode of transport you use between NRT and HND.

        Having said that, if the flights are on a single booking then that wouldn't bother me in the slightest. Miss the connection and they should simply put you on the next available flight.

        Looking at a random date (a Wednesday), ANA offers nine HND-KIX flights on that day.

        • Only would be a tight squeeze if it's going back from Osaka - Perth, you have the same 3.5 hour layover and have to go from HND to NRT. Have to wait days until the next flight to Perth

          • @designate: Yes that certainly carries more of a consequence, although there should be less risk of things going wrong with KIX-HND-NRT than with PER-NRT-HND.

            A potential option is to see if it's possible to change (without too much cost) the KIX-HND to earlier, if 3.5hr is a concern.

            • @UrMumsOnlyFan: All the flights I checked only have the 7am or 6:45am flight from KIX, flight NRT- PER is at 11:20am.

              Other option would be take SQ and also stop by there, relatively same prices.

              • @designate: Very limiting in that case, unless you try to change to the night before.

                I would still be fairly relaxed, though naturally everyone's circumstances and preferences will differ.

                Missing an 11:20am flight is a very different situation to missing an 11:20pm flight. At 11:20am it might be possible to be reaccommodated through other means (possibly even a partner airline) and still fly same day (maybe), though PER is a tricky final destination.

  • +3

    Book ANA direct for free seat selection.

    ANA and JAL also offer free domestic flights in Japan (small tax payable).

    Open jaws and stopovers free.


    SYD-HND, optional Tokyo stopover, SYD-CTS
    Make your own way from Sapporo to Fukuoka via
    FUK-HND, optional Tokyo stopover, HND-SYD

    Awesome flights for around $1k.

    Oct/Nov autumn weather is lovely for sightseeing in the countryside.

    Sadly, ANA doesn't offer free connections from other places in Australia like JAL does.

    • Free extra legroom seats too, if you’re quick enough.

    • Seems like a great idea! Can you expand on how to book open jaw / free stopovers / free domestic flights? I had a look on ANA website, but its not very clear. Thanks!

  • +2

    Hoping for some business class sales!

  • Never the dates I want :( , need mid sept and early oct return..

  • Gah, I need a late Jan departure

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