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PlayStation 5 Slim Disc Version $628.83 Delivered @ Dick Smith Australia eBay


Might be one of the lowest prices for the PS5 Slim at the moment.

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  • Oz stock or import

  • There's $9.99 delivery for me, even with eBay Plus

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      Yea the price on title includes the delivery fees

      • Ah, my bad. Thanks

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    Good old days with availability on RRP was considered a deal.

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    RIP david jones $532 ATL

    • Technically, the ATL for a PS5 is $506 from gamesmen Ebay.

      • how long ago was this mate

        • It was afterpay day IIRC. Not this year but last

      • i dont see it under the PS5 slim search so was it for the fat one?

        • Yes.

        • seriously is there a diff between the two besides the slimness/weight?

          is the slim model more power efficenct? heat efficient ?

  • Anyone got a screen grab showing the $628.83 price? I can't get it to show up, I want it for a price match :) .

    • Who is doing pm with eBay code used? Just wondering

  • Nothing special about this generation of consoles.

    • Rebadged PS4 Pro Plus with a new chassis

    • true, there is only 1 game currently ps 5 only that i would like to play. it's been almost 4 years…

  • Someone explain difference between slim,pro etc

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      Judging by the rumours the CPU will be the same, just 10% overclock, 3.5Ghz to 3.85Ghz, same amount of RAM 16gb but 576GB/s of memory bandwidth compared to 448GB's and the devs will be able to use 13.7GB of RAM instead of 12.5GB, extra 1.2GB freed up, but the main course is the GPU increase, from my knowledge it's basically an AMD RX 7800 XT that's been modified (compared to standard PS5's RX 6700 GPU), bit cutdown and downclocked while adding RDNA 3.5 features to it, Ray tracing increase to 3x or so they say annnnd Sony's new upscaling tech called PSSR.

      That's all I know.

  • $630.36 @Gamesmen Ebay with CC (SLIM20)
    Which vendor is better?

    • doesn't matter as they are both local stcok.

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