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[Refurb] Sony WH-1000XM5 Noise Cancelling Headphones (Seconds) $386.10 Delivered @ Sony eBay


Refurbished Sony headphones and other products on Sony Australia EBay store.

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    FYI stackable with uncle eBay's 10% code FYEAR10. Go nuts.

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    I paid less than this brand new 18 months ago via the Good Guys Commercial

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    If you're willing to pay this for seconds, pay an extra $60 and get a new pair of B&W PX7S2e.

    • What makes the PX7S2e better then the XM5?

      Looks like the XM5 has better ANC, while the PX7S2e sounds a little better, considering the extra 15%ish I'd say it's far from a no brainier.

      • I'd be more than happy with a pair of XM5s, but personally I'd be willing to pay an extra $60 for new headphones. The Bowers have a much better build quality and by most accounts, sound quality so that's what makes the extra 60 worth it for me. If ANC is your priority go the Sony's which I'm sure you'd still be happy with.

  • Is it really better than the Ult Wear thou?

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    Sony selling broke stuff through refurbished, mine was hissing and clicking on one side, returned after arguing with them on chat and phone

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      Sony is good at making visual stuff such as camera, TV, movie (Colombia Pictures, now Sony Pictures). If you want good audio stuff, then you better to buy Sennheiser or Yamaha, not Sony or Samsung.

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        Well that's a load of BS.

    • Unfortunately same experience here. But much nicer experience so far with customer support, seems like it will be straightforward to get a return sorted and a replacement/refund depending on my preference. Will update if I can remember if/when it gets resolved. Not super great but I guess I was okay with the gamble to save $100+, having missed out on the really good deals of new stock from other sellers.

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    Mannnnnnnn, I have used these headphones pretty much every day since they launched, but I have never had headphones that were "buggy" before.

    I have replaced the earpads once, but have had many issues with maintaining connection and the touch controls. I have had to disable some key features so they are still usable. I get phantom "touches" on my headphones where they frequently pause/unpause whatever I am playing. So I have to disable the touch controls on the headset, its also frustrating because some of the other features (like auto power off) don't trigger when you aren't wearing them as well.

    They sound great and are pretty comfortable, but when/if these actually die, I won't be buying another set of XM5s to replace them. Currently looking at getting the Bose Quiet Comfort Ultras or even the new Sonos Ace sets (since I have a bunch of Sonos speakers in the house, too) instead.

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      Same here, many yeares ago after my sony headpone broke then I looked inside, was shocked by the cheap material. After that Sennheiser and Bose only, currently have 3x Sennheiser and one QC45, all happy with the quality.

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    I don't know if it's just me, but when it connects to a Windows PC, it sometimes defaults the volume to 50% which is quite high. You'll be in for a big scare if you have something playing.

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