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Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Gen Magsafe (USB‑C) ​​​​​​​MTJV3ZA/A $297 Delivered @ Amazon AU & Officeworks

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A nice price drop on the all time low from Amazon AU.

Australian Stock with tax invoice.

Officeworks have also dropped their price to $297 so no price beat unfortunately.

Seems yall got scammed $2 out of this deal

Enjoy everyone :)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • nice!

  • Has anyone tried these and compared with the Sony equivalent?

    • +6

      I have both. Sony has better sound quality, especially bass. Sony’s noise cancellation is marginally better most of the time, but loses the plot in windy outdoor conditions. Apple’s noise cancellation is more consistent and handles transparency modes way better. The Sony buds are bafflingly slippery to handle and the foam tips are less comfortable, especially for exercise.

      If you use Apple devices the integration is so much better that the sound quality difference can almost be forgiven, and AirPods Pro become the winner. Pairing, switching between devices, battery status, just stuff you need to do every day is a breeze compared to how clunky it can be on the Sony’s. It’s honestly anticompetitive that Apple haven’t shared the magic Bluetooth technology they’ve created.

      • Apple’s noise cancellation is more consistent and handles transparency modes way better.

        Would you say the same after the recent firmware updates? I find the ANC has become weak and inconsistent since a few firmwares ago.

        • No change in ANC in recent firmware updates here. If ANC got worse it’s probably a microphone is blocked, give them a clean with a damp cloth.

      • +1

        agree with most but its not 'anticompetitive' a for profit company is choosing not to share their innovation that also happens to be their usp.

  • +1

    I love these, had from near launch date and have been solid. Lost them, and find my lead me to the person that found my airpods apartment door

    • An hour in and no one has asked for more details?

      Gimme gimme

  • -4

    If you like bass then I wouldn't recommend these. Myself and many others lost most of the bass after firmware updates with no fix in sight.

    • +8

      I just played When They Come For Me (Linkin Park - A Thousand Suns) through mine and the bass is fine (YMMV of course)

      My brain is still reverberating, but the bass is fine

      • +8

        Agree, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the bass.

  • scammed of $2 lol.. you made me chuckle.

  • $290 tomorrow or what…

  • Any lower than $297…

  • now price beat?

  • I've had the first generation since 2019 and they're so bad now, I have to turn up my volume to 60-80% just to properly hear the song, the ANC is shit, and the battery doesn't last as long nowadays. Should I hold on for the 3rd generation? How far away are we from it possibly releasing?

    • In the same boat with a 2019 gen 1 that blasts static sound out of 1 ear.

      From what I've read, people are guessing it should be a late 2025 release for gen 3 (looking at release patterns and rumours).

      Who really knows though… they might want to refresh it this year with their AI stuff?

      I am very close to just calling it and buying the gen 2 now.

      • +2

        FYI, I also had a pair that had one blasting static and went to Apple for warranty, they gave me a replacement (just the headphones and not the case). Maybe go in store and ask about it, I know there is definitely a product recall on Airpod Pros, just depends if you're eligible.

        • Oh interesting! I thought I missed the window for that one - I'll have to check it out again.


          • @AdenRK: Window is closed, I tried 1-2 months ago. They tested and found both faulty but unfortunately the recall is only valid for 3 years after date of first sale. Asked for manager and same result.

            They suggested I go to JB or whatever cheaper retailer to grab the latest gen because the replacement costs more than those retailers.

            I already have a new pair so didn’t really listen to what they said after.

            • @I Smell Pennies: Damn, I thought the window had closed.

              The fact that there even is a window is pretty crap, if they're faulty… then they're faulty.

              Oh well, I'll see how long I last with these now lol

            • @I Smell Pennies: That sounds quite like some beautiful ACCC material. They acknowledge faulty and yet do not want to remedy your situation.

              They are not allowed to shirk off Australian consumer law like that. There is no defined end date of warranty under the law apart from when the product is expected to be obsolete.

              • @Doggiie: i agree, just goto the accc and they'll probably give you new ones, thats why i'm on my third 10.5inch ipad pro. its great that they keep renewing the 2 year warranty every time they give you a new one.

                • @Spec: Beautiful, let me lodge an ACCC complaint! Thank you

                  • +1

                    @I Smell Pennies: Not so fast, you should do your best to resolve the issue with them first and mention your rights. Then if they don’t then you can report them. Note that ACCC works on the collective enforcement level and doesn’t necessarily deal with you (though I’ve had ACCC contact a business and got them to give me a nice “I’m sorry, let us fix it up for you”)

                    • @Doggiie: Ohhh ok, thank you so much. It did happen to me with my faulty iPhone 13 Pro Max (was on a constant boot loop). 4 months out of warranty (about 2 yr 4 mth in) and they said they can't do much, so I mentioned ACCC states a product with this value should last longer than 2 years. Genius asked the boss and they approved it instantly.

                      Forgot to do the same with the 2nd pair of AirPods (my first pair has the same static issues which they replaced both sides past warranty without mentioning ACCC).

                • @Spec: what happened to the iPad lol

                  • +1

                    @jj2trappy: first one had a bright spot on the screen (i bought it that way second hand for like $250), took it in and claimed product defect and they said it wasn't covered because it was past 24 months and gave me a brochure for the ACCC that i took to be a sign. Lodged it, got a new one, then like 18 months later, battery was dying so took it in again and got another one. lol. was hoping they'd replace it with an 11 inch by then but nope, still 10.5inch. i just have it as a backup these days though, mainly does you tube duty in the kitchen.

                    • @Spec: What do you say to the ACCC?

                      • +1

                        @I Smell Pennies: it's been a while but if i remember correctly, I told them it was a product defect, gave some references online about how it was a defect with all 10.5inch ipad pros and apple had a product recall for it but they were refusing to replace mine and referred me to the ACCC themselves. they contacted apple and some lady from Apple Singapore organised a new one for me and let me pick it up at the apple store.

        • I had weird cracking noises and they did the same for me.

  • Got them for $287. Used code PICKUP10OFF and changed delivery address to Amazon locker couple km down the road. Not bad for $287, will pass my gen 1 to my daughter.

    • Says I'm not eligible for the code, even after choosing an Amazon locker.

      • Same

  • Also available on JB Hifi at 297$.

  • Good with 10x flybuys @ officeworks

  • Too lazy to post a deal, but available at Costco for $294.99:


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